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[xbox poem] ♪ what is a poem ♪ ♪ is inside o’ your body ♪ ♪ body, body, body ♪ ♪ what is a poem is inside o’ your head ♪ ♪ inside your head ♪ ♪ o, what is a poem is inside o’ your ♪ ♪ fingers, fingers, fingers, fingers ♪ ♪ what is a poem is inside o’ your toes ♪ ♪ inside your toes ♪ ♪ o, what is a poem is… when did you learn how to code? well i didn’t i outsourced it to a bunch of… owls oh, heh– that makes sense ok guys thank you very much so long paul, bye scott bye everybody! you may have been wondering what this draped device was here uh, this is the xbox and so… for the first time, let me now unveil xbox he talked about, a parallel between videogames and the movies and so, when the movies first came out they were silent and people did not take them seriously it was kind of an amusing thing, kind of a side thing, kind of a thing for kids kind of just not serious art, not even serious entertainment just kind of somthi… kinda fluff but then they learned to talk, and there is the jazz singer the first talking movie and everything changed and film and video became the literature of the 20th century as chris puts it and uh just because they could talk so he suggests that we’re gonna see the same parallel with videogames now videogames of course can already talk but what can’t they do? they can’t listen and he suggests that as soon as they’re able to listen to us so that we’re able to have some kind of meaningful conversation with a character everything changes and that suddenly, games will become the most important media of our time the word rǣdan means “to guess” and reading is actually an activity of rapid guessing because, any word… any word has so many meanings including the word “reading” many many meanings that to select one in a context of other words requires very rapid guessing that’s why a good reader tends to be a very quick decision maker and a good reader, a highly literate person tends to be a good executive because he has to make decisions very fast while reading and so the very nature of reading calls for quick decisions and guessing and eh the uh thats what the word means, “to guess” rǣdan a baby of the computer age by typing any 4 keys, a horse appears for her it’s a plaything but her education and development will be transformed by it will she be programmer, or programmed? when she sets off for school, the world in which she will learn will be invaded by the computer the traditional classroom faces a serious challenge kids are hooked on computer games that fascination may be the spark which sets the development of the human mind on a new course but, theres a catch in order for all of this to happen, everybody has gotta learn how to program and i’m sure you’re gonna say “oh come on… …you can’t ask everybody to learn how to program, it’s too difficult” but, i’d like to ask you suppose 4 thousand years ago you went back to that scribe and you told him that you know 4 thousand years in the future even poor children in poor countries will know how to read and write do you think he would believe you? well of course not, thats preposterous! one reason for that of course is that his style of writing was very much more complex than the alphabetic system that we now use the alphabet made writing accessible to a large number of people in the same way… we need to replace– our programming languages suck and we need to replace them with a new language and the new language is going to be… a language of icons it’s going to be graphics is graphics good for anything other than playing games? of course… graphics is useful for many things such as integrated circuit design i can browse across the surface of a chip and instantly see design errors people will look back and say “yes those primitives in the 20th century were fiddling around with these gadgets called computers… …but really what they were doing, is… …starting to learn how to formalize… …formalize intuitions about… …process… …how to do things” right here i’m going to draw uh a very simple shape here, a diamond shape so in all these lessons everything that i show you, you should be doing, all the exercises and you’ll see that when you do the exercises how your understanding, how your ability to draw the figure will really increase by leaps and bounds so here i’m just going to draw let’s say this, diamond shape here and let’s say here i’m going to put two circles here then i put another circle here and put an “x” over here right so this… is my first design, my first creation, i created this completely from my mind and it has its own rules as to how everything is put together so obviously if i take this paper away and you ask me to draw that again i can simply draw it out very fast but in any style that i want basically thats it and the reason i was able to reproduce this is because when i drew it first i was its creator i decided all the rules so when i drew it again i became its master automatically starting down here at this point 1 continuing up to point 2 thereby drawing one arm continuing acro… across with one half of the shoulder up to produce the head down to produce the rest of the body back up again across to complete the shoulder then off to finish with the final, other arm and so we present the first part of the world’s first computer ballet i am about to fall to my left and i reach out my hand towards the right for a point of support so as not to lose my balance let us imagine this action is repeated several times from bottom to top on the foundation stone you place stone 1 which tips the balance leftwards then, stone 2 is placed as a counterweight stone 3, reestablishes the axis towards the left and so on until the last stone finally steadies the balancing forces klee draws upon the laws of physics, he studies them and then transposes them into his painting we’ve been working together for 30 years now if there’s 3 ideas presented to both of us we pick the same one as the years went on and we made more and more side-scrolling games we had to create a more advanced tool to design them with this became the basis of super mario maker the tool got so good that the more we worked with it the more we realized we could also turn it into something everyone could enjoy with super mario maker any time you make an edit you can see the results right away this instant feedback can really