X-Men Franchise Review with X-Writers

what's going on you guys x-men Dark Phoenix has been unleashed upon theaters that is bringing the Fox chapter of x-men to a close what do we think about the journey x-men have taken from the animated series through the movies where will it go now that it's potentially part of the MCU we're about to break that down with an amazing panel of experts first off we have the creators and writers of the x-men animated series Erik and Julia Lee Walt thank you for being here thank you so much for having us here my goodness this panel is just this is an amazing panel I have to say that again and again he's I'm excited to break down the stuff with these folks right over here he's the screenwriter of Thor x-men first class and currently on Netflix check out rim of the world sextants and welcome to the party and this gentleman he is an esteemed nerd you know from Nerdist hype RPG DC daily and El Rey nation hector navarro thanks everybody Wow so this is a great panel so I think everybody here digs the x-men a little bit yeah yeah I've had that theme song stuck in my head for most of my life yeah yeah yeah absolutely let's get let's get in the Wayback Machine let's talk about one of the first and best incarnations of x-men that we've seen the animated series I just my observation is is I think that your series in some of the other some of the other animated superhero shows of that time we're kind of the secret parents of the comic book movie Renaissance absolutely 100% 100% because literally a whole generation of kids they weren't reading comic books because comic books were already they weren't $0.15 anymore they were already too expensive and they weren't in supermarkets the way they used to be their introduction to these characters was via your show and by the time they hit their teenage years and young adulthood that was when the movie started started started appearing and they were primed to become fans so shows like yours don't get nearly enough credit for kind of paving the way for kind of paving the way for this this cultural moment that we're in yeah I said it before we started the Marvel animated universe and specifically x-men the animated series they had to walk so that the movies could run there were stuff that I might not have picked up on as a kid watching the show but going back and re watching it as an adult I am blown away at how much of this show is about the persecution of different people the other ring the scapegoating the real core themes of what makes the x-men you know Universal those concepts of this person's born different therefore we're going to put them in internment camps we're going to round them up we're going to all of that stuff powers and all the flashy stuff aside that stuff was great but that I was so surprised how much of that made it into the show and you guys before we started shooting we're telling me Dave they let us pretty much we're flying under two radars you know the Marvel and the Fox radar because they were saying push it push it push it so the show had so much of that that's a great point so that yet the subtext and the actual text of the the social issues and what x-men says about humanity how much tell us how that affected your writing there were two main themes that we could figure out in the first twenty years of the books and one of them was the x-men fighting against evil mutants and that was just kind of more of a of a live wrestling struggle or a gladiator you know who's gonna be who which is fun and fantastic and the things kids love but the other thing was the sense of exclusion and you know Malcolm X versus Martin Luther King in terms of you know our we have a minority do you want to try to integrate do you want to try to have you know separate nation how do you deal with people's differences and that seemed to be much more the more intriguing as far as storytelling went so we specifically consciously focused on that was okay well who's who we'll set this up best and the Sentinels for two or three reasons were the perfect villain for the first series because they're like this walking embodiment of human intolerance towards mutants they were they were lot they were the they were the Gestapo coming out to round up the Jews and at the same time they're something we could blow up yes yeah we couldn't hit someone in the face you couldn't see blood you couldn't stab anybody there'll be these huge fights among these incredibly powerful beings and that's one of the frustrations of children's television is that if if that was realistic there'd be a lot of harm going on well you can't show it well you can show it to robots so that way all these frustrations of these people could be taken out on those sentinels in the pilot episode when Wolverine comes off the the jet and and punches Cyclops in the stomach for presumably leaving Worf behind that was a week to get that permission to allow a human to punch another human in the stomach and it never happened again in the show yeah I was hoping you'd speak to that a little that that sometimes the straitjacket of having to produce things for kids or something like that forces you do you find that there are places where it forced you to be more creative absolutely there's there's a pace and an intensity to our show