WWE Creative Writer's Friend SHOOTS and EXPOSES Vince McMahon Internally Killing WWE

you uh if you you know we can get into Rafi bike but I have a you know an interesting sidenote so you got it's up to you go for it any direction you want alright well for a long time I wasn't allowed to say this because it was there you know a decision but one of my closest friends actually works for WWE creative and he'll out I can't say name or anything like that I live in New York sometime I don't save away about three T grew up on or they're going to figure out okay Herman and – I've been people not saying male or female that also worked for creative um came out and at first they didn't want to talk anything about wrestling because you know it's their job and they're sick of it and you know after a couple of old fashions and a few other cocktails they could wait – are we going to say talk but it's really vent um I got some good info so I I know exactly what I can say and can't say oh yeah what the first thing I'll say is no one should ever say that or just rip on WWE creative they had some of the most like brilliant unbelievable cool ideas that I've ever heard in the 20-something years that I watch wrestling um that other people have had idea that he said they told me about one month storylines three month storyline six month storylines six months like year long story lines and basically all three told me and they got hired at different times that the first day there were told me is you're writing for an audience of one and never forget that or yeah or you're out of here and they they were telling me like these story lines and these pushes and they also told me we can get more into that but they also told me i you know like who the coolest guys in the baxworth who's most frustrated work and they said you know one of the one of the other people said the most frustrated person is about every single night mr. bleach I'll always take especially the NXT guys under like his wing I'll take him to the side it looks like he's consoling them he said they said that looks so much like he was the most frustrated person in that building every single night I can tell you they told me the wild-card rule or whatever um that Monday morning I was not on the plans it was not an idea from anyone on the creative team knew about so if that happened maybe it happened Vince just thought of it Monday afternoon and just said I'm going to do that they said the superstar shake-up was totally totally changed week week week it was not at all how how it was laid out they said they spent months working on it where everyone would go lining up baby faces at heels turning people and everything changed because Vince just woke up on the side of the bed and decided to change it um you heard about I guess the hirings and firings it's totally about how much turnover there's been I guess lead writer of Raw has been fired they told me about the Smackdown in raw writing teams used to be separate when the bats would first started now as of the shake-up the writing teams are the same for both shows which I found interesting and pretty bad because now they're going to start to seem alike I think um so if you have any questions I'll definitely answer but yeah if some interesting takes that but but don't blame the creative team if you want to blame the crappy stuff that you see on TV bring one person and we all never that person is yeah I've said too many writers and ex writers over the years that the my podcast and the in the website and the newsletter we have not in this goes back to the you know mid-2000s we have not blamed quote the Hollywood writers I'm sure somebody can find a quote where I blame the Hollywood writers so probably not a hundred percent in in here but as a as an overarching general theme I believe that I've been really consistent and and cognizant to the fact that whatever bad idea somebody might come up with or whatever good idea if someone comes up with if it makes the airwaves it's Vince McMahon and as we've chronicled in over a hundred interviews I've done with X creative team members over the past couple decades um what you described is is it is maybe worse than ever some ex writers from other eras might say it could possibly be worse you you had to live my life but nothing you said surprises me and I think it comes across in the gun air product how how scattershot things appear to be it is sad to hear that you know there's these great long-term story arcs that get disregarded or thrown out by by Vince McMahon but that stuff that I hear you know regularly whether it's wrestlers venting or writers venting I mean what you describe is the culture there and that's why you know even last week after the wild-card rule was enacted as seemingly a panic move I mean a genius strategy from mr. McMahon to counter the crashing TV ratings the plummeting cratering TV ratings I said you know when people asked I was like I think there needs to be an overhaul of the culture of how the show is created behind the scenes and also an overhaul of the culture of the presentation of the product – Joel people like my co-host Jason here back into watching by having a product that looks different that sends a signal it's different not a fake different like when WCW changed their logo to that awful logo and rebooted the shows and forgot about storylines and characters hit a reset button and then somehow made things worse I mean change the