Y2K & bbno$ “Lalala” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Bbn0$: All I said to Ari, I was like, “You
know Cardi B. I like it like that.” He started playing a riff. I started going, “Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.” And we both turned at each other and kind
of just made a hit I guess. Bbno$: You know I get in the booth and I’m
like, “All right, all right here we go. Here we go, this is it.” And I’m like, “Nah, did I just really forget
that melody?” And then he just, maybe it’s like five or
six feet, seven feet like the booth? Y2k: Yeah. Bbno$: Maybe? And then he’s like, “No. No. No. No. No.” And then he just gave it back to me. And I was like, “All right, here we go.” Y2k: It’s funny cause the take that you’re
hearing from the song is the mic that he’s recording on, picking me up yelling in the
background. I had to like amp it way up. So that really happened. But then we just, you know, level matched
it. So it actually made sense. Bbno$: So it was like the pop up challenge or some shit. Wait, this is, this is my pop up challenge
everyone. Fuck. High five Steve. Oh. Y2k: Pretty good. Bbno$: Pretty good isn’t it? But yeah. So that was like when I popped off and then
that kind of I guess took it off a little more. I’m not sure on like the actual analytics,
how much it really helped but, fucking sick. Bbno$: Vancouver, I can’t really be complaining
about the cold, its really not that bad. You know, it gets to like, oh you guys don’t
do Celsius. Like negative … No it’s probably like 10
Fahrenheit. Y2k: That’s pretty cold. Bbno$: Is that around like negative 15 Celsius? Y2k: I don’t know. Bbno$: Fuck. Y2k: But I’ve been there and it’s cold. Bbno$: Yeah, it gets cold. But it’s not like, it’s not like when you
go east. When you go east, that shit’s just in a whole
nother dimension of fuckery. Bbno$: I mean, my name is Baby, No Money. People usually say Bubba Nose. And it’s not. I’ve always been very cheap at heart to be
honest. A lot of my friends always used to call me
the stingiest person they’ve ever met. But you know, now, you know I’m slowly creeping
up to the rapper money. And it’s, it’s kinda sick. Y2k: You were definitely not broke when you
said that line. Bbno$: Definitely not. Bbno$: Shining my wrist, I don’t think it
really makes, you know, rubbing or, or like, you know, reflections where they make a sound. Y2k: Nor do you even have a watch? Bbno$: Well not on me right now. But I broke it in Chicago unfortunately. Y2k: Oh. I didn’t you had a watch at all. Bbno$: I have like a, my grandfather gave
me his 1978 Seiko. Y2k: Oh, that’s hard. Bbno$: It’s super sick. Y2k: No. It’s a flex. Bbno$: But unfortunately it’s a little too
tight and then it popped something like chain link popped. And then I have a fake Gucci watch that I
got at a thrift store also. Bbno$: In Canada we don’t even have Amax. Y2k: Yeah that was my contribution. Bbno$: That was completely his contribution. I was like, “What does 800 cap mean?” I mean obviously if you want to buy a nice
house I’m pretty sure you need a good credit score. Y2k: All right let’s go over credit kids. This is a very important thing, you should
start this at a young age. At the age of 18, get a credit card or something
like that, use it to pay off small things, bill or whatever you have, small purchases. Pay that off every month, don’t miss it. You’re going to start building a credit score. That helps you get a lease for a car or get
a place so you don’t have to have your parents cosign on it. Very useful and not that hard to do. Bbno$: This is the first song ever, I don’t
actually have to rap my lyrics ’cause everyone else knows them and it feels so sick. Bbno$: I’ve just always been on internet culture
and Iike, you know…I Twitch stream. Play video games and like some people obviously
think that may be corny, and that may be different. Y2k: I’d like to point out that my mom does
not like the lyrics to “lalala”, she says they’re offensive and on the gamer subject,
I’d just like to say that, just Fs in the chat to throw respect for all of the mothers
that were offended by- Bbno$: Fs in chat. Y2k: Yeah. Bbno$: I had a chain also that broke in Chicago
that was a sad time. That Higher Brothers jeweler actually gave
to me. You’ve seen that one right, it’s like the
little Mary? And then that’s it. Y2k: I got the one ring. Lord of the Rings. Bbno$: To rule them all. To rule them all. Are you good at the Smeagol voice? Y2k: Oh fuck no. Bbno$: I used to be so good at it. Y2k: All right, run it. Bbno$: I’m super sick right now but I’d be
like, no I can’t do it anymore. I can’t do it anymore. I can’t fucking do it anymore man, fuck. Bbno$: My favorite color is pink. I’m not just trying to rip it up, I’ve always
had this pink toque for the past like four years. Y2k: Toque. Bbno$: Yeah toque. In Canada we say toque not beanie, I’m sorry. I don’t really like driving to be completely
honest. I used to fixed gear cycle. The time I have an absurd amount of money,
I will buy myself a pink Gucci Fiat and have flames on the side because why not? Bbno$: My brother and I, when we were going
through high school, everything, we would always be called like Gucci, because my last
name is Gumuchian, and I’ve always just been drawn towards Gucci and like all my friends…I
was into weightlifting and shit and they used to call me Swolcci, it was just ignorant terrible
names that are paired with Gucci. And then piping is obviously like, I don’t
know. Y2k: See that’s why my mom doesn’t fuck with
your lyrics. Bbno$ Sorry. Bbno$: To be completely honest I just rhymed
loosey. I don’t really do acid either, I don’t know
why I wrote that bar to be completely honest. Bbno$: I just graduated with a degree in
kinesiology. Y2k: Congratulations. I dropped out after one year. Bbno$: Dude that shit sucks. Shit sucks, but you know I only started gaining
some traction in music like a year and a half ago so I’m glad that I finished. Bbno$: So the song came out, it was like Lala,
June 7th. People were spray painting on their cars. It was so ridiculous. I was like, “Man, you’re like, you’re ruining
your car.” But at the same time, I’m like, you know… I’m pretty sure a couple of people messaged
me and they’re like, “Yo, I’m gonna get tatted. I’m going get it tatted on my arm.“ I’m like, “I don’t, I don’t recommend that.“ Like not the best move.

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  1. So ive been singing the lyrics even the chorus wrong also thinking most of the song is giberish

  2. Mom: That rap music and the artists are terrible! You shouldn’t listen to them

    Me: Led Zepplin never gave you advice on building credit now did he

  3. Y2K is either Justin Timberlake or Drake Bell with long ass hair. Someone needed to say it

  4. Is it weird that I thought it was H3H3 in the thumbnail because of how bbno$ was dressed…

  5. Они геи? Или просто напарники я не пойму y2k все время на него смотрит влюбленно

  6. “See that’s why my mom doesn’t fuck with your lyrics”

    “I’m sorry”

  7. I don’t know why…

    But I’m shipping it ❤️🖤

    Just kidding 😂 or maybe not…

  8. Bbno$: I just graduated with a degree in kinesiology

    Y2K: congratulations

    shakes hand

    Y2K: I DrOpPeD oUt aFteR oNe yEAr-

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