that if we've been allowed to use casual violence which we weren't we would we wouldn't have pushed ourselves that hard to make it as intense emotionally as we did because we need to do that because we couldn't show sex we couldn't show most violence so we had to make it character stuff that you're perfectly right the the limits focused us and it was it ended up being helpful and as Hector and Zak so eloquently pointed out your show is it stands as a true precursor and the the seeds that seeded the clouds for these films for what we have today so let's start with the first trilogy x-men came out in 2000 was a box office success ninth highest grossing movie of 2002 me about your thoughts on that film how it resonated and how you saw it compared to the show III I know you were mentioning earlier Zach that sort of being the perfect target demographic I was growing up on the show so now I'm in my like early teens and the movie start coming out and I will never forget when it opens up on the boots walking through the mud in the Holocaust the magneto storyline which going from the show learning about the comic books and learning about that character I think I was still as a young person blown away that this movie which was a pg-13 action four-quadrant you know blockbuster movie for everybody and this was only like a couple years after I had learned about World War 2 and the Holocaust in school I go to see that real world parallel put into this big fantasy thing with a bunch of superheroes so the first movie I think you know we were talking about the limitations the budgetary limitations the the fact that it was focused as a character piece I think was so smart so successful and introduced the the sort of larger world even though it did poke fun at the yellow spandex actually go up side what would you prefer yellow spandex maybe in retrospect didn't have to do that didn't have to be that embarrassed about making an x-men movie but I think overall all of the decisions that they made were really really smart to be able to introduce these characters and these concepts to a worldwide audience that's really funny that you say that because starting off in the Holocaust like that it's like you have the specter of like Schindler's List in that IND is just absolutely few years prior Private Ryan and absolutely yeah for sure how did you guys feel about the film and well relieved for one thing because they got so much of it right I mean that's going into it after having lived with these characters for five years and thinking that we know them as well as anybody does and having kind of a familial interest in them that you know there were think there were a few things we would have done differently I think I think the underserved the women in in our show we tried to highlight how strong storm and rogue were and Jean Grey and how big a part they were of this world and I don't think Halle Berry had anything to do in the FIR in the first week it was it was very satisfying to see that the team they chose pretty much reflected the team that you chose going into what became it and we kind of expected it because the screenwriter spoke to us afterwards and we'd seen it in print that that they hadn't gone back to the comics that their reference point was our show absolutely that they said they didn't have to economy both they'd just watch this and was it Hugh Jackman evidently went up to Cal dot or Wolverine said I'm so tired of listening to your voice I will say that the concept of a superhero genre which we're talking about now that didn't exist prior to I say 2000 with x-men the movie coming out you had Batman's you had Superman's and those but everyone get a couple of them they'd fade out a couple they'd fade out but now what the superhero is a genre now it is a category of film like westerns like musicals like film noir and I think if I give all credit to it and after 90 I was gonna say and it needed that after 1997 I believe it was Batman and Robin I think everyone a lot of people were like I think the comic-book movie is kind of done and then the next I think it was 98 blade came out and I was like oh maybe there's a little life in there yet and then it was in them but then to me it was that one-two punch of x-men and then the Raimi spider-man that was like you know both of them doing blockbuster business that really paved the way for for what we're in now and speaking of a blockbuster business x2 x-men United was a huge movie as well four hundred seven million worldwide and a lot of fans feel this is the best of the x-men films with yeah well because again it's so funny that everything we'd be talking about it went back to the mutant versus human they brought in William Stryker let's explore the backstory of Wolverine a little bit because he was such a fascinating character and Hugh Jackman was the breakout star the first movie we'll be watching but to bring it back to that human versus mutant fight I think makes that one one of the strongest entries and the really exciting thing is a comic book fan was to see the Phoenix in the water at the end of it like of x-men 2 was so except with such a great way to end that movie because like oh no fin mechanic yeah it's like chemical Jensen died couldn't they have used a bunch of mutant powers too no she