culture of the presentation but also behind the scenes change the culture of preparation still those last-second changes aren't happening more voices are heard and it does all fall in fits the shoulders Jason do you have any specific questions for Scott or any reaction to what he or I just said 100% agree with what both you and Scott said and first of all Scott I appreciate the compliment thank you for much made look I've always been reluctant to blame the writers as well because I believe they all have like a number of pretty good ideas and you know I don't underrate their ability to tell a story I mean I might maybe they might not know a few things about heat here or there and that's where you've got the you know it's a team effort that's what you've got the experience wrestlers come in and the ones that are no longer at wrestling in the ring you know producers and they come in and I put the finishing touches on things and say we could do a little bit here we could do a little bit there as far as getting a bit more heat getting this Hill over doing something that a babyface will do more you know involved with the match but I believe that these writers do have great ideas and they probably do have you know a nice three-month story arc then it all gets thrown out I guess my question for you Scott did you hear any stories about people wanting to make some you know overall changes to the way this show is produced structuring it in a different way just giving it a different feel perhaps some different you know shots backstage with some camera angles or just telling the story in a different way maybe upgrading and making the things they do backstage a little bit more realistic giving raw a more a raw fill because I think we both heard that quote from Stone Cold Steve Austin where he talked about Dutch Mantell said to him you know Steve you call is so stunning Steve Austin but what is really stunning about you and that made Steve and that made Austin think about that and what is stunning about me well my question would be you know it's events you call you call the show raw what is raw about Monday Night Raw because I can't think of anything that comes at me as being raw so Scott today did I talk anything about that when you spoke to these creative people well yeah and I should say that we hung out for a good 10 to 12 hours and you know after a few drinks they were just it become became as me like asking and they all think they're getting fired so if they do recommend that they shave you up wait and you get them on the podcast immediately because they're all real real funny and great to listen to and we'll but you listen ok the drink bill will date of our time my cocktails are my cocktails all right right wine recognition one of them might want forever about three great guys that have or but Jason not eaten yes to everything you said but even more than that they said they they said you know the one thing that you always hear and they said it's 100% true is Vince Blanc's suggestions from everyone doesn't matter if it's creative it could be the cameraman it could be a guy in the second row if you see him come up to him with an idea but he loves that but it never gets on TV they said ninety-nine out of a hundred times you can come up with an idea that you've worked on for a month or two months they are there anything Jason all just yours they said they had been pitching the entire creative team is a way through a wall and Smackdown to look different from each other different different to the shows basically it's the same show except they've different color ropes and a different style titantron and they wanted to they wanted Smackdown to be shot differently or you know what he said produced differently or dude back state just separate it so you don't feel like two straight nights you're watching the same thing with different guys and it's pitch to Vince and he says the same standard I'll take it on book consideration or that's a dumb idea and and that's it so what you see is his vision of what it wanted to be um it's funny I asked bitch is what does she does he know about NXT his watch NXT and they laugh it's a they said maybe maybe takeovers but they don't even know if he has any interest in watching takeovers soand eyes get called up it's just what he sees or maybe he gets a glimpse of a guy you know if you get UBC's lore so but he'll bring it up ah you know let's drop his last name or something and he'll be this guy or you know like well what is it you don't want a knight Scott did I ask you did that ask you does he watch any other TV shows does he know what's happening in pop culture does did I ask him about that like I mentioned something that's relevant in the news as far as mainstream or whatnot does he have any idea about that I asked them that they said they they said they're pretty sure that he just watches the WB network 24 hours a day and he just works out that was I'm joking but there's probably a little bit of truth in that I think she doesn't and then and I kind of just ask I'm like do you think she'll ever step down like when the XFL maybe like I doubt it will ever happen I know I got a TV deal but like or there's everything a lot to be on TV but if it it's going to sound miserably obviously but if it ever worked out do you think she trip elites more responsibility or something and they said there's no chance until his last breath he's going to be at that table traveling