Yeh Lamhe Judaai Ke (HD) (2004) Full Hindi Movie – Shahrukh Khan – Raveena Tandon — Romantic Movie

Malti… Coming, Madame. Prepare breakfast for the children. Right away, Madame. We have a function at
school tomorrow. -Really? Very good.
Are you participating? -Yes. Shambu, is your master ready?
-Yes, Madame. See if Ramu-kaka is here.
-Right, Madame. You won’t fight with Pinky, will you?
– Ramu, the Madame wants you. The car is ready, Madame. -All right. Mr Shekhar! Are you ready? Where are you? Come on, have breakfast.
– Where will I go? Good morning dear.
-Good morning, papa. Good morning, papa.
-Good morning dear. Sweetheart… Wherever you go, I follow you. You’ve been joking too much of late. Very bad. Can’t help it, honey. You seem to
grow prettier day by day. Dear Mr. Romeo,
get a hold on your heart. The magic of your love makes my heart lose control. What are you up to? Someone will see it. That’s what I want. We only have two children. I want an entire cricket team. Oh God, you’re impossible. Now stop it. Have breakfast and drop the kids at school. C’mon. No big quest…tie day. Want to look nice,
handsome, and dashing. As for dropping the kids at school, you see today… Okay, I understand. Go on, take care of your business,
while I go and drop them at school. Wow, excellent! That’s what I call a great wife. That’s why I love you. Thank you. Catch you in the evening. Bye bye. -Bye bye. Bye kids.
-Pushpa, are the kids ready? I’ll go and
drop them at school today. Let’s go.
Are you carrying your project? Shambu, I’m going to drop
the children at school. Hurry up. Come on. Bye. Come on. Let’s go. Dushyant… son… You’re asleep? Come on, get up. Music, all the time. Music has cast a spell on him. Lord, make my son the greatest singer in the world. May he find all
the happiness in the world. My son will become
the greatest singer in the world someday. Catch the ball, Dushyant. I hate playing with balls. Go ahead. What do you like then? I’m fond of music. I love music. I want to be a star. But my family is poor. I think my dream will
only remain a dream. No Dushyant, don’t lose heart. I’ll ask Papa to organize the money.
– Really? Papa, sister has a friend in school who is very talented. Really? What’s his name? Dushyant. He’s fond of music. Can we arrange music
tuitions for him? Of course we can, my child. That’s fine. But he doesn’t have the money to pay the fees. Can we pay his fees? My child, if that is what
you and your sister want… and if it makes you happy,
I will certainly pay his fees. My child… I’ll ask my manager to pay his fees every month. Okay? Happy? Give Papa a kiss. Great! Wonderful. You really look amazing tonight. God save you from the evil eye. Not even the celestial beauties
can match your beauty tonight. You are lightning… don’t let the tempest abate. One must learn from
you the art of flattering. No, sweetheart. I married you long back. But tonight I wish
to marry you again. “A frame of wood,
a horse on the frame” “When the hammer striked
on the horse’s tail.” Sheetal,
will you do me a favor? -What? I want to gift Dushyant a harmonica. Won’t you tell Papa? Why don’t you tell him yourself? No way. I’m scared. All right,
I’ll ask him to buy you one. Sheetal and Jaya, no mischief
in the car. Sit properly. Dushyant. Dushyant. It’s you aunt! Hello, aunty. Hello, dear. How are you? -I’m fine. How come you are here, Jaya? Why? Can’t we come over? Why not? Dushyant!
– Who is it? Hi. This is a surprise. Why so?
Can’t we come to your house? I don’t know how to welcome you. Where do I sit you up? Kamla, status and wealth
don’t elevate a person. It is his humility that
raises him above everyone Besides, it is the ignorant men who built this
wall of discrimination. Such lofty ideals.
– You are being kind. Will you just keep us standing…?
– Oh no, please come. Sit.. Where did Jaya and Dushyant go? Must be around -I’ll call them. Okay. -Please come. Wow! For me? Wow, electronic keyboard. Looks like you’ve got to know
all my choices, Jaya. Yes, undoubtedly. You’re so nice. May God make you
a great singer someday. Prabha, the food was really tasty. Did you like the eggs, Jaya?
– No. Yes.
– Did you like the noodles? Won’t you ask your mummy
to give me one, dear? Have two. -No, one is enough. So darling,
what happened in school today? This friend of mine really bugs me. What do I do with him? Box him real hard. And you…help her. Okay? Don’t teach her that. She’s already had
a fight with Pinky. -I see. Pinky complains every day. Hello. Yes, speaking. What…? I see. Is it serious…? I see. All right, I’ll send
Prabha over in the morning. Call me if you need me. Don’t worry about money.
It’ll be organized. Okay? What’s the matter? Who was it? Actually, Prabha… your brother is unwell. What happened to brother?
Nothing serious I hope? I really don’t know. They are waiting for
the reports of blood test. Take the first flight
to Delhi tomorrow. “The roses still smell the same” “The weather still
wields the same magic” “The roses still smell the same” “The weather still
wields the same magic” “The weather still
wields the same magic” “All I can’t find
in my arms is you” “It immerses me in sorrows” “Memories of you haunt me” “Oh, I miss you” “Oh, I miss you” “Oh, I miss you” “I swear,
I can’t get over…” “these moments of separation” “Memories of you haunt me” “Oh, I miss you” “Oh, I miss you” “Oh, I miss you” Oh, I will pick it up. Hello. Wrong number. What? Idiot! Why pick up the phone
if it’s a wrong number, he says. Wonder what ails this phone! Twenty-five calls since morning. Papa called twenty times
and five wrong numbers. Mr. Bandhu! Hello. – Hey hello. Mr. Bandhu,
I feel like eating eggs. How about making
three scrambled eggs, four spiced scrambled eggs… two fried eggs
and one poached egg? Never mind if it takes an hour or so. Hi. I love you. I can’t hear a thing.
– Then come closer. Come over. Right away. Are you? -Of course. Wow. I love you. I love you too. Okay, bye. Who could it be? Hello. Where have you been, Sheetal? It’s you sis!
-Of course. Where were you? In the bathroom. What’s the matter? We friends are going
on a picnic tomorrow. Now I get it. You want me to get
Papa’s consent, right? Please Sheetal. Permission granted.
Don’t worry. I’ll make Papa agree. Thank you, Sheetal.
Thank you so much. Dushyant is also going, isn’t he? Yes… maybe. I understand, sis. Have a nice day. Come on. Don’t be boring. How about a singsong?
– Yes! Singsong! Damn it! Go to school, baldie. How boring. -Very boring. Tie drums to my ankles… and watch how I dance. Not drums, idiot. Anklets. Whatever. Music matters. What? – I got an idea. A singsong in a different way. Old tunes, ingenious lyrics. Good idea, good idea.