died oh well and then you see the thing and you're like oh the next one's gonna be great and then it wasn't so great but yeah okay so x2 beloved x3 yeah people the last down you know what scene did it for me that just made me realize wow the people making this have no field for the characters that scene where magneto sends the almost all mutants of color forward it's like they've spent two movies and 30 years of comic books describing how or showing how magneto loves the mutants and he's all about protecting the mutants and then he's going to send them out in a human wave attack like that's operational no yeah that like that is I'm sorry that that ain't Megan that ain't magneto yeah and they both Xavier are always appealing to mutants to follow them and you can't ask people to follow you if you just throw them away in a war and I think our son left up in the middle of the of expertise you say Geoffrey Australian um there were certain things I think my memory of it because it's a very vague now but it's just it was kind of – gee I'm packed with oh and history for people bursting through buildings and to spectacle – full of people then not focused on the story and and missing very important character points and and then when you you know when you sell the movie as we are going to knock over the status quo and change everything and the last two coda scenes of the movie are Xavier still alive yes and oh maybe maybe magneto hasn't lost his powers after all that's like okay then what did I just what did I just see for the last hour and a half who cheats – double – yeah that's that's that's in TV writing we always use just you know can we buy it back and it's like well if you buy it back why did you sell it to begin with we kind of hit the first trilogy let's talk about the spin-offs and then we'll move on to the later x-men films including Zach's so you'd mention Wolverine that has been hit and miss affair though Waldo Wolverine yes yes okay so the first one was roaring that was a bit uneven we had Wolverine we had Sabretooth we and we great cast yeah we had Deadpool Deadpool yeah how did we feel about this film overall great cast yeah I think I mean it's a bummer because even the x-men films that I don't love but I really like I'll watch them own over again I think I've only seen x-men origins Wolverine one time I think x-men origins Wolverine is it I think the best example of the sort of the the cliched problems I think in Hollywood not really working on that side of the industry of the too many cooks in the kitchen that kind of you know missing missed opportunities all of that stuff is all in that film there's this thing that Hollywood does which is take a director who did a small movie and immediately give them 150 million dollars and Gavin hood is a really talented director I've seen the South African film that he made that got him that got him the Wolverine movie it's it's very good but directing a hundred and fifty million dollar movie is a completely different skill set it's largely traffic management and making the studio executives not feel not feel nervous when they show up on set and wonder where all of their all of their money is going and it just it felt like he was you know like he needed another film another maybe medium sized film like Chris Nolan got so did the somewhat under performance of x-men origins Wolverine pull the rug out from under seemingly a series of Cement origins blank character films it did and it didn't there were several x-men origins spin-off movies and development that did get killed kind of like these Star Wars ones have have been but one of them was a script called AI magneto that was Sheldon Turner and then rewritten by David Goyer in scenes of which ended up getting folded into x-men first class there were that's why Sheldon Turner has shared story credit on x-men first class over the vehement opposition of some of the other of some of the other some of the other parties is that the the Fox executives were saying we're finding pieces of that film and saying well we like this scene and we like this scene so incorporate into the final movie the auschwitz opening of x-men first class where we go back to the first movie but then pull back the curtain and see that there is a villain a mutant villain watching the whole thing who's like a Mengele figure that was in there that was in the magneto script even the line piece was never an option and between in the line between rage and serenity those were both in the gore draft of of the magneto scripted Nazi hunting when he goes to Argentina and hunt some Nazis know that was actually in a draft by Jaime Moss of he was the writer on x-men first class before us that was the one scene that he did that you know we we largely started over again but like that scene was so good that we we were like okay we're using this very cool but I just want to talk about a couple more the spin-off so the Wolverine we're yeah Hugh Jackman went to Japan and a lot of elements of samurai films in this movie thoughts on the watering I think James Mangold did a wonderful job with it and I think it was such a great proof of and I kind of heard this after the fact of mangled bring in that movie after it had come out to the studio and going hey you know what if the next go around if