Xlibris Author J.R. Gonzalez Shares Writing Advice to New Authors

when people ask me about my experience as a writer or what would I do I always tell them if you're if you write now think you're a writer and you have a story in your head that's your story so who do you want to tell someone else because someone else is eventually gonna pop it it's gonna pop into their head you want them to tell your story or do you want to tell your story and they always get like real indignant no I want to tell my stories well then get on it I would recommend at least if you're starting off self-publishing because it's the best way to find out what's gonna happen when you put your stuff out there I saw an ad and I was intrigued by first of all by the name ex libris and they helped me a lot and they've done a lot for me and I will always tell people that I would always say my experience with ex libris was has been amazing has been a lot of fun you

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