Yes, yes, yes, yes. Must do something to pass time. Start the singsong in
the name of the Lord. My name is Vipul Kothari. I’m all on my own. My heart is vacant, so is my pocket. I wish a rich girl falls
in love with me. Whoever misses me,
can come over any time. Room number 130,
Kalbadevi, is where I live. Excuse me please. Yeah!
– No, no, no. – Come on, sing. Sing. -Okay. No! It’s wrong. -This is cheating. In the zoo I saw
four little monkeys… eating grams with mango pickle. Next to their cage, was a jackal watching TV. I went and asked,
what’s news today? Rina is here, so is Mina. So I don’t need to go elsewhere. You are free to call me any time. I am where the girls are. Sujit, it’s your turn. Okay, okay, okay, okay. These days they sell underwear
that fits you and me perfectly. Everyone knows, everyone
has found out. Typical Sujit. You’re so cheap. Hey watch here, nothing doing. Me…? You are wrong, Sujit. The song ends this way. I’m damn right. Jaya come on, sing. She lost. Jaya’s team has lost. No… 1,2,3,4,5, 6,7,8,9… “I desire to take your name” “Perhaps I’ve
fallen in love with you” “I desire to take your name” “I desire to take your name” “Perhaps I’ve
fallen in love with you” “Perhaps I’ve
fallen in love with you” “That’s what I’ve been
saying since ages” “That’s what I’ve been
saying since ages” “I’ve fallen
in love with you, sweetheart” “I’ve fallen
in love with you, sweetheart” “I desire to take your name” “I desire to take your name” “Perhaps I’ve
fallen in love with you” “The world is diabolic, I hear” “It loathes lovers” “Yet thousands
have fallen in love…” “and become legends” “We have only requited
each other’s love” “We have only requited
each other’s love” “Is it any calamity?” “I’ve been saying it for ages…” “I’ve fallen
in love with you, sweetheart” Amazing voice. Mr Bandhu…?
You aren’t in bed yet? No? I had gone for
the piano class… you remember? No? Actually,
my friend Rita is unwell. Her mother was very worried. You don’t buy it? Actually I had gone to
try a new dress my tailor stitched for me. It’s fantastic. I went to try it out… To be frank, Mr Bandhu… I had to go. Else, it’d have upset someone. You understand, don’t you? Mr. Bandhu, may I say something? Go ahead.
– Save me, please. Else, Papa will kill me. Go to your room,
change and go to sleep. Bandhu sir. Hi. When you love someone? Something happens.
-Say I love you. Time is short.- Oh! Hi Kavita.
-I wish you would be mine. Lovers will win. Sir, I love is very painful. Hey lord.- Want to be my Friend? Who Am I? -Professor. I have heard that today a new
history teacher I going to come. Yes man,
He will be boaring, let’s go out. No, no, he means that lets love. He is a professor. Sit down. -Who was standing sir? Good morning to all of you. Good morning. Hail lord.
Anything happens don’t worry. My Student I am your
new history teacher. It is very necessary
to know each other. Girls can call me Professor Pyare. Oh! -He is so boaring. Sir. -Come in. Sir I have a notice for you.
-Notice? You can go. -Okay sir. Wherever I go.. ..I will get notice
before starting. Lets read it. Boys and Girls,
good news for all of you. Our college is conducting
picnic on next Sunday. Yeah! Yeah!
– Wonderful. Professor.- Pyarelal. Professor Pyarelal
you are so lucky. Bye the way who are you? Me? I am professor Chand Mishra. Very Nice, good name. But I have some black
mark like moon. I can see that. I think you are Moons Brother. Leave it man, You are gone. Gone? What? You are very lucky. What? What do you want to say? Just remember that
you are lucky now. Lucky? Gone? What is all
these? Please explain. Don’t waste your time. Consider me as your friend. Hail lord.
Anything happens don’t worry. You are my real friend. What a nature. Very nice. Lovely, what a scene. God you are great. Hey man, you are also great. Mr. Chand where was you hiding? Mr. Pyare you can’t see
Moon in daylight. You are right.. ..there is something more which
you can’t see in day light. Oh! I got it. -What? You are taking me wrong.. ..I think you are talking
about Owl. -Yes. Mr. Chand come here.
See there. -Yes. Lovely mood.- What are
you waiting for? One man buys 1 Samosa in Rs. 2 And he sold that in Rs. 1 What?
-And he will became millionaire. How is this possible?
Its nonsense. Buys 1 Samosa in Rs. 2.
And he sold that in Rs. 1 What are you saying? -Yes.
-And he will became millionaire. How is this possible?
-It is possible. -How? Because he was Billionaire. Oh god. -Welcome sir. Hi sir. -Please have a seat. Have a seat.
-Please say something. Sir if you don’t mind,
can I ask you one question? Its picnic, you can ask anything? Yes, carry on. Sir who born first,
You or your father? Shut up. What you said? Sir who born first,
You or your father? First me then my father. How sir? When I born then only my
father became father. Therefore first me then my father. Mr. Bandhu? Mr. Bandhu? Good morning. How can the morning be good
when it starts like this? A good breakfast makes
a good day, hearsay One, two, three… Mr. Bandhu, you don’t
take good care of me. This music system doesn’t work. Why don’t you get it fixed? All right, it works. The alarm clock isn’t working either. It’s working too.
– And now it’s time for breakfast. Mr. Bandhu, please
switch on the TV. Damn. Mr. Bandhu, you know everything. Tell me something? What came first? Chicken? Or egg? It hardly matters to
those who savor them. I’ll explain. Neither chicken, nor egg. It was Mr. Bandhu who came first
with a boiled egg. Oh, I almost forgot. My piano has conked out. Its fourth string is broken. I’ll fix it after you have the egg. Forget it, I’ll ask
Papa to buy me a new piano. He’s in Bangalore. Hey Sheetal, how are you?
– Idiot, stupid. Fine. We’ve met after so many days. Make yourself comfortable. Make myself comfortable
in my own house? What else? -Damn it. Okay, sit down. Don’t be angry. Guess what I’ve bought for me?
– What is it? Tell you later. Raj, know what
I’m going to do? -What? I’ll strangle you. Let me go, please! Please. Why are you doing this to me? Am I not a good friend? -Really? Won’t you ask me
what I’ve bought for you? How do I know? Wow! Dushyant musical hits! Where did you find it? Don’t ask me what all I do for you. But you never appreciate me. I care for you
that’s why I bought it for you But you don’t care for me at all. Why do you think so, Raj? There’s enough room for you
in my heart. I respect you. I also love you dearly. Okay Madam. Thanks a lot. Forget it.