you kind of let me even do more it can be better and then we ended up getting Logan and so I think so many people have talked about the two-thirds of that movie being so solid and maybe a third of it maybe not working as much maybe having some of that that Hollywood movie studio influenced up well we got to have a big metal bad guy we got to have that those kinds of things that that I think can be forgiven because the rest of the film of of just you Jackman and a wonderful cast of Japanese actors doing some really great dramatic stuff you see you on your back there's blood everywhere I think you can forgive the very kind of cliched superhero Hollywood movie stuff because the rest of that stuff is so solid absolutely I mean a grounded genre movie yeah compared to definitely just fire of the first origin yeah as much of a cliche as it is to take away someone's powers it really works in there because all of the sudden this guy is vulnerable in a way that he's never been before and it's the you know it's kind of we actually pitched on that movie at one point before we didn't end up getting it but but the you know when when james mangold was telling us the concept we really sparked to it because it fundamentally it was like a guy who has lived too long and wants to die but can't meets a character who is filled with life and wants to live but whose life is running at running out and how those and and that's just a great elemental elemental conflict so after that we speaking of just a departure the Deadpool films brought a whole new element and character and Sensibility were you surprised or throw us out to everybody to about the success and how well this movie translated yes and no as a comic book fan I wasn't surprised because I was in the same corner that Ryan Reynolds was in being such a fan of the character yeah it was in the corner of you know Ryan Reynolds going no you guys don't understand comic book fans have been telling me about this guy for a long long time I know that I cannot get out of the park I know what this character can bring to not just the x-men franchise but to this genre in general if we're allowed to be full-on Deadpool and don't worry about some of that other stuff and so on that side I was not surprised at at the movie successfully pulling that off I think it had all the right elements on the other side I'm completely blown away that movie even came out and did so well like I'm so blown away that it was as rated-r as it was I mean talk about a tonal shift this was this was just insane here's the thing though that movie came along at exactly the right point in the superhero movie cycle to be appreciated if that moot if the exact same movie had come out in 2005 or even 2009 or 2010 I don't think it would have been nearly as much of a success because the audience hadn't have had 15 years of those tropes in cliches in some cases for Deadpool to come along and make fun of super ER landing you know that's really hard on your knees you know it's one of the reasons why I think the old version of the tick never did as well as it should the audience wasn't familiar enough the audience wasn't familiar enough with those tropes to realize what was being made fun of yeah this was a product of X number of years of superhero film exactly though though there's the in I'm interested in what you both think about this the slighest thing to me about the first deadpool movie is for about 15 minutes it's a full-on x-men movie but like old-school like comic book acts more like the comic book x-men and the animated x-men than any of the movies have been and it totally works the whole like colossus and negasonic teenage warhead is the you know this the trainee and the and the teacher like that just it feels like it straight out of the comic books absolutely yeah thoughts um well and somehow to their credit Marvel has been able to keep making the superhero genre film but they are such variation in there there's the Western with Logan there's you know the the dark r-rated comedy with Deadpool it's not just a superhero movie they have they come up with all these different variations absolutely right that that now there was enough stuff to refer to and and also I think if it had been the third or fourth movie people would wonder why you know might have been uncomfortable with it but there's God so it becomes so much part of the culture that it was time to this issue and and he he he was allowed to make it so different yeah and that was and we just came out of the theater exhilarated saying we weren't expecting this so we got a very different kind of r-rated x-men movie with Logan and yeah how did that film resonate well we actually were able to to spend some time with with Len lien before he just before he passed and he he was able to see it the guy that created and and and really loved it and then and talked talked about how how true it was to the character and what a great way to go out I I personally I find the last little bit like the third act a little bit a little bit sloppy in terms of okay we're getting up to the mountains and we're gonna resolve this I found that a little bit awkward but 90% of the movie it's just it's just spot-on and they got the mood and talked about a way to to ground and make human the these guys lives and