You Are A Poet

I think everyone is a poet I actually believe that when you're young and you fall in love with something you fall in love with it for no mental reasons other than the experience of doing and so that put me right into the moment and I think being in the moment was something that I desperately needed at that time and I'm still trying to find now sometimes it's a choice and then other times probably the choice is made for us you know so naturally the flow of life was moving me in that direction but it took a while for me to recognize it and then actually pursue it consciously and to even acknowledge that I was a poet I think everyone is a poet I actually believe that and that's not like a tagline I think a poet is somebody who's willing to express the things that are more meaningful to them more moving to them thoughts and emotions that they have about themselves about the world about humanity about life and death about love about struggle about pain about joy and and then sharing that being willing to actually share it with another human being and connect with them on that deeper level and when they really think about it and they have the mirror of me first going they'll find that story in their life that they still need to get some air out of a tire from you know and and then when they're willing to write from that place the poem will write itself and then when they're willing to share from that place they're getting up and giving that story away with an open heart and an open mind no matter how afraid they are he's so courageous for everyone else in the room and even if other people don't have that particular story they see themselves in that person and it provides healing for everyone including me and you're willing to be vulnerable from a place of strength and somebody doesn't respond well they're probably a asshole you probably don't need to hang out with them anymore totally I mean it's really as simple as that so you gain information yeah by being open and honest about how people respond to you and what they're actually capable of you know there's that saying don't let your idea of perfection be the enemy of doing something that's good don't let good be the enemy of great it's not about being good if you do it it's great and if everyone actually like invests in that you can just raise the energy in a room to a place where it's transformative like genuinely transformative and can be a metamorphosis for someone like evolving in real time for letting go of something that they've held onto for years there's nothing Wacker than like our shadow emotions that we're scared to acknowledge because we don't think that people will accept them so we don't accept ourselves it's time for us to like own those things speak them out into the world love ourselves through them so we can actually release them on and be more in reality not on our projections of reality from some past that's unresolved you

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  1. This podcast was the first time that had heard of IN-Q. After an event/workshop with him recently, it feels as though he's speaking directly about my experience…which my sound narcissistic, but it speaks to the fact that my experience isn't unique in the macro. This message of connection through story despite fear has been and continues to be transformative for many people. The message IN-Q is spreading and movement he is creating is giving people permission to become in touch with their emotions, harness a creative outlet and be brave enough to share your vulnerable truth. Thank you πŸ™πŸ»

  2. I really really love your poems..they are so pure and great😊😊. I stumbled upon your page when i was on fb, i saw your poem about valentine's day..i fell in love with you ever you inq😊😊

  3. Your words deserve more recognition, The ideas you share and the message you promote is so beautiful much like your poetry. Truly Inspiring.

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