Let’s watch the video. -Okay. It’s chilly, dear. Mr Bandhu… How selfish should one be? Tell me, Mr Bandhu. If someone brings the Sun home… will he have all the happiness? I don’t understand, dear. But yes, it is selfishness to hide
the rays of the sun from others. It’s a sin. Thank you, Mr. Bandhu. Thank you. Yes Jaya? I called him several times. I don’t know why they
aren’t putting me through. Jaya, they have a reason to not
put you through to Dushyant. What’s the reason, sir? What crime have I committed? Jaya, you are an intelligent girl. It is because of your help and
sacrifices that he has been able… to climb the ladder of success. His success is my dream, sir In his love, I have forgotten
the void that my mother’s death… Sheetal’s distance and
Papa’s business life has created. I breathe for him. I know, Jaya…
you dearly love Dushyant. I won’t let anything harm your love. God forbid! May there never be
an obstacle in your love. I won’t ever let that happen. Okay, trust me. Bye Jaya. An individual’s own beliefs
surpasses even the faith in God. Hello. Hello Sheetal. Hi, sis! How are you? -I’m fine. How are you? Sheetal, I’ve had
a fight with Dushyant. What…?
But why did you fight with him? Why would I fight with him? So? – He has even refused to meet me. His days earlier
would begin with me, but now he is
such a famous singer… I now have to ask his secretary for an appointment to have
a word with him. Sister, love is
a very delicate relationship. I know that, Sheetal. And that’s exactly why I’m quiet. Neither have I objected nor
expressed my anger in any way. We gave our relationship
the status of worship. How I wish he could realize that. Do you want me
to have a word with Dushyant? He’ll surely listen to me.
– No, Sheetal, you will not do that. Love is not dependant on
recommendation or help. It’s a feeling that
brings hearts together. So have mercy on me. Don’t make me fall in my
own esteem, Sheetal. I’m sorry sister. I’m proud of you. I’ll pray to God for your happiness. Okay Sheetal. Bye sister. -Bye. Take care. Hey man, play fast. Nobody can see in the darkness. What are you guys looking at? A red cap and black tea. Let go of the Queen. She’s no good. Let go. Let go of the Queen if
the gentleman says so. Looks like he’s gambled
a lot. What, mister? Yes, I’ve gambled so much. So much. Take my advise. If you wish to win,
let go of the Queen. Else, you’ll keep regretting it all your life… and keep screaming
in anguish like me. Hey stop. I’ll give you a new one. I even have a match. I’ve lost the lighter. Make do with this one. Dushyant…? But this one… Dushyant? Dushyant… it’s me, Sujit. Sujit, the other name for victory. Oh yes, Sujit… what’s happened to you? Things went wrong
for me, you know. Wrong…? Things have gone wrong for me too. Know what, Dushyant? If things went wrong
for me like they did for you! You’ve worked wonders, my friend! Hey guys, this is Dushyant. My college chum. -Hello. Look at that poster. It’s the same guy! Look. Our days in the college
were wonderful, Dushyant. We had so much of fun, didn’t we? I told you then, didn’t I?
That you’d go a long way. Did you say that to me…?
– I swear, I did! Forget it. So how about a drink?
– You too…?! You’ve said it, let’s go. -C’mon. C’mon, guys.
– Bye, friends. – Bye. Careful. But why’re you crying?
– Things have soured for me. Watch it. I’m really very sorry.
– Why’re you saying that? Are you crazy? You are a friend!
Give me a hug. Get in. Your car? Yes, mine. So? Where would you like to go? I’ll take you someplace today. You’re going to be thrilled. Happy birthday to you. Open your mouth, dear! What are you guys watching?
– Thank you. Let’s have some applause! Sharma, come here. Hurry. What have you come here for, Sujit? Relax, Nisha. Relax. I haven’t come to
collect money from you. I’ve come to give you something.
– What can you give me? Go away, else I’ll have
to summon the servants. Nisha, I can give you something you have always dreamt of. Really? Thanks, Mr. Sujit. I have everything I need. Now will you please leave. Poor Nisha! You could buy yourself everything with money.
But you could never buy love. Jaya’s house and everything in it, you bought with money… but there’s one thing
you could never buy. And that is Dushyant. Dushyant? I’ve brought Jaya’s
love for you today. Dushyant…? With you?
– Yes, with me. Heartbroken, lonely, and drunk. Ready to fall into
your lap like a ripe mango. He’s in the car outside. Boozard! Here again to
bum some free drinks? Hello Dushyant. Nisha. Is today a college reunion day? I’m running into friends and friends! What are you doing here? Come on inside. The house is the same. But the folks have changed. This house now belongs
to me, Dushyant. No one belongs to anyone, Nisha. They all change. They go away. I must go away too. Come on. Come. Ladies and gentlemen. My pleasure and privilege to present before you Mr. Dushyant Malholtra. The famous singer, my friend! Hey Dushyant, let’s have a song. That will be the most priceless gift at Nisha’s party! Go on and sing, son! Dushyant is up
for sale for just 25 rupees. Go out and
buy a cassette and listen to him as
many times as you want to. Fantastic, my boy! What a sense of humor! Where the hell is the photographer? Take a picture of mine with Dushyant! Take their pictures too, son. Come. I really like you. “Was it my heart or a mirror that was shattered…” “ever since my sweetheart
has been angry with me?” “Was it my heart or a mirror
that was shattered…” “ever since my sweetheart
has been angry with me?” “There’s anguish in my heart,
my eyes are moist…” “There’s anguish in my heart,
my eyes are moist…” “where have you gone, my love?” “where have you gone, my love?” “Was it my heart or a mirror
that was shattered…” “You were the one my heart
always beat for, O unfaithful one” “I shall live even if my heart
has to skip a beat” “If life is poison without you,
my love…” “I swear, I shall even
drink this poison with a smile” “My eyes seek you…” “my arms yearn for you” “There’s anguish in my heart,
my eyes are moist…” “There’s anguish in my heart,
my eyes are moist…” “where have you gone, my love?” “Where have you gone away,
my love?” “Was it my heart or a mirror
that was shattered…” “Why has my loyalty
met with unfaithfulness?” “Why is there this separation
after our union?” “That luck did not favor me,
I do not regret” “I shall smile now, even if my
beloved has separated from me” “Whether you give me
your love or not…” “my heart is just a plaything” “There’s anguish in my heart,
my eyes are moist…” “There’s anguish in my heart,
my eyes are moist…” “where have you gone, my love?” “Where have you gone away,
my love?” “Was it my heart or a mirror
that was shattered…” “I walk an isolated path,
there is no goal in sight” “I’m just not myself.