and we've known Wolverines 110 he's seen too much he's where we kept on talking about when we were doing the show in the 90s he's world weary people got tired of hearing that but he that movie was as world-weary as you could get and you really pulled for them and it was intricately beautifully done bringing that girl bring the girl in yeah yeah great way to in a lot of ways sort of end that chapter of the x-men film series with Patrick Stewart new Jackman just delivering I think their best performances as those characters up to that point okay so we talked about the original trilogy we talked about some of the spin-offs now the the new x-men saga we had already touched upon a bit but yeah please regale us with stories from first class I mean I mean if you know if you know professional sports at all Fox very much was going into first class as a franchise rebuilding year it was they they recognized that that even though those last two movies have made a lot of money that they maybe hadn't been beloved and it was okay we've got a new cast we're going back to the or we're going back to the origins in the 1960s and and this is a chance to this is a chance to start fresh again and you know we just you know we had 10 days to write the first draft of the script because in typical fox fashion they had a release date and no script and they wanted to get a you know they wanted to get a hot director onto it and they were they were already circling Matthew Vaughn at that point and they needed a script good enough to get him onto and so they set us loose and you know the ten days later and no sleep they we managed to get agreeing that we managed to get a green light yeah I mean Matthew Vaughn the script and then the casting I mean how do you fill the shoes of Patrick Stewart and you know Ian McCloud McAvoy and fast men are so great I was in a there's construction going on in our house so I was using so I was writing the script or you know co-writing the script in a little office next to my favorite Fox executive who was in charge of it and he I was 10 o'clock at night it was like Zack come in here I want to show you the the chemistry read we just did with because they were thinking of a they were thinking of a couple different guys for magneto at that point the other one was the guy they ended up casting in Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter a really good actor but they said you know he was saying like he's like this guy Fassbender like like some of the executives think he's too old thinks think he plays too old next to McAvoy and we watched the tape and it was them doing a scene together and and Fassbender still had this ridiculous like Daniel day-lewis yeah and there will be blood mustache because he was doing the the Freud and Jung movie with David Cronenberg at the time but as soon as he opens his mouth it's like oh my god that's this is a superstar this is the guy this is this is the guy and they were so good together and it's like look drew and this is important to the characters Charles grew up in a mansion yeah Erik grew up in a concentration camp so if one of them looks a little older than the other it's kind of it's not the years it's the mileage yeah he's been through some stuff and it were like I I heard one person when that movie came out said you know I really liked it except Fassbender was a little too old like not one person I mean that I I think if if we contributed one one thing to that script and you know there were a lot of contributors to that script it was the idea that if you're going to show them young don't show them as the same people only younger show them as the people they were before the events that you see shaped them into the characters we we know and love from the from the first from the first three movies that's why it was a you know like originally like the script that we saw you know you first see Charles what is he doing he's giving a lecture where he's giving essentially that speech the opening speech about mutation from the first movie and it was okay what if he's not giving a lecture what if he's giving that speech but he's using it to pick up a girl in a bar because he's a callow he's a he's he's he has the seeds of greatness but he's still a callow horny young dude chance Xavier how do you do Amy Hetrick Romeo is in reference to euros which I have to say us don't name one green one blue it's a mutation it's a very groovy mutation exactly and what if we show in again and what if we show Eric where he's an angry young man he's killing Nazis but he could go either way there is a chance that he might be one of our that he might be one of our core good good guys but you know the tragedy of that movie is his past and the events of the movie teach him don't trust humans I mean I just love that film x-men first class and it was an amazing bridge between the future and what had come before so yeah x-men Days of Future past we talked about a soft rebuild hard reboot with x-men Days of Future past yeah and a lot of people love this movie some people are a little bit divisive what are your thoughts having had the chance to work on that story back with the animated series it was like oh I want to see what they're doing now you know what's so interesting you guys almost the same thing in your