and and calling every match whatever you see on TV is coming from Vince and his circle of two or three guys basically his yes-men and you know people probably know who those guys are and it's if they said it's such a hard job because you put so much into it and you come up with this unbelievable storyline I'd like to let you tell me a story friend since um one of the guys told me that David Brooks has been for the last three years in the hardest worker in the entire company she goes down to the Performance Center basically every day she has off every day she's on TV she's back she gets in the ring she helps build the ring gets in the ring early she goes around and like get in there with anyone she could to learn to anyone she could so try new moves I'll do anything to get better get on TV she's the hardest worker and they'll pick something tiny for a time TV segment and nothing and so like after I heard that I'm glad that she's in this match and she's getting some TV time just DeBellis of how good she is you're someone like that you know she choose a real-life underdog and I go I think this is very odd she had recharge I think didn't her boyfriend pass away like suddenly in the air too though so you feeling like that like they said by far there's no one that works harder in that company and she's like then she does physically just mentally just trying to get be like absolutely best but it's it's just unbelievable it's like uh off the air wait I can tell both of you I can tell you some of these story lines that came from other people on the creative team and and you'll be like wow that's great that's unbelievable that's so cool like I would have loved that people would love that like and then you watch what's on TV with the Usos and revival stuff and and you watch and you're just like man like compared to what I just heard those guys say and what I'm watching no wonder there's a fall-off like I don't like the three of us could write a show that would be a thousand times better than their average Joe it just it's what it's just one man who's out of touch writing a TV show because he owns it and that's what he wants to do that's about it said and they also said that like that and this is this is a quote they all said right now basically we're working for Dana warrior and it's really awkward Oh God so going to acting yeah you've got yeah I just want to I just want to ask you this question why so if I could play devil's advocate to this so Bishop man right is overseeing this massive TV deal and it's bringing in more money than ever before and I've grown up listening as far as wrestling is concerned it is a business and the ultimate aim of the business you know is to try and draw as much money as possible so they've drawn the maximum amount of money that they could have through these television deals I mean it's just astronomical I've seen your listings reported from what you've heard if the ratings continue to slide is there any chance that Fox USA look at this to say wait a minute we're going to cut back on this amount of money that we're going to be giving you is there any chance of this happening or is it locked in I have tried to find that out and I wish one of the financial reporters invited to ask questions during the conference calls every three months would would point pointedly ask that question I know probably would ratings after guy have uh I have something say just on that topic but yeah don't mark yeah um yeah go find out one thing they said it's you know they don't know 100% but it's a well-known rumor that's been talked about a lot if the ratings get low enough the show will under no circumstances be moved to FS log it will be on Fox no matter what the ratings are so I know people have mentioned if the ratings get low enough watched it bump to fs1 apparently they said it's a well-known rumor like that that everyone's pretty sure of that's been talked about a lot matter what the ratings are it's gonna be on Fox broadcast network the matter all right so that's all I don't do that yeah but it's got a lot something to that then in table your thought remember I don't think there's any doubt Smackdown debuts on Fox and I don't think I mean I get surprised some people who who have speculated I haven't heard it or given credence to it that they might not debut on broadcast Fox a with jp1 fs1 of ratings got low enough either the comment this week from a Fox executive there's about this being a great time it's their peak season on fox broadcast in October in the in the heart of NFL season for Smackdown to debut I think Fox and Vince McMahon and Vince's talked about this in his conference calls with investors there's supreme confidence by Vincent Fox that they're going to increase substantially smack down viewership because they're Fox and they're a broadcast network and they have the NFL and they're spending months and months and months promoting it so I don't think that if the ratings get low that Fox isn't of the belief that they will do a better job then USA is at promoting and bringing new people to the table that said if ratings get so low I mean like in exaggerated number five instead of one point seven for raw then what's Fox hoping that they can quadruple ratings overnight or they're just hoping to get back to 1.0 and so the kind of Part B to that is if they get low enough and if the bump is small enough it's not a sustainable audience for Fox to keep the show on