What’s happening to me?” “O heart, you
have been toyed with” “But do not complain,
be content with what you have got” “Separation was the
goal of my love…” “and separation is what
I have got” “There’s anguish in my heart,
my eyes are moist…” “There’s anguish in my heart,
my eyes are moist…” “where have you gone, my love?” “Where have you gone away,
my love?” “Was it my heart or a mirror
that was shattered…” “ever since my sweetheart
has been angry with me?” “There’s anguish in my heart,
my eyes are moist…” “There’s anguish in my heart,
my eyes are moist…” “where have you gone, my love?” “Where have you gone away,
my love?” “Was it my heart or a mirror
that was shattered…” “Was it my heart or a mirror
that was shattered…” “Was it my heart or a mirror
that was shattered…” “Was it my heart or a mirror
that was shattered…” Tired, Dushyant? Take some rest. What are you thinking about? How many of my sorrows
can you do away with. As many as you want me to. Sorrow is part of one’s being. There are others at the party too. So why me alone? You… there’s only you, Dushyant. There can’t be anyone else. -Really? What’s so special about me? Tell me something, Nisha. If I wasn’t so well off… if I wasn’t such a big star… would you still have
treated me like this? Your fame and wealth
make no difference to me. I look only at you. I don’t know why… but I feel as if I’ve
heard these words before. Bye. Friends, Dushyant Kumar’s
latest album “Yaadein”… even before its release.
has been sold 300,000 copies And I’ve just received another
order for 200,000 cassettes. In the last 24 hours, this album has staked the right to
the Platinum Disc. And this is a new
record in the music industry. And thus,
I have called this press conference. You can talk to him when he arrives. Welcome, welcome. Please be seated. Please be seated. Give them some spicy answers. It’s part of the trade. Please be seated. Very good. When do you find the
time to practice singing? In the mornings or evenings. Don’t you have a private life then? My private life is very private. Is there someone you would like… to share your success with? There is no one. Please don’t mind this, Mr Dushyant. So you’re such a big star… don’t you think the public has
a right to every moment of yours? Every moment of
mine is only for me. No one else has any right to it. And get this very clear. If you think you wield
power with the pen… I have it all in my arms. Hey waiter. Yes sir. -See this glass? Make sure it’s never empty.
-Okay sir. Thank you,
Dushyant, thank you so much. I’m a reporter from
a women’s magazine. Sir, autograph please. Excuse me.
– Sure. – Cheers. The autograph is
for my daughter, sir. Thank you, thank you so much. On behalf of our readers, I have
a question for you, sir. It’s something every girl
would like to know. In your opinion,
how should a girl be? I mean, what’s your choice? His choice is right before you! You can even take a picture. But my choice is Jaya alone. Dushyant, I had only a house. You’ve made my dream come true! Well… at least someone’s dream
has come true. I’m feeling very cold. No thanks. I want to be drunk on your eyes. Hey! That’s bitter. The kick’s all here. Here, too. However, you… Oh, how beautiful. What’s etched on this…? Jadu? (magic) Whose is it? -The necklace? I don’t know whose necklace it is. Who wants it anyway? May I keep it? Really? Thank you! Go on. Put it around my neck. -No. Please. No. Please. I said no, didn’t I? Didn’t I…? Why are you so sad? Am I not here with you? What…? What did you say? I’ll always be with you. Will you… will you marry me? Dushyant. Take off your clothes. -Dushyant. Relations are all about sex. Everything else is an illusion. We can’t touch a girl… play with her… so, will you marry me? Will you sleep with me? I… I never ever want to wake up. Dushyant. Dushyant. You… please go out, sir. Guests aren’t allowed
in a nuptial-night. Only weak men spend their lives with cheap women, Dushyant. What can I do
if they’re getting cheap? Everyone puts a price on them. In the scales of wealth! But Dushyant.. If someone seeks wealth… someone else
craves physical relations. What’s wrong with
that, sir? Besides, Nisha really loves me. Nisha. One moment, sir. Let me give you the good news. I’m getting married to Nisha. Nisha means the nighttime, Dushyant. Try looking for her during the day. You’re a sensible boy anyway. Bye. Dushyant, here’s the draft of… the contract. Read it carefully. If you think it’s okay, I’ll have…
it typed on a stamped paper. Stamped paper? There’s no hurry. Neither of us is running away. Why must I read it
when you’re around, sir? No, Dushyant. Don’t do this. First you see the draft. Trusting me doesn’t mean you must
stop using your brains. Do you understand? Dushyant? Hello. Hi Dushyant. Papa’s here to meet you. My boy! You’ve made it! Handsome is as handsome does! Hello, hello. I’m Kamlesh. You…?
– Rajpal. Virendra Rajpal. Dhingra. Kamlesh Dhingra. My son, I have something… private to discuss with you. Man to man. Yes? -I told you, it’s private. Excuse me.
Everyone here is family. Nothing about me is hidden from sir. Go on. Since you sing,
you must be making money. Do you also invest it properly? You said it was something private. The whole world is
crazy about money. But I’m not interested in it. No…? Not even in your own money? I’m slain, I say! Mr Dhingra,
what are you trying to say? I say, Dushyant, I could double… your money. Even triple it! Like this! Invest once and… keep earning the rewards! I told you,
I’m just not interested in money. Forget it. Those who have the heart
to give it away they don’t back off. I was a fool
to let Nisha talk me into this. Everyone says,
“I don’t love money” But when it comes to parting with it,
forget it! One moment. Mr Dhingra… right? How much money do you want? 20 million, my son. Just 20 million. My new brand of television
has only to hit the market! One minute, Dushyant. Listen to his
proposal first and then decide. What’s there to listen to? It’s a profitable deal. Invest 20 million
and make 60 million! Guaranteed! I’m willing
to put that in writing! What are you thinking about? You can put that in writing? So go ahead and do it. Either you refund the
money or go bankrupt. What need for this formality? It’s a personal affair. They’re both my kids. Right, son? It isn’t about being personal. It’s about millions. And if you’re so confident. we might
never need this document at all. What’s up? You can
read and write, I hope? Oh yes. Give that to me. If it’s Jaya, give it to me. -Okay? Hello. -Hello. Is Dushyant there? This is Jaya here. Oh, just a minute. It’s Jaya! What am I to do? Who is it?
– My call. I don’t want to
lose this time, Sujit. Nisha, every attempt to seduce him
has been in vain. Now use your brains in such a way
that makes Jaya go away forever. She must never ever come back. Hello. -Yeah. Hello Jaya, this is Nisha here. Oh, hi Nisha. How nice to hear from you.
-Same here. Where are you calling from?
-From home. Is Dushyant there?
– No, but I’ll come and see you. Where are you going?
Finish the game first. It’s a call from Papa. I got to go, it’s very important. I’ll play the game with you,
Dushyant. Whether it’s Nisha or me, you’re
the one who’s going to lose anyway. Really? Let’s see. Guess who I met today? Jaya. What…? -Yes, I met Jaya. She’s here nowadays. She wants to meet you too. Where is she? I knew you would get agitated. Don’t play these games with me. I’m not the one
who’s playing games. Where is she? I’m sorry… you haven’t been able to tell
between a diamond and a pebble. I wanted to save you from
going to seed, Dushyant. I wanted to teach you to love…
– Cut the rubbish! Why hasn’t Jaya come to meet me? She will. But not to get carried
away with your songs. She’ll come to make
you account for your songs. She wants money. -What? She claims she has a big hand
to play in your success. She’s now coming to
claim a price for it. She wants a price? But she never gave me her heart. Give it to her. -Go on. Sinful times, my friend. You don’t get anything for free. Not even love. God! You’ve fulfilled my dream by
giving so much success to Dushyant. You have answered
my prayers, God. “The magic of your love,
sweetheart…” “The magic of your love,
sweetheart…” Hello Dushyant. How are you? Successful. So how did you
find this house of mine? It’s nice. You’ve built a very nice house. I had to. I was rendered
homeless by someone. Know what, Jaya? Bricks and cement
can build a house and its walls. But not a home. One can pay for
it with money or tears. And homes aren’t like doll houses. They aren’t built on the
foundation of phony idealism. Not are they sold cheap. Selling out reminds me. Dushyant… For you. You were right, Jaya. Dushyant is
a character of your making. If it wasn’t for you,
nothing would have been there. Nothing. You have all the right to this money. You have done me so many favors. All this has been given to me by you. And this is just what I wanted. Thank you. Thank you very much. Watch it, Jaya. You must be
careful with every step you take. Let me rid you of this burden. After all, I have
a duty to perform too. This innocence and
this lovely face… how can I give you any trouble? See you. Dushyant. Has she left? Yes, she has…
but… What? Dushyant, she said that if you could
arrange similar payment every month… Hello? Zalim Singh?