episodes Wolverine was gonna go back in time you had Wolverine about to go back in time at first and then they say you old old timer girl this is going yeah it's a reset Bishop but the idea of a body going you know Wolverine being the central instead of Kitty Pryde or whatever and then the movie did that yeah I still slightly prefer what we did with the story as far as it not being just about that a mystique DNA and I can't use it why don't you just like lock her up somewhere and then go shoot this guy yourself we liked the idea that Bishop was that there was there was some terrible problem and that one of the x-men might be have to be sacrificed and all the other ones thinking about that and is their traitor among us and when we even when we laid out the premise or market I would have a premise to started he'd even did it so that it wasn't just gambit that was just the suspicion everybody had some suspect just became too big but have having the suspicion about somebody you care about a family member are we gonna have to kill him to preserve the future was tighter dramatically for us but all the elements you're talking about were true it's a good movie and and just having all these special people playing the characters it just was yeah yeah not to mention the the Quicksilver scene oh that our first introduction to what how much fun you can have with Quicksilver they told me you control metal hey you know my mom was knew a guy who could do that okay so after x-men Days of Future past x-men apocalypse another x-men film that was met with a lot of mixed reviews a little bit uneven what do we think about Oscar Isaac the apocalypse and that incarnation of apocalypse I think I think great cast I think it was a little bit of a missed opportunity to really to really bring to the screen of really really interesting character talking about immortality talking about you know apocalypse and Subban or the first one the very first mutant and I think that Oscar Isaac loves the character I think he loves the character because I feel like he also like watched the show and like loved apocalypse from that era of comics and cartoons this but you know some of those Hollywood creative decisions you'd be like well we can't make them blue we got too many blue people so he'll be kind of purply and it's like well now all the fans are gonna rag on the fact that he looks kind of purply like that's like avenues you know fans have very long memories we remember the Power Rangers movie you can't just do something that looks kind of similar to that but some really good stuff in there some great performances great young actors but but I think you know is still indicative of the sort of a little bit of a missed opportunity I can't say a bad word against Oscar Isaac the man is amazing but in my heart I hear John collee Coast who was the voice talent for us on apocalypse and just that John collee deep voices and he and he was because he was so much larger than life and that's the thing that blew it up the movie for me the first 1/2 hour I was kind of in it and it because we we thought when we did the animated show we needed make sure that he was so much larger than life other other villains are little or or dance or whatever he was just larger-than-life thing that everybody else you know slammed against and died the thing there's a scene where they're just walking around our Isaac's is five foot nine there's nothing wrong with that but they're just walking around in some some broken-down cityscape and there's yeah there's three or four there's three or four x-men and there's and he's talking to them and chatting and he's about to you know he's he's about the size of Jubilee that's not apocalypse apocalypse gets huge and and destroy civilizations he doesn't chat when the movie came out I remember feeling like it could have been shot differently to add that scale but then I think with the success of the character of Thanos in the most recent Avengers movies being a CG character and having that scale I mean he's literally he's the 12 foot tall guy would you guys have gone CG and had Oscar Isaac provide the voice oh sure just I mean just to maintain something made him different it's Porsche yeah honestly I wouldn't have used apocalypse it up at all or I would have changed it changed it in some way in my mind that you know aside from weird structural things the main problem is just I like movies especially superhero movies where the villain has some kind of an emotional connection to the heroes and you know like Sebastian Shaw I agree with everything you said oh but you killed my mother you know like like that's why you like Sebastian Shaw as a Ville is a villain and like to see him you know like like he was much more like what's his name Steppenwolf and the Justice League movie it's like you're just a dude who wants to do some stuff okay and we just so as we mentioned at the top Dark Phoenix is now upon us and yeah I would love to hear some thoughts it is not breaking any box-office records I have had this conversation with some friends recently we're talking about this we're talking about men and black international opening to not great numbers yes and and Zac maybe you can provide some insight with x-men first class you mentioned how x-men 3 The Last Stand x-men