Friday nights long-term and that's where I think the question is is after three months then it's like Vince says well no no you got to wait till WrestleMania season will grow then then WrestleMania season comes and maybe they give them six months and the ratings are awful well any show can get cancelled or move to a different slot I it's hard to imagine Fox gave out that kind of money without some sort of provision that would give them the freedom to not be stuck for years with a grossly underperforming show in terms of audience level so the question is how long would it be and how low with the ratings have to get before Fox would change something about the live Friday broadcast slot for Smackdown but they're there the first week they're going to be on Fox broadcast I mean regardless of almost anything short of an unimaginable scandal involving WWE and Vince McMahon or something just like that I can't imagine anything else bumping them from that spot Scott go ahead oh and um yeah you know I don't want to take up too much time I know you have other callers and stuff yeah it's uh I'll be happy to tell you more off the air about like the you know the stuff that I don't feel comfortable you know saying with all ton of people listening you with a true according to they all think they're getting tired or one of them is really close to quitting because she's just so unbelievably unhappy they all loved working for roadog one of them said that he's pretty sure Road Dogg's going to be headed to aew and either don't quote me on that but that's just my thought that like in an executive role he goes there and you know they're very tight and roadog got sick of it and I'm sort of what if Triple H is going to go to aw no yeah that's not helping but yeah they said they said it's such a toxic atmosphere and it's all because of one person and they said if nobody W universe a meeting said yeah you know what I think Sam seemed like real Sami Zayn like man it's yeah one of the guys actually told me my Neville like the story behind what never left and apparently there was a shouting like crazy shouting that and Neville's a very like quiet cool collected but like he was a you know here at the time they said it is like real heal self came out and he slipped out on Vince walked out and I was the last time any of them ever saw and they're like we wish him nothing but the best he was unbelievable to work with have the nicest guy ever he was amazing inside by the heel he was doing such a good job and and like they've been like oh like Enzo's that key stick like what's just pushing to the side they just said like you know like when you see you die for a week or two like turns and tonight mojo Raleigh that is whatever new debut or whatever like Vince will be interested for a week or two and then we'll be like no not my thing and then you won't see mojo for other four months give up and they said that that's that's what's frustrating Pacific the guy that's sitting there for hours and hours and hours a week month whatever writing this and talking it out with mojo and working it out figuring it out what the character is and who it is and and the different moveset when when Vince gets tired of it all of its for naught and it did it it hurts but they will all just like but you know they're like the money's good and it's a dream job because I've loved it on my life kind of thing but it gets to a point when everything that you're writing and then not even that but like not I decided to being shown on TV then you're literally watching what they show and it's so much worse and so bad and you're like they took this over my segment like let's go and they said the talent is very unhappy it's obvious like he was telling nearly some of the people that he was spent at the town he was done there and how they weren't happy it's only about the people trying to get out of their contracts and and along that stuff is very true Sean Ross SAP are reported multiple guys and they're like yep that's sure that's true that's true and it was just kind of shocking to hear and it's upsetting because it's something there's so much talent and they they can you know talent in the ring but they have so much talent in there you know the guys right there's their staff and they're not utilizing them just like they're not utilizing the guys in marine so you know you know we didn't yeah and by god today say anything did they say anything about Bruce Prichard they just said that he was a pleasure to work with they didn't mention very much they said you know he's been really fun funny guy pleasure to work with but they said he's not getting through the fancy there that's what the ones I think that's the one thing I remembered I'm saying one of the guys like is like we were all hoping he'd be the one guys I can kind of get through it events and no one can and they have been said about that same conversation they're talking about Shane have like having like a sit-down like dad let's take Charlie maybe do this man this Matt any kind of laughter chain it said it's not your turn like step back and I found that really interesting like you know Shane and Triple H and Stephanie like even trying to like try to put their touch on it and him being like yeah right okay nice try yeah uh yeah I'd say us imaginating and sober and God's got yeah one of the guys said he was you know I don't know if it's coming cheek but he said he was close to quitting they all