– Yes, speaking. I have a job for you. Will be done, sir. Strike while the iron is hot. Don’t worry about that, sir. Zalim is famous
for striking blows. But how about my reward? You’ll get it. My job has to do with integrity, sir. If I don’t get my reward… my intentions could
sour at any time. Sir, you get it, don’t you? What are you getting
worked up about? I said you’ll get
it, so you will. Okay? You were right, Jaya. Dushyant is
a character of your making. You have all the right to this money. You have done me so many favors. What could be the matter? Rahul hasn’t arrived yet. He is on the way. He should be here any moment, sir. Rahul, the police department is
proud of your investigative skills. This case took place
only two days ago. The industrialist Shekhar Behl’s
daughter… was sought to be
killed in a murderous… assault, it wasn’t an accident.
This file has all the papers. I want you to take
a look at it. -Yes. Sir, according to this,
Dushyant’s servant says… that when Jaya met Dushyant,
she seemed pretty cheerful. And when she left the place, she
appeared to be sad and upset. And she was said to be carrying
a bag on her way out. What could the bag have contained
that caused her to be so upset? Must’ve been something secret. If it was something secret
she’d have kept it in her car. But she left the car there
and set out on foot. What for? Maybe something
happened between Dushyant and Jaya that
made Jaya feel insulted. Maybe that is what caused
her to forget everything Yes, maybe Jaya attempted
suicide after feeling insulted. Even if we concede that
Jaya committed suicide… where is the bag which Jaya
set out with from Dushyant’s house? That bag must’ve contained
something precious… because of which
the murder was planned. In fact, we even suspect the people
who gave us news of this mishap. Jaya has a sister,
Sheetal, who studies abroad. We want to send you to her
to get some more clues. Okay sir. -Bye. Please come in, please. Oh, it’s so beautiful. Wow. Sorry. Excuse me. Mr. Rahul, this is your room. The bathroom’s over there,
and there’s the bedroom. Get ready.
I’ll come and pick you up later. Please. -Bye. Bye. -Thank you very much.
– Are you going? Yes, get ready. I’ll be back.
– Come soon. So cute. Give my purse to me. Sure. Why’re you yelling? Rahul, where is the bathroom? Over there. Can’t you say it with a smile? Excuse me, give me some
shampoo. Here you are. She’s always angry. May I go? Immediately. I’ll be back soon. Will you have something to eat or
will you just have a cold drink? Let’s sit over there. What do you want to eat? Look there! Hurry up and tell me. She’s the one. I’ll be back in a moment. Shit! I’m sorry. I’m very sorry. That’s okay. That’s okay. I’ll wash it for you… -No problem. It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m very sorry. -No, no, it’s okay. By the way, I’m Rahul. I’m Sheetal. -Lovely name. Very beautiful name. Sheetal. -Thanks. Hi. I’m Balbir. Sheetal. Are you going to stand here and talk? Let’s sit down and chat. Let’s sit there. -Okay. I have some friends with me. Why don’t you guys join us? Sure, why not? Hi. -Hi. Hi. They’re my friends. How are you? I also fine. This is Rahul, Balbir… Hi. This is Priya. -Hello. Hello. -Hi.
-And this is Kavita. What would you like to have? You tell me about yourself. No, you first. After all, ladies first. You tell us first. No way. You tell us first. We’re going to miss
the bus arguing like this! Hurry up. I’ve got to go
to the movies with my family I’ve also got to go. Let’s go. Okay, bye. -Bye. Hurry up. We are getting late. Our first step is complete. We must now telephone Sheetal
and give her our number. We could have given our number
even earlier, but we didn’t. So let’s prepare to
leave on the mission. Yes! Dilip, where the hell are you?
Come here! Don’t forget the gooseberry jam
with the silver foil. Go on. A few days of merriment. What do
you need the silver foil for? For the money you
took away from Jaya? What? Wow! Early in the day! You’ve got to work so hard. And what do you get? This necklace? This necklace is my victory. Oh come on, Nisha.
Whom are you fooling? Whether it’s a golden
necklace or a garland… it’s fun only when someone
personally puts it around your neck. Poor Nisha! You could plunge
into despair soon! Mr. Sujit, Dushyant is marrying me. Sujit! You’re a snake in the grass! Congratulations. Nisha, you’ve blackened
Jaya’s face and… prepared bridal fineries
for yourself! I needn’t worry about anything now. You won’t forget your friend, I hope? I will forget nothing. But let me become
Mrs. Dushyant first. In any case, Sujit
is another name for victory. And why not? As someone
has rightly said… “As a friend, I have learnt,
never to be loyal” Sujit is now going to be known
for defeat, not victory! “Memories, your memories…” “Memories, your memories…” “Memories, your memories…” “Memories, your memories…” “make it difficult for me to
spend these moments of separation” “I just can’t spend these
moments of separation from you” “Your memories come back to me…” “memories, your memories” “memories, your memories” “memories, your memories” “Whenever the Sun glowed saffron…” “this distance between us
gnawed at my heart” “Whenever the Sun glowed saffron…” “this distance between us
gnawed at my heart” “this distance between us
gnawed at my heart” “When birds return
to their nests…” “I am reminded of you…” “memories, only your memories” “Memories, your memories” “Memories, your memories” “The flowers still have
the same fragrance…” “the weather still wields
the same magic” “The flowers still have
the same fragrance…” “the weather still wields
the same magic” “the weather still wields
the same magic” “That you aren’t in my arms…” “causes me sigh in agony” “Your memories come back to me…” “memories, your memories” “Memories, your memories” “Memories, your memories” “I just can’t spend these
moments of separation from you” “Your memories come back to me…” “memories, your memories” “Memories, your memories” “Memories, your memories” “Memories, your memories” “Memories, your memories” Jaya… where are you? Dushyant, where have
your friends gone? Oh my god! You look terrible. What’s the matter? Tell me… I’m here. I… I’ve lost Jaya forever, sir. I have caused her so much of pain. How she must’ve wept! I’ve fallen in my
own esteem today, sir. What are you talking about? Do you know… why she suddenly walked
out of my life, sir? Because I loved music
more than I loved her. something in the world of music… she went to the extent
of destroying herself. She sacrificed herself for
the sake of her love. I got all the fame… but she got only hatred from me I… I’ll never be
able to forgive myself. I’m the one who
must seek forgiveness. From both of you. I had gone to meet Jaya. To tell her that
you weren’t behaving… as an artist ought to behave. And that you might perhaps
never achieve success. I had no idea that she would
take such a major decision. Quietly, all alone… without any grievance… She’s really a great girl, Dushyant. You don’t get such
love even if you ask for it. And what I got without asking,
I have spurned! That’s because you were ignorant.
