Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai – Ep 497 – Full Episode – 16th August, 2019

Do you remember
how I used to look at you from here
at the cycle stand? And the cycle that you
gave me.. I gave it to Preeti
in rage but I did not want to. No matter what you say.. You looked so handsome
when you arrived on a bike. And.. Where is Sameer? You both have not changed
even a bit. The story of your bikes would not be complete
with this motorbike and hence.. It is the same bike,
right? Where did you get it? Munna bought it
after I left. It was difficult to find. It was expensive
but we have so many memories with this bike
so we bought it. Do not worry
about where we got it from. We will go to school
on this and make a grand
entrance. You will still get punished
for doing that. I am ready to be punished
by you. Nice! Let us get
to Mr. Lochan. What are you doing? What are you doing? What is going on? Do better, it must
look dazzling. Just like us. It should feel, it has been
50 years of the school. Who are you? Who are we?
Us? Both of us? Go and ask Mr. Lochan
about Munna and Pandit! He will tell you
who we are. What are you looking at? Well, let us tell you. We are your seniors. You do not get it? Listen to me, well. Just leave from here. Get some snacks
and soda for us. Stop!
Stop! Stop!
– Stop! Go and put up balloons. We’ll get the snacks
ourselves. Listen to me, Munna. Let us go to canteen. We have so many memories
in our canteen. Let us go and sit there
and eat fresh snacks and have some soda. We have to pay up
the bill. Do you remember something? How can I ever
forget that? I was punished to stand out
of my class and then I used
to come looking for you. Hello! Where are you all lost? We were there as well.
Try remembering us a bit! If you wish to remember
the good old days then let us do it together. Truly said. Back then you folk never
left Sameer alone. Everything is incomplete
without you. Come.
– Come on. We had such good memories.
Come on. Do you remember
Ms. Chandni? Did she leave the school? We do not know.
Naina, you were no less. Do you remember
when you saw us smoking on the roof? We were so scared. We thought you would
tell the principal but you never exposed us. Why did you do that, Naina? Some things happen, Sameer.
You will not get it. Some things happen! Sameer, Naina!
– A lot happens! Let us go. Love is grand.
– A lot happens! You cannot keep anything
from us. Did you not get the same
dish in your lunch today? I never thought I would
say it but today I remember
that lunch we brought. Do you remember
how Swati ran after Sameer? Preeti, not just Swati.
Even I chased him. But Naina scored him.
Quite a smart one. She is still smart. Stop it now. I am telling the truth. I knew about you
and Sameer after so long. Leave it all be.
Look over there. Chalk. ‘No matter
how old we get.’ ‘Or how many children
we have!’ ‘When we are with friends with whom we played as kids’ ‘it all seems as if we have
never grown up.’ ‘Playing that game
in the school that day’ ‘we felt as the same kids
playing in school days.’ ‘Who were in school
few years’ back. ‘For a few moments
we lost all our worries’ ‘and turned into kids.’ Look at you there. You have gotten
quite fat. You are fat as well. It seems your wife
is looking after you. I can say the same
for your husband. I am telling you all. No one will speak
of getting married. Here I am a bachelor.
Are you not ashamed, girls? I will be fine with anyone
once you set me up. This is how girls are. They do not care
for us. Is that so? We do not care
for anyone? He is right.
You only bother us. You always do. You are no less. You are very annoying. Do you ever listen to us? You never do
what you are told. She says I am annoying. You never gave us
a chance to do anything. You never do anything right
so why bother asking? You never want us
to do as we please. You always do
as you like. But you never do well. ‘Even you must have
complained in school days’ ‘about waking up
in the morning’ ‘and going to assembly line.’ ‘About polishing shoes.’ ‘But after you grow up
and visit your school.’ ‘You remember the dawn,
the books, uniform’ ‘and the inkpot
along with the shoes!’ ‘And it seems that
we did not value those moments’ ‘and that day we all
tried to relive school days.’ ‘And we all wanted
time to stop there’ ‘and we could back
to those good old days.’ Guys, we have grown
so much. One is handling a business
and one is writing a show. People have kids now. Time has changed. Yes, but I do miss
the good old days. Yes, I often think
that we could be together so we can chat
and spend time. We can only hear
over the phone. I wish we could see
our friends anytime we want. To see what the other person
is doing. It would be so much fun. So what if we cannot
talk everyday we can still miss
each other. And to keep remembering
each other I have brought something. Friendship bands. How are you all?
Hello! Hello! Hello, Mr. Lochan! Yes! Easy there! Do not shout! I am the Principal now. Sir, come on! You are the same old
Mr. Lochan for us. One that wrote poems. Sir, that calls for a poem. Yes, please, sir.
Sir! Not today.
– Come on. Bring it on. Here I go.. It is not strange
to say they are dimwits. It is not strange
to say they are dimwits. Yet, I see them as adults
and not as those kids! Sir, this is cheating. No, sir.
Something in your style. You said it like
the old principal. Fine. Kids come and go
in the school. And once the comeback. We are so proud to see them succeed. I have been here
for so very long. You all know that well. But your batch has brought
great honour to the school and no other batch
performed so well. You all have become great
in life. Pandit is a businessman. Kaamya runs an NGO. Preeti runs a family. And some have become great writers. Like Naina and Sameer!
– Like Naina and Sameer! Well said.
– Okay, wait a second. Sir, today is a special day
for the school. So, let’s do
something special. Yes. Munna, we have not prepared
to do something special. Sameer, when have we
prepared for anything so far? We would pass
without preparations. Similarly, we will perform
without any preparations today. So, shall we begin? Yes.
– Come on. Let’s do it. New song! ‘There is a belief’ ‘that our mind grows younger
as we grow older.’ ‘Our story began
when the movie’ ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’
had released.’ ‘As the world changed,
the movies also changed.’ ‘The world had reached
from ‘Hum Aapke Hai Koun’ ‘to ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’.’

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