origins Wolverine did great box office but then sort of was thought of as not being great films did that affect x-men first class because what I'm saying is I think Dark Phoenix might be feeling reeling from a little bit of people not being stoked about apocalypse you're only as good as your last movie I think the French franchise movies are very much a ref the box office is very much a referendum on how people felt about the last one and you're like like first-class people like that yes people like that movie didn't didn't do any more money at the box office than x-men origins Wolverine it's just but then people watched it on video and like it got people and then the next one did really well yeah x-men The Last Stand great box office because in my mind because people loved x2 and were and wanted to see more of you know wanted to see more of those characters so yeah I think I think dark phoenix ran into the perfect storm of perception that it was a troubled production underwhelming underwhelming feelings about the last movie and the fact that we're in the summer right now and and we're in this new box office environment where if a movie isn't a must-see people are waiting for video people are only rolling out for the must-sees because there's so many other entertainment options now I was gonna say I'm wondering too there seem to be with the success of the Iron Man and Avengers and that whole guardians of the galaxy and the culmination of it as a film go or it's like okay they're had in a certain direction and I'm gonna go along for the ride whereas with Dark Phoenix I kind of had the feeling I'm not sure where they thought they had set this up that this was going to be the payoff right just as a fan of the thing yeah part of the problem for us was I think Marvel create a little of this early they weren't quite sure what the Phoenix was it's inside gene it's inside gene for a few years in the comics and that for you know a few issues oh hi Phoenix you know you want some coffee the Phoenix was not this super being that's inhabiting someone you love she just kind of turned into Phoenix and they didn't quite know what to do with her and it just seemed all in the movies just like well she's overheated well we we talked about Days of Future past let's just talk about the future great transition there how are you guys so yeah where do you see them going what do you want to see what's the right move cuz it's you don't just plop them in there I would love for a wonderful new actor to be found to play Wolverine years from now I'd love for Wolverine to interact with Hulk and some of them because that's I love that side of the Wolverine storyline is when he gets interact with some of those characters but I would love for them to find a and I love Hugh Jackman an actor who was not classically handsome you want 35 year-old Bob Hoskins yes is like 35 year-old Bob Hoskins is who is is who the next you know or whoever his equivalent is is who that you know because there will be no no Hugh Jackman comparisons it's like this is a new interpretation of a classic character yeah and a lot of people the movie-going audience they don't realize that the comic book incarnation of Wolverine is he's we have five three short hairy and he says Bob a lot yeah I I saw a tongue-in-cheek petition online for Danny DeVito to play Wolverine which with like what do you think about it's like I mean he's a little older now yes again if this was 30 years ago and we could get Danny DeVito a trainer I would be like you know what let's try him out I would like to see that audition tape I really would but but I would really love for a new x-men movie to similarly to x-men first class with a lot of those characters to be set in the modern day but have the x-men be predominantly like 16 year olds to go back to those sort of first comics from the 60s not set it in the 60s but to have more of a vibe of like spider-man homecoming where you had you know young Peter Parker and I my main thing is I want the movies to feel like they are about the x-men movies to feel like they're about the themes of tolerance and acceptance and to talk about racism and to talk about prejudice in these ways and I think that I think that to have young people be the sort of voice of those movies to reflect how young people right now are very politically active that the young people that have survived school shootings that are on Twitter and they're like we're sick of your crap this is what we believe I would love to see some of those feelings and emotions find its way into a next yeah you mentioned first class and one of my favorite just another scene that stands out from first class is when the young people are together and like what's your power what do you got and there is a joy that we hadn't quite seen in the other films ah are there other storylines or what would you like to see infused into the MCU with x-men well being a gal sitting here as a female I am not convinced that the women have been served as well as they might have been in every movie and I would lie to see that honestly looking back at the xmin image so it wasn't like oh this girl can fly but that guy can't so we can't you know it is yeah it was just no these are the people who happen make up this team and let's let's have them go with