– No! She had come back to me! And you know what I did? I gave money to her! And when her
father came to see me. I humiliated him and
drove him away! I didn’t even ask how Jaya was,… how she was managing. Where is she?
– Wherever her soul is… she loves you very much, Dushyant. Yes. What more proof can she give…
of her love for you? All this is part of a conspiracy
hatched by Sujit and Nisha! What haven’t I done for them…? And they snatched Jaya from me! Please cancel the charity show, sir. I’ve got to fix the two of them. Dushyant, listen to me. Don’t cancel the charity show. Just get ready to leave. I promise you… I’ll drive Nisha and her father… out of your life for good.
I promise you. Hello. -Hello Sheetal? Is that Rahul? What are you doing? Waiting and pining. For whom? You’ve already forgotten? I didn’t think you would. Maybe promises are
made to be forgotten. No, Sheetal. I did what I could. But attempts are successful
and promises are broken. Remember? You promised to call
at 7 and it’s 8:30 now. I know I’m late. I’m sorry. So when are we meeting? Anytime you want to. Tomorrow at 11? Sure. But where? Your city. You tell me. How about the poolside? Okay, Sheetal… by the poolside at eleven tomorrow.
Take care, bye. Hi Sheetal. -Hi Raj. You are looking so beautiful
today.- Really? Okay Guess what I got for you?
-What? Two tickets for today
evening show. Tell me where we can meet? Today’s show? -Yes. But today I can’t come. -Why? You go with your friends. You have some other plans? -Yes. Yesterday Rahul called me,
and I’m going to meet him. Do one thing, go with your friend. But I have planned
to see with you. Then we will go afterwards. lf you can’t go then
I’m also not going. You have a tickets, so go for
it, why are you wasting. These tickets have no value
if you are not there. Hey Raj, are you angry? No.- Then what is this? I remember something. -What? Every man is having many
means inside him. -What? Every man is having many
means inside him.. ..if you want to see someone.. ..see many times. What do you mean? Don’t be hurry. You go, Rahul will be waiting
for you. -Thank you Raj. Bye. -Bye. Yes. Sheetal, I knew you
wouldn’t be angry with me. But what could I do? I had to practice my singing… and I didn’t want to telephone you
and disturb you, you know. You understand, right? Beautiful. What a lovely place! By the way, Sheetal… will you tell me something? -What? If you have to choose
your life-partner… what would your choice be?
– You tell me first. What would your choice be like? “She, with the soft breath…” “lowered gaze…” “a lovely name…” “belonging to the clan
of the bewitching nights…” “her religion, the moist breeze…” “and her abode:
the shower of Spring” Wow! You’re a poet apart
from being a singer! But the best poetry must’ve been… inspired by a beautiful
girl like you. Really?
– By the way Sheetal. Will you tell me something? -What? What is your choice in men? My choice? It’s very different. The mere thought of
him does things to me. What things? Tell me. Where will I start the story? And where will I end it? Make a beginning. The end will be dealt with. My choice would put
even nature to shame. “When he comes before me,..” “there will be a
fragrance in the air.” “When he comes before me,..” “The weather will change.” “Love overflows…” “destiny smiles upon me” “When you are with me…” “even the weather
becomes enchanting” “Love overflows…” “destiny smiles upon me” “Whenever you are with me…” “You are the only one
my eyes behold…” “how could I look
at anything else?” “Awake or asleep…” “you are the only one
my eyes are for” “you are the only one
my eyes are for” “To an ignorant traveler…” “you have shown his goal” “You are the one I am
known for…” “O sweetheart” “Whenever you are with me…” “Come closer and listen…” “my heart beats only for you” “You are the one
I now worship” “You are the one I always
look forward to meet, my love” “If love is a fire…” “it is also soothing dew” “If love is a wound…” “love is also the balm” “When you are with me…” “even the weather
becomes enchanting” “Love overflows…” “destiny smiles upon me” “When you are with me…” “even the weather
becomes enchanting” “Love overflows…” “destiny smiles upon me” “When he comes before me,..” Sheetal, Come back. I’m not in your thoughts. Oh Rahul, you know who is he? Who? You. -What, me? Me? -Yes. I love you Sheetal. -Rahul. I love you. I love you Sheetal Raj. Hi Raj. -Hi. Raj, you are here?
-How are you Sheetal? Fine.
-I have some work here. -What? Come on dude. How are you? -Fine. -Rahul. What happened? -Nothing. You told me about your love. Can’t you feed me your
favourite food? Why not? With pleasure. Today I feel treat you here’s
traditional dish. What you say Raj? You are coming right? As you. -I think he is having some
work today, some other day. Bye Rahul.
Bye Sheetal. -Bye. -Bye. Wonderful lunch you’ve
treated me to. It was fun. Excuse me, sir.
– Yes. Anything else, sir?
– No. Thanks. Check please.
– Yes sir. That’s okay. You can treat
me to lunch some day. Certainly. By the way, where do you live? Papa bought a bungalow
for me at Jubilee Hills. That’s where I live. Would you like to see it? If you’d like to show me,
why wouldn’t I want to see it? Who else lives with you? I live all alone. How about your parents Mummy
died when I was still a child. And Papa lives in Mumbai. Any brothers or sisters? I had a sister.
– Had…? She’s no more.
– What happened? An accident.
– Accident? What accident? That’s a long story. Even I haven’t been able to figure
out what actually happened. One day… I’m shattered, Rahul. I’m all alone. I feel as if I’ve been orphaned. There’s no one
I can love or be close to. My Papa is still
there, but he’s drowned in grief. We have such a huge
business empire… I’m scared of
an accident at all times. Sheetal, stop crying Shall we…? Hello. For whom you are waiting? Rahul, I called him. In the Function? -Yes. But how can he come in function?
-Why not? Rahul is my friend,
and a good singer. Rahul, Rahul, Rahul every time
you chant Rahul’s name. He is not having any manner,
he is useless. Whatever, but we have relation..
