Yesika Salgado Recites “The Hunger” | Amorcito | Fierce by mitú

Hello, my name is Yesika Salgado. I talk about hunger a lot
because I feel that Latinas, If you don’t eat when
you go to your parents or your parents friend’s
house, it’s offensive. It’s like I cooked this for you. Whenever I would visit
any of my aunts or uncles, they would always have my favorite things on the table for me. And then when you do eat the food and your body starts to react
to it and you gain weight, then it becomes the question
of how dare you be fat. So, you’re always apologizing
for your love for something that you’re suppose to love. I use to always have to ask
every new man I was dating, And that’s why I wrote Fat Girl Wants Love because I felt that Because I thought that that’s the only way Sometimes, they are not the same thing. Sometimes they are. He tells me he loves me. He doesn’t have a name. He has too many names. See his mouth. See his bedroom. See the way I smile when he
lets my hand go in public. I remember I was alone. I remember the time I
threw up all my fast food in a shopping mall bathroom. I was alone. I remember the time I shoved
my fingers down my throat. I remember I failed. I remember I wanted to die. I remember when he kissed
another woman in front of me. How I looked at her body. How I wanted her too. There is a joke here. My uncle said they needed When no one was watching. It’s okay. I don’t watch myself all the time either. I cry during my lunch break at work. I ate ice cream on my way home. Someone rubs my bath on an open mic things that say watch me. Say come here. Say wear me like a ribbon. A feather in your hat. Something sweet on your lips. I forget with who. I say myself and most of the time, (ambient music)

76 thoughts on “Yesika Salgado Recites “The Hunger” | Amorcito | Fierce by mitú

  1. I love her! With her words she breaths air into me! Her poems are even better when she recites them. ❤️

  2. Wow, that really sums all of it in one go. It’s sad that in Latino culture food is such a staple to any gathering but the moment we start gaining weight from it all it becomes “our” fault. This was beautiful!

  3. Such powerful words. I never say this but most probably I will buy the book. 💝

  4. Hahahahahhahah damn blood I think I'm going to hell cuz this shit was funny ass fuck to me

  5. I love her so much ❤️❤️she speaks about the inner feelings of what I have gone through as a bigger girl and a Latina.

  6. pretend this in spoken word
    I am in love… with u, Yesika
    You are brilliant, vibrant, so damn beautiful😢❤❤❤

  7. How long till she has heart, blood pressure, diabetic issues etc? If she doesn't already have those issues. Not sorry but girl, get off your self pitty and drop some stone. I like thick but that is too much if I have to roll you in flour to find the wet spot.

  8. I just saw her yesterday in Chicago. It was such an amazing experience. She is so wonderful.

  9. This is amazing. Speak your truth. You inspire women everywhere, including myself. ❤️

  10. Omg this is amazing shes amazing 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤

  11. This poem is so beautiful and strong. I felt so related to everything she wrote.
    Thanks Yesika you're amazing.

  12. Though I can support the sentiment behind the poem, the poem itself is kinda garbage. Thought experiment: if you had no background information on the author, and it was transcribed onto paper, what aesthetic qualities of merit could you point out? I would hazard a guess and say not many…

  13. I love Yesika Salgado's poetry. her ability to grasp the complexities that revolve around being a fat, latina woman is something i am grateful for; she gave words to the feelings i thought i was alone in. love that y'all made this collaboration with her and i hope you continue to make more

  14. Thank you Yesika for representing a group of women who too often isn’t. ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Stop promoting obesity like it’s ok, if you want to be fat cool do it but don’t prance around like it’s ok to be unhealthy because you don’t want to tell your family that their poor eating habits aren’t something you want to indulge in. Being fat is the easiest laziest thing any human can do and on top of that you pity yourself. Good role model.

  16. The first part of her video, it needs to be expanded on. Mexico became #1 in obesity because of our culture. I am unapologetic on not eating as much as our family wants us too, I'd rather be looked down upon than have medical issues down the line.

  17. She is powerful ! I absolutely love this ♥️ you inspire me to love myself! I felt this way so long and still do and you’re positive vibes are contagious. Never stop sharing your voice or your story. I can relate. Keep it coming girl!!! ♥️ xoxo 💋

  18. Saw this in snap chat on public stories, was saying to myself going to swip to next story. Then the poem started before I did so. This was awesome. The way you expressed yourself made me feel and taste what you go through. Very awesome. Keep doing ya thing girl.✊

  19. Comon girl you're really young and you can most definitely drop a couple all that weight. I'm not saying this to be mean. You actually remind me of my mom. I grew up with an overweight mother who never found the motivation to take care of herself. Idk if you've ever seen the movie called "what's eating gilbert grape". I often felt like I was the only person who knew she had a weight problem, while everyone would make me feel retarded if I ever pointed it out. I even got my as beat for telling her to stop eating because she was too fat. I understand is easier said than done, however, there's no easy or nice way to say it either. (Just Do it!!!) The sooner you lose weight, the sooner you realize you're doing it for something bigger than yourself, you're doing it for everyone that loves and cares about you, your health and well being. Diabetes is a serious disease that no-one wants to live with. Note: This has nothing to do with dicriminating nor hating overweight people, it's about healthy eating and exercising so you can live longer than 40. Being overweight or "Fat" isn't a joke anymore not even to "Gabriel Iglesias"

  20. she's fishing for compliments. Like stop and go WORKOUT and stop complaining about being fat because you're not fat you are OBESE! I don't understand how people can boost a cows self esteem when they know thats not ok. All these want to to be fat role models… one thing about this video thats true is that you are hungry

  21. woohoo! Yet another poem about being FAT! It is all she knows. Does she have anything else in that fat head of hers to talk about?

  22. why dont you show some self control and take a walk next time god damn

  23. How'd I get here? Gross. Literally every one of her problems would be fixed with less fried food and more movement.

  24. bitch you didnt have to eat all of the food in their house

  25. Take responsibility for yourself. Go to the gym; stop blaming everyone else for your own iniquities.

  26. Hello, I like to identify myself as a poet under construction. I just began exposing my poetry and this woman Yesika Salgado has been a very influential talented woman. She has provided grand inspiration for me and I hope she reads my poetry one day. I am a Latina proud of my heritage and Id love and appreciate it if you could provide a follow or a like both would be nice to my poems. Follow me on instagram @cancer_jackie2.01

  27. El Salvador es un pais centro americano cuyo idioma oficial es el español como toda latinoamerica o es un estado de Estados Unidos para hablar inglés ?

  28. I think you are so beautiful!!! A being with a beautiful soul is where true beauty emanates. Society identity makes jokes about saying “oh he or she has a beautiful heart or soul,” implying that it means that they are unlovable when there aesthetics (outward appearance) do not conform to what is viewed as socially “beautiful.” These feelings of inadequacy come from being not ashamed but shamed. Shaming comes in all forms, advertising and media to “jokes” from the same people so say they they love you which this now forms a dependency on toxic relationships which becomes a subconscious cycle that is often difficult to break, if even mindful enough for the sufferer to notice. Through her poetry, she rises above and sees beyond the muck and more of socially acceptable fat shamming. BRAVO!! May you continue to be a beacon of hope and light in this world! BRAVO!!

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