help your imagination run wild back in the day we had to create everything by hand to design courses we would actually draw them one at a time onto these sheets of graph paper we’d then hand our drawings to the programmers, who would code them into a build when i was young it’d be building with erector sets and lego now… the structures that you build are in software my mom is a first class geek too and so i have a unique experience of being able to talk shop with my mom ’cause she’s a director of really important stuff at sun at netscape one of the codewords for is the average person gonna be able to use the software is… “well can my mom use it?” like oh yeah my mom can use it my mom can write optimizing compilers using only the graphics pad and stylus the operator can select up to 8 fill textures 4 of which are, customer definable 4 line types variable stroke sizes, and colors from any of the 16 on the palette all with a simple movement of the hand and the palette can be changed giving you a range of over 65 thousand colors the bottom menu area offers the operator selections of 7 geometric shapes point line arc polygon circle rectangle and “connected line” which also allows “freeform” drawing and it is all done in realtime without touching the keyboard of course my own vision of myself is different from yours perhaps and i tend to think umm i’m not really uh you know i tend to think naturally that pictures would get better in the future they’ll be better his work has developed rapidly from a few scratchy designs using simple commands this is an example of mario’s very earliest work he called this one i think it was, a square and this one a fish and this one a circle there wasn’t much planning involved here and we weren’t really sure that he had anything in mind when he was doing them now in contrast as he moved along he began to use other recognizably different elements in his work um, this was a set of stairs that he had a great deal of difficulty making he couldn’t get the turtle to turn in the right direction and shortly after that, he made a picture with more of a plan in mind oh thats a neat design, oh let’s keep on going, it’s different this time it’s coming out smaller see it ’cause it goes like a tire we have to save this one tricia this one’s better hey don’t point that at me watch where you’re pointing that i point to things on the screen with the mouse i can also use the mouse to sweep out working areas instead of typing in coordinates the mouse fits comfortably in the hand with its three buttons under the fingers a small arrow on the screen shows where the mouse is pointing buttons are often used to select actions from a menu moving the mouse with the button depressed changes the selection lifting the button completes the selection such as deleting a working area but sometimes an extra button hit is needed to confirm the action what are these working areas? they are called “windows” or “layers” all share the same screen and act like regular independent terminals i can make a new layer at any time and use it to run unix commands for example i can type “who” to see who is using the computer each layer is separately programmable so i can customize each one to a particular job such as text editing and that should do it it seemed like it’s pretty easy to play guitar because uh you know once you know the science of it that the high notes the little skinny ones, make high sounds the big fat ones make low sounds and then if you go on the part of the guitar near the near where you pluck it that makes high sounds and down at the other end like, then you got it mastered thats all you gotta know oh, and if you want it to be fast play fast and if you wanna go slow go slow that’s all there is to it, it’s that easy to play guitar other people, some people worry about chords and stuff you know, and that’s alright too you know there’s all kinds of music in the world uh, you know you know, you might wanna learn some other stuff if you’re doin’ that kind of music for what we do for what i was doin’ you know, that was the beauty of it, you can learn it that first day well, n-yeah you do need cords in order to plug the guitar in, but uh that’s pretty much it it uses not only visuals, but sound as you can hear, each tool has a characteristic sound and this is our rectangle, this is our oval even our undo is fun and has its own sound and… there are standard erasers as well but there are some real fun effects you can have clearing your screen this one’s “firecracker” and parents and teachers can turn that sound off too now given that she can use the mouse and some people are surprised that she can without having to look at it, but in fact it’s something that everybody can use it’s not too surprising that she can hit visible menu commands in… uh, mac paint so when i saw this i was intrigued, i’d never seen a child this young interacting uh with a computer before, but i wasn’t too overwhelmed until i saw what she did next she wants a fresh sheet of paper so she hits the close bar in the window, she saves her old drawing using the popup then she uses the pulldown to get herself a fresh sheet and she’s off and running again in fact we discovered that she was about 70% literate, about 70% of… the generic window commands that are found in any macintosh application she is able to use not just in a visual program like uh, mac paint what we’ve learned is that it’s too difficult for a human being to use a mouse and a keyboard to really move around and manipulating things in 3d, and a simple example of this, i’ll use this room like… how many people in this room are like okay photoshop users? like you’ve used photoshop right? so like a bunch of us right? now keep your hands up if you also do 3d modeling… right there actually are a couple here, so that’s– this is a great crowd but what you’ll see is that there are many more photoshop users there are many more 2d image editors than there are 3d editors 3d editing is incredibly hard with a mouse and a keyboard, you can learn it but it’s like learning to play the violin or something it’s very very hard really because you have two degrees of freedom with the mouse and then you have to use the keyboard to sort of bring on all those additional degrees of freedom where if you could just use your hand to like grab the little grab handles on a thing in 3d and stretch it