-What relation? I.. -You love him? Yes. – Leave your love and
let’s go to function. What..? Thank you, Ladies and gentlemen.. every year this
year we are.. ..celebrating annual function. But this year something
different.. ..Punjabi act,
our artists are going to present. What I say about his voice. I can say that.. ..My voice is my Identity.. ..when I am silent, I’m loud. “Your love is killing me.” “My heart is restless.” “Your love is killing me.” “My heart is restless.” “What should do now,
tell me my Love.” “I’m in love. I’m in love.” “Your love is killing me.” “My heart is restless.” “What should do now,
tell me my Love.” “I’m in love. I’m in love.” “Your love is killing me.” “I know you are stud.” “Every girls is crazy for you.” “Trust me all girls
are dishonest.” “If you say I can die for you.” “My love, O my love.” “My love, O my love.” “In day he did not meet me.” “In night he there my sleep.” “He is making me restless.” “I stay with pillow.” “In day he did not meet me.” “In night he there my sleep.” “He is making me restless.” “I stay with pillow.” “Listen to my heart my love.” “I’m in love. I’m in love.” “Your love is killing me.” “Always my bangles
are making noise.” “Come and fist my arms.” “Slowly slowly my armaments move,
I can’t control it.” “What else I tell you.” “O my love, my love.” “O my love, my love.” “Yellow mustard grows in farm.” “Green scarf is flying in air.” “It came along with the youth.” “Come with me alone” “Yellow mustard grows in farm.” “Green scarf is flying in air.” “It came along with the youth.” “Come with me alone” “Agree one time my love,
just one time.” “I in your love. I in your love.” “Your love is killing me.” This is a strange predicament. Who could be my enemy here? They’re all my friends. But what has
wealth to do with friendship? Kamlesh is my friend,
but if he lives… I can’t remain alive. He should be eliminated first. Kamlesh will have to be eliminated.
And how about poor Nisha…? She loves money too, which is why she
has ensnared Dushyant in her trap. But if Nisha
can deceive Dushyant,… why can’t I betray both of them? After all, I was born wise. Nisha will have to be eliminated. Dushyant, my friend, you have
earned… enough fame and money. But I’ll have to
find a quicker way out for you. Before that, I’ll have to do something
about your secretary, Rajpal. Until he’s with you, no one
can do any harm to you. I need to make a death document
of that scoundrel. Two hands and so
many necks to wring? How will I kill all of them? But how will I get rich if
I don’t kill them? Get rich, I must. Friendship and getting rich. How does one
live up to both these things? But live up, I’ll have to. Because, Sujit is
another name for victory. Fax for you, Mr Rahul. From the Commissioner’s office. What does it say? Another murder. One murder after another. The press and the
home ministry are… mounting pressure on
our department. I can’t figure this out… what am I going to do? By the way, I have
spoken to the music company. Dushyant’s arriving by this evening’s
flight. He’ll put up at Hotel Plaza. Excuse me.
– Yes sir. Can I meet Mr Dushyant? Do you have an
appointment? -Yes, I do. What is your name? Rahul. Hold on, sir.
– Okay, madam. Sir, Rahul is here. He has an
appointment with Mr Dushyant. Send him over. I’ll see him in the room outside. Okay.
– Okay, sir. Thank you. Mr Rajpal is Mr Dushyant’s secretary. He’ll see you in Room No 401. Thanks.
– Go. My name is Rahul and
this is my colleague Balbir. Nice to meet you.
– Yes sir. Please have sit.
– Thank you, sir. Well? What is it?
– We wish to meet Mr Dushyant. Dushyant is busy preparing
for an upcoming program. But what did you
want to meet him for? Actually, I’m a singer, sir. And I really love the
way Dushyant sings. So you’re a singer? Dushyant really appreciates
new talent. If he takes a liking to your talent,
I’m sure he will encourage you. Thank you, sir. In that case, can we hope to
meet Mr Dushyant tomorrow? Give me a call tomorrow. I’ll let you know. Thank you.
– Have a nice day. Thanks a lot.
– Bye-bye. Thank you sir. As per the Commissioner’s orders,
I’ll made all the arrangements. The phones in Dushyant’s
room and Rajpal’s… apart from their
cell-phones have been tapped. Very good, Balbir.
Very good. Now stick to the plan. If he goes out and
talks to someone,… we must get know. Well-done, Balbir. Rahul here, sir. -What news, Rahul? How far have you
got with the investigation? I met Sheetal, but there wasn’t… much I could out of her, sir. How about Dushyant? As per your instructions… Balbir and I went
to the music company. What information have you got on
programs the rest of Dushyant’s? His next program is being
held this Sunday, sir. And I have talked about
participating in it, sir. Okay very good. It’s been a very long time, sir. We’ve pinned all
our hopes on Rahul. But there’s no result
in the case yet. No.. no, Inspector.
That’s not only case. Rahul is an efficient officer. He has joined Dushyant’s group and
has started rehearsing with him. I’m sure he will find a clue
in the next couple of days. If we get a break-through… we will be rid of the pressure from
the media and the home ministry. At the moment, we’re all ears
to what Rahul has to say to us. Scoundrel! Rascal! I’m yearning for my Jaya. To avenge her death… I have come to you today. Sujit. Hello, Dushyant! Why do you use
such outdated perfumes? Totally out of fashion. I’ll send Abdul and
get you the latest collection. Right today. You do take very
good care of me, my friend. Must you offend me like this? Where were you all day? Who do I have except you? And who I have except you? Know what? I feel like saluting
the place we met all over again. Let’s go back to that place
and drink like we did. I’d go anywhere for you. You just have to name it. “I’ve had just a bit to drink…” “I’ve committed no theft…” Who’s that…? Stop there! Don’t you know who I am? I’m Sujit And Sujit is
another name for victory. No one can defeat me. Who the hell is
this that beats Sujit…? What’s the matter, Sheetal? You look very sad today. But there’s nothing of the kind. I can understand, Sheetal. You’re going to watch
Dushyant’s show. You must surely be missing Jaya. You know.. My sister really loved me, Rahul. Know what?
– What? As a famous poet said… “The past is the past” “Let bygones be bygones” Sheetal! Sheetal! Sorry. Sorry. Why feel sorry? I ought to say thanks to you. Don’t know when Dushyant will man?
-Its too late. Too late. When will program stats?
He is not having punctuality. It happened last time also,
what a big deal. After all Dushyant
is a star singer. Shut up. -shut up. -Now what sir? Dushyant is mine.
And he is always be mine. I will stay with Dushyant,
you all just see. Has Dushyant arrived? -Not yet. Hey Raj! You, here? A connoisseur is where beauty is. Balbir, I and Renee are going
for the make-up. Take Sheetal, Raj and Kanu inside. After the show, it is imperative
that Sheetal meets Dushyant. I’ll manage that. Very good, Balbir.
Very good. Dushyant can explain certain things.
– Let’s see. Let’s go.
– Yes. Kamlesh, your death is near. At hand. Death and wealth are unpredictable You never know when
they change hands. So enjoy, Kamlesh. Enjoy. Tomorrow is your
birthday, so celebrate it. Celebrate it! You are only imagining things. Nothing is wrong with you, Kamlesh. You are fine. Yes, I am fine. Wish you happy birthday, sir.