thought they were going to get fired because of all the turnover so if any of them wound up leaving yeah and by the way they said all three of them and they said most of them do the entire wedding stuff let's listen to your podcast and all the popular podcast edit like breaks their heart because like they don't know because like this year the creative staff every week getting – oh this shows sucks the writers don't know what they're doing what this made no sense the wild card makes no sense and they're sitting there like well that wasn't my idea like I think it's stupid to it basically of course it makes more sense like you know blame 70 whatever how old he is Vincent answer that so I don't blame the creative team and he's like you know I can't go on Twitter and say that but like I could say to you like I had no idea about that until four hours before the show he's like he's like even then I had no idea what the hell like Vince is talking about he's like you know it's just it's it's it's unfair I don't want but I do not know what shows I don't know what podcasts are blaming the writers but I mean it's just so well established that um that the the writers are not the final say on this product I mean I don't know I mean it's like bashing the announcers like you can bash what the announcers say Corey graves Oh Sami Zayn recently went vegan so he doesn't have the nutrients to think straight like I don't know Cory gray socks on veganism but I have a pretty strong hunch Vince McMahon mister you know ketchup and stay crap um who you know gleefully mock Daniel Bryan for the same thing it doesn't have clue one about or whatever you know just it doesn't understand how someone could survive without me dairy and so you know I mean you can criticize the announcers for what they say what Michael Cole for the big dog he's just doing what he's told to do everybody good Vince in their ear and is 100% right when you say they're in there when he's in their ear they're like not just in their ear to a sentence like if they make a tiny mistake they will you'll hear what if you really listen for it you'll listen and there will I do mean I'm talking about Sammy's promos they're like that's not Sammy gangster almost that's Vince McMahon talking through Sami Zayn's mouth like that's what that is and I just found it really interesting and I saw bathroom so that you could see that they were all like they love it and they love like that they've been watching since they were like nine or ten and the stories were like now they said there are I think he said 37 total writers and now they're working on both shows so they were complaining that you know the shows are going to start looking alike and they all three said they they believe the brand splits going away permanently around the Fox kill because both you know NBC Universal and Fox both want all the stars there was a delivery with one funny story um apparently Andrade had the guts to don't in his office and trying to say I want a legit push I think I'm one of us in the world and then look at him and said learn some English then get back to me kick them out of the office and then they said that's the night I guess baby's last week or something but he got a promo he spoke a little bit in English and he's and they said that he's just trying to show up instead that's the best you can do and he's like who said he was English blessings and he's like really trying his best but like that's what you get I do have a talent like that and this is like yeah what learn English should get back to me like it's his second language he's trying his best is one of the best talents in the world and and had autobiographies man next to him in Selena Vega right I hope he was money in the banks I think it beats easy absolute perfect fit with dae-jung and his talent and I just I just think you decid perfect helps leave you with one thing from raw like I like what a great great thing was going they did tell me that was from the mind of Bray Wyatt I said you know I told you I thought it was maybe a little Matt Hardy sprinkled in there they said as far as they know that's all great and he said when it comes to character development and all that stuff they said brazen absolute genius and not just for him he helps everyone they said if anyone's having character trouble a promo trouble you'll always see bray sitting at diamond catering and talking to them and why don't you word it this way and do this they they said blazing absolutely like kind of like legend like you she helps everyone and he's one of the best guys in the locker room so I'll leave you I thought you know I'm Giada and the very stories pretty interesting but off the air if you ever want more interesting or sending an email wherever you want or let you know yeah I'll just do that you

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  1. I love how smarks don't blame the wrestlers for wrestling being trash now a days, the vast majority of wrestlers these days have no charisma, no characters, no believability, no mic ability, etc, yet we are not to blame them for the obvious.

  2. Wrestling will still suck even if Vince retires and they somehow manage to get the best people possible to write and book the shows because the wrestlers themselves these days are absolute trash period.

  3. I've literally heard everything he said on Sam Robert's podcast at some point.

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