Yellow Room Recording Presents… The Novelists "Soul Sucker"

this is peterotica and live from the yellow room these are the novelists in the lifetime long gone there you were my saving grace ready to burn down this place dropping plans and laying frame this could only be the best dropping names to pass the test we see them calling out your name take me place in the Sun before I handed you my soul and it can't hear the name it came up on me it a shadow but this town is no sign to me someday but it goes so fast thank you now free at last can you kill do you see gone adaption a to the ground I'll be lost to you but my son can't hear them calling out your name smell like worn-out shoes ecology but and anytime can see you though tangey you tell me about the song salsa so soul sucker is a song that basically was written about somebody who was kind of helping me out with my career I guess you could say musically and such or was supposedly helping me out but this person turned out to be kind of a pain kind of a hindrance actually and in a major sort of way and I guess maybe that's not the most specific he's in the mob like it's Elvis no no that'sthat's pretty much that's that's the story that's the story he made me very very angry he ya really put me in a bad spot for a long time so I wrote a song about him it's called soul sucker there are much worse forms of revenge you can there are yeah we're gonna trip we're gonna start with you and how successful the song echoes yeah so so basically you just have to have a huge hit with it and people will want to know what it's about yeah and then I can talk about it and I'll have enough money to hire a bodyguard exactly names or a lawyer named yeah or a law your bodyguard oh that would be amazing cool you guys have approach to touring that you call what do you college presidents worrying is what we Ya it seems to me I don't think we came up with that term but that is what we call it right yeah yeah well what is it residency touring particularly Megan and I did a lot of touring just around looping the country I was at about 300,000 miles of that and then just went how what is the point of this playing fit you you go out and you do 50 dates to ten people each when you're playing these coffee houses and stuff in 50 cities you can't possibly promote that all alone well go back or go back up yeah yeah Tommy markets just a few and stay in that market for a while stay there for a week try to get like a big show really really stay in the town promote it sort of try to become a local you know go go to people's no know what the city's like you know like get to six markets Thank You Joel now what are the six Portland Portland Seattle in the northwest and then we're thinking we've been spending a lot of time in the Front Range Denver Boulder Fort Collins said that that would be one market for us down to Albuquerque over to Phoenix over to San Diego and then we don't really count our home markets because we can't do the same approach there the whole point of it is to get to know get to know people and have B be available for opportunities like this where you're not when you show up two hours before Mic Check play show and then we've sleeping if you know we want to meet the pizza you know who do the same thing that we do right and be inspired by each other and show swap come down to Reno it's becoming quite a fun little place so you know what can I set out yeah absolutely absolutely well I'm glad you're in town thank you so much these are the novelist's

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