it and do their thing I would like to see the women whoever they happen to be just as integrated as the guys yeah yeah I'm not sure if we can do it now since we had the established the ANA penguin rogue which was a legitimate rogue I mean see who's been younger in the books when they see started but when we go around to cons and people ask us 9 out of 10 of them say we so loved how powerful rogue was and you know as you know especially the female fan saying you have a sense of empowerment a sense she and storm made us feel like we could be superheroes too and the and the rogue gambit relationship of all the relationships of among them what still resonates thirty years later with the fans that talk to me here's another thing I want to call – I'm gonna predict this and I feel like it's gonna happen in the same way when Michael Giacchino was hired to score spider-man homecoming he used a little bit of the Spider Man sixties theme yes I guarantee you how we're gonna hear x-men the animated series theme in some iteration in the film's orchestrated like we're gonna hear it I guarantee you I guarantee you we're gonna hear it we might even see two teams running at each other the friends of humanity running down the center Manning back a moment what a beautiful homage that would be amazing and Zac in that incarnation because I do love that would they drop some MCU breadcrumbs in there I mean or would it yeah I mean I mean I kind of treated a little bit like that like the comics and that in that the x-men exist in the MCU but you kind of want them off in their own adventures because frankly there's so many of them they if you put them together with the rest of the MCU they kind of over they kind of like like a hint like in daredevil you just see the newspaper clippings about the Battle of New York or something like but yeah so it's there but it's it's a totally another III think that a really smart thing to do again if you focus on a younger cast of characters is that these young people have grown up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe used to Iron Man and Thor flying around and Hulk in Captain America they've grown up with that so it would not be the craziest thing for me to have a Charles Xavier who's very reluctant to let his students go out and be superheroes he wants to shelter his kids he wants to train them and go look the world is a prejudice bad place you will be hunted and feared and the x-men themselves as 16 year-old kids are going no we're gonna put on costumes I'm Cyclops I'm Marvel girl I'm Iceman we're gonna be like The Avengers that's how we're gonna get the world to treat us you you make an excellent you make an excellent point which is which is mutants appearing in a world where there have been ten years of superheroes in the headlines saving people is very different from you know the the movie in 2000 where you've got Senate hearings of who are these new mute you know who are these new care you know humans with powers appearing and they're yeah what are they up to what are they up to Erik Julia please before we go I would love to hear what that is right there this is a two-year labor of love we interviewed all the cast in the crew the executives the artists and 450 pages and it's a history of what it was to like to make this show from the first day until the last day and and yeah it's it's a and and it's and it has comments about all 76 of the episodes images from all the storyboards about every one of the episodes and just it's really fan in fact has has some fan letters that they sent to us saying oh you don't understand how much the show meant to us so there's a there fan testimonials towards the back of it but it's just it's a celebration of the the best job any of us ever had yeah I mean if you're a fan of x-men the animated series which I would hope I mean that seems like a definitive tome yeah well it's available on Jacob's Brown media.com and if you look that up if you buy through them you will get an autographed copy this or we'll have pre signed yeah go to them don't do do Amazon don't you Amazon the hardback that's been signed and or see us at a con when we're which will be an Albuquerque but but yeah now this was just this is as I say everybody cast crew artists everybody loved doing this show and it all comes out in the book amazing well Eric Julia so great to have you here thank you for being such a good friend of screen junkies and to the x-men over the years great having you Hector thank you for bringing your knowledge Zach you as well your knowledge experience fascinating stuff and I want to thank you for watching what is your favorite x-men film of all time what's your favorite incarnation of x-men let us know in the comments section below and thanks again for watching screen junkies I'm Hal Rudnick hit me up on Twitter and Instagram bye bye

36 thoughts on “X-Men Franchise Review with X-Writers

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    Great discussion. I'll have to rewatch it and think about it!

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  9. Here's hoping that the marvel studio execs and Kevin feige watch this and take the constructive ideas to build the X-Men cinematic universe the world deserves.

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