and move it and everything just using even one hand you could do that quite easily but you can’t do that with a mouse what would it be like to look at a poem? it would be the most beautiful thing in the room that could stand to be looked at a beautiful poem, is a poem that can be repeated over and over again love poem it’s so nice to wake up in the morning all alone and not have to tell somebody you love them when you don’t love them anymore love poem it’s so nice to wake up in the morning all alone and not have to tell somebody you love them when you don’t love them anymore hey everybody this is philip from high fidelity hey this is ryan and i’m emily and we’re here to tell you about an exciting new announcement today and also to throw baseballs to eachother in the virtual world because if you can, why wouldn’t you throw baseballs in a virtual world so our big announcement is we’ve raised 11 million dollars in new financing and our new investment partner coming in, is vulcan capital vulcan capital is paul allen’s investment firm, and paul and vulcan have been watching virtual reality and virtual worlds for quite a while and when we heard their perspectives on it we were totally excited to have them come aboard as new investors and the next step for us is gonna be moving to a more open alpha stage to let you guys come in and create a lot of the cool content that you see around you we’ve had a lot of fun making it and we look forward to seeing what you guys can create as well so if you guys have a background in engineering and you’re looking for a new job it’s a great time to get in with vr we’re looking for 3d graphics engineers great generalists and also character animators so if you’re interested in working with high fidelity you can go ahead and send me your resume to [email protected] and we’re also, you might see out the window here we’re in san francisco so uh, great, great city to work in we have both a great uh, real, and virtual view thanks everybody thanks for tuning in and we hope to uh, see you in our virtual world here soon uh let’s have a little thought experiment here right you’re playing in a virtual world, and it’s got these pictures and they’re looking pretty good and you think “oh thats pretty good i like these pictures” they’re only, i mean it’s a 3d world but i’m only seeing it in 2d on a screen so maybe if i got like the little headset on then oh now i can see it in 3d but if move my head a bit too much uh maybe if we put little sensors on so i can move my head, oh yeah now i can see properly ah yes it’s all here but i’m still only seeing things, and maybe i could have maybe some feeling as well so i put a little data glove on uh, yes oh this feels warm thats good but i’m still, i’m not hearing things oh i put my goggles on and i haven’t got the sense of being in a place so maybe i want to be able to move so, say let’s get these big coffin things and fill them full of these gels and i’ll take off all my clothes and put on all these different devices and i lay down and then they put these little electric currents through and make it feel hard or soft so it gives me the impression that i’m actually walking through grass because it is generating and now, now i’m beginning to feel i’m really in one of these places but of course, really all that’s happening here is that um my senses are being fooled into this what would happen if i were to maybe cut out the whole business with the fingers and stick a little jack in the back of your head and it goes right into the spinal cord and then you’re talking straight to the brain there! but of course you’re still not you’re still only pretending to the senses, you’re still only fooling the senses the brain’s being told that there is this big dragon flying in front of you and it’s seeing this big dragon but you’re still only seeing it you don’t wanna talk to the brain you wanna talk to the mind you wanna talk to the part of the brain the imagination which constructs this, from which everything comes because all the senses that come into your brain, they’re all filtered and they’re used to create a world model inside your head in your imagination but if you could talk straight to that imagination and cut out all the senses then it would be impossible to ignore it, you couldn’t, say oh thats just an image of a dragon that would be a dragon! if there was some kind of technology which could enable you to talk straight to the imagination… well there is, it’s called text and it’s been around for several thousand years and i have seen people leap out of their chairs when a line is said in front of them “there is an immense fire breathing dragon here” you can talk to people straight into their mind with text because the brain thinks in words when you’re thinking to yourself you’re thinking in words you’ve got a kind of subvocal thing going on, everybody thinks in words so putting things into your brain in words is the natural language of the brain whatever that language, is in written form english, chinese, whatever… if you put it in the same form that the brain thinks then the brain has got no option but to to listen to it, it can’t cut it out they can read the book online and they’re gonna see you tonight on nightline the computer is taking us off we’ll see ya bye Jeffrey Scudder, 2015 Special thanks: Lali Foster ♪ yo yo yo ♪ ♪ my name’s albert ♪ ♪ i like playin’ videogames all day ♪ ♪ just me and james tellin’ our lives all day ♪ ♪ you know all our favorite things ♪ ♪ it’s only me and james ♪ ♪ okay ♪ ♪ let’s do it! ♪ ♪ our favorite food are pizza ♪ ♪ my favorite friend is ja-ames ♪ ♪ he knows it too-oo-oo-oo ♪ ♪ jeff and ♪ ♪ jeff and chris taught ♪ ♪ me how to play guitar ♪ ♪ never knew how but they taught me how ♪ ♪ okay ♪ ♪ okay, kay, kay, kay, kay ♪ ♪ kay, kay! ♪ ♪ hi my name is james i like videogames ♪ ♪ i like pizza ♪ ♪ hi my name is albert ♪ ♪ i just got in to schoo-ool ♪ ♪ i have a body class ♪ ♪ i build ’em outta legos ♪ ♪ ooo hoo woo hoo oo hoo ♪ ♪ my favorite band is ♪ ♪ bon jovi! ♪ ♪ my teacher is mrs. basta ♪ ♪ my favorite sport is scooterin’ ♪ ♪ i can rip ♪ ♪ you should see me on a scooter ♪ ♪ i’ll run you straight over ♪ ♪ scooterin’ is fun ♪ ♪ this is the end of the song ♪ ♪ see you later, yo ♪ [brick by brick – track 4] cut for allgold’s render series: june 30th, 2015

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