– Thank you. Enjoy yourself. Happy birthday sir.
– Thank you very much, please. Wish you many many happy
returns of the day sir. – Thank you. Enjoy yourself. Zalim Singh…? How come he’s here? Who invited him? Many happy returns of the day. Seth, won’t you settle the accounts? Then I’ll buy you a bouquet. Won’t you settle the accounts? Done, Zalim Singh. Carry on. Insolence. Doesn’t even realize what party to attend and what not. How dare he sits on my sofa! “When I sway my slender waist,
I make hearts race…” “When I sway my slender waist,
I make hearts race…” “I can goad men to war” “By God, I can shake the government” “By God, I can shake the government” “When I sway my slender waist,
I make hearts race…” “I can goad men to war” “By God, I can shake the government” “By God, I can shake the government” “Bareilly is a town next to mine” “I’m a virgin, raring to go” “Bareilly is a town next to mine” “I’m a virgin, raring to go” “Let’s see who has the guts
to touch me” “I dare to stay alone in Mumbai” “I can even topple a wall
with my gaze” “By God” “By God, I can shake
even the government” “By God, I can shake
even the government” “Mine is the speed of lightning” “I’m as sprightly as the butterfly” “Mine is the speed of lightning” “I’m as sprightly as the butterfly” “I’m a devastating beauty” “So think before you tease me” “If I lose my temper,
I even set water on fire” “Good Lord” “By God, I can shake
even the government” “By God, I can shake
even the government” “First you seduce,
then you slip away…” “you reveal everything
but your heart” “First you seduce,
then you slip away…” “you reveal everything
but your heart” “My heart is for the one
who loves me” “For the one who has love for me
in his eyes” “The moments of separation…” The moments of separation. “The moments…” “of separation…” “The moments of separation,
I shall do away with in a trice” “By God, I can shake
even the government” “By God, I can shake
even the government” “When I sway my slender waist,
I make hearts race…” “I can goad men to war” “By God, I can even
shake the government” “By God, I can shake
even the government” “By God, I can shake
even the government” “By God, I can shake
even the government” Hello! Hello! Why don’t you talk? Hello! Sujit is dead. Nisha is gone Death is hovering above me. I will be killed too. You never know when Death strikes. Someone will kill me too. Someone will kill me too. Papa here, Sheetal. Yes Papa? Am I disturbing you? Nothing of that sort. Tell me, Papa. I’m very tensed, dear. What’s the matter, Papa? My child… your uncle Kamlesh,… my business partner… he passed away. Uncle Kamlesh passed away? But how, Papa? No idea, dear. Someone murdered him I guess. But who would murder uncle Kamlesh? It’s not ascertained yet, dear. My child, I’m very scared. I’ll confirm my tickets the day after
and return to Mumbai. Okay, Papa? But dear, where are you now? I’m going home after
watching Dushyant in concert. What…? Dushyant in concert? Yes, Papa. But I couldn’t meet him. Why not?
– He’s unwell. He’s taking the morning flight
to Mumbai tomorrow. What time is he arriving?
– No idea, Papa. That’s all I know.
– My child… you’re coming home, aren’t you? We’ll talk later. Okay papa, bye. Kamlesh was murdered? How did it happen? You knew uncle Kamlesh?
– Well… yes, I knew him. I had met him regarding
the sponsorship of our show. Yes Rahul?
– Sir, I hear… Nisha’s father
Mr Kamlesh has been murdered. I haven’t been informed yet. Who told you?
– I’ll tell you later, sir. Please call Mr. Ahuja and get
a confirmation about the murder. I’ll call you after half-hour. Rahul, the commissioner hasn’t
called yet. It’s past half-hour. He should be
calling any moment, Renee. There! Yes sir. Rahul, I just
received this information. Kamlesh was high on liquor. The assassin stabbed him from behind. But how did you find out? Sir, I’ll give you the details later. Dushyant must be
reaching Mumbai now. He’s coming to
Mumbai? Why? He still had a couple of shows to do. He suddenly took ill. And the shows were cancelled. And sir, please organize security
for him at the earliest. Security for him? What for? I think
he’s the one who’s doing all this. No sir. Dushyant is not the real assassin. I’ve got some
clues about the real one. And our mission will soon be over.
-When are you coming? The day after. See you in your office
in the morning at ten sharp. Hello. Hi Rahul. What is it?
Why so late in the night? Sorry for the disturbance.
– It’s okay. It’s okay. I’m also flying with you
to Mumbai the day after, Sheetal. Really? Wow! You really mean it? Really Rahul, I am very happy. Okay. Sweet dreams. Love you.
Bye. What’s happened to the
Jaya murder investigation? Sir, after Jaya a couple
of rich people were also murdered. Why is the police
so sluggish on these cases? Sir, if murders keep happening
at this rate… what is the guarantee that
the common man is safe? It is certainly rendering the
police ineffective. People are terror-struck. They have no faith
in the police anymore. We understand your problem very well. But we don’t have
a magic wand that… can help us
get to the killer at once. We’re doing our job perfectly,
and we… want the press and
public to cooperate. We’ll give you the results very soon. At the next press conference,
I’ll brief you in detail. Papa, I’m here. Papa. You’re here, dear. What is the matter, Papa? You look so listless. You were worried on the phone. You’re still worried. What’s wrong with you? Nothing dear… nothing at all. Go and freshen up,
dear, we’ll talk at leisure. Okay, Papa What’s this? All this? With Papa? Sheetal, my dear… -Papa… what’s all this?
– Where did you find them? Put them inside.
– First tell me, what’s all this? Please don’t argue with me, Sheetal. Don’t ask me questions
that I cannot answer. Put them inside. Excuse me…?
Where do you think you are going? Listen to me… Mr. Shekhar. You are under arrest. Usually the police
arrive after the damage is done. You are really, smart. You can have
your say at the police station. There’s nothing left
to say, inspector. Yes,
there’s a desire that’s left undone. After committing a string of murders? An undone
desire? To kill the real assassin. The real assassin? Who is it? Mr. Dushyant Kumar. Dushyant? He’s innocent. He must be innocent in your eyes. But in my eyes, Dushyant Kumar is a murderer. Let’s go, Mr Shekhar. Is Dushyant safe, inspector? He is okay. Master… -Move it Master! Inspector, let my master go. He’s an angel, don’t arrest him.
– Kadam, handle him. Arrest me in his stead,… but let my master go. I beg of you. Get lost! -Please let my master go I beg of you, inspector! Please let my master go. Let’s go. The sandalwood must part
with its fragrance, Dushyant. Jaya only belonged to you. I know,… you won’t be able to get over her. It’s true. Thank you sir. For what? Everything. “Your memories come back to me…” “memories, your memories” “memories, your memories” “memories, your memories” “make it difficult for me to
spend these moments of separation” “Your memories come back to me…” “memories, your memories” “memories, your memories” “memories, your memories”

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