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I closed my eyes and I felt a soft touch of my lips how's it going guys my name is beat you Mike that's PewDiePie is that crap how's it going bros my name is cutie meet you Mike this is sorry you know I get those mixed up all the time and welcome back to some more Doki Doki be GMAC where's that don't get Doki yet don't worry I have a really special episode of Doki Doki as you guys can see by the title alright it's gonna be a super special secret ending to Doki Doki and I can't wait to explore it but first life to get some shoutouts because I wouldn't know about this if it wasn't for the creator or the user on Twitter I don't know I said creator Connor Mathur have you ever considered playing the most wholesome dope DDL seem odd to ever exist it's pretty great wholesome now as of right now I have absolutely no idea what this mod is gonna do but I do know the creator on reddit in and daddy Danny not daddy don't loot ages everything actually i shows you how to add it to the game and they said that they changed things around and people in the comments were saying after playing the original game i went straight to this mod and was thoroughly amazed on how d DLC mechanic misused apparently this is an amazing mod people are talking about in the comments and they give some closure so I'm like okay I gotta play this alright so if you guys want some closure we're gonna get some closure but we have to play the game entirely again so that's gonna take me a little bit I actually skipped to the first part I love the soundtrack by the way I love this soundtrack so much I always feels nice it really always does feel nice to be back into the world of Doki Doki I I cannot seriously no matter how much I play this game I don't get enough of it the amazing soundtrack that the crazy characters uh so it's so great especially Monica you gotta love Monica so I just Roy's you could skip the text there's an option to skip text I literally sat here for like two hours last episode completing the whole entire game and you can do this apparently it's very it's very nice it really is I have to be a little bit careful though because if you don't skip the text all right I could skip over the mod I don't want to do that I just want to stay in the part where they're they're not crazy can't we just do that is that is that too much to ask oh I should I should before we continue on guys I highly encourage you to play the actual game and get the actual ending before you're watching this because this is a spoiler alert just sayin oh no I just picked papa for not ski that was one of her words that I just realize how messed up it is not see and also now I know that the freaky I don't know if I put this episode out but I know now besides there's another Doki Doki means to come in that the buff not ski is not candy it is not candy okay but you don't win break he not he needs to buff up and beat her dad all right he deserves his piece of crap just sayin moving on I also happen to notice that like dirty as words are like pleasure climax you know all those nice words and knives I think that's a put it forward like I'm not even joking I didn't really think that's one of her words it all makes sense after you play the game about ten times let me tell you as a youtuber not only is this game innovative amazing in every freakin way but we could skip through unseen text like that is you don't know what that means to me I've played a few visual novels in my time and I've never seen options to skip text that you haven't read oh it's beautiful I tell you crap I just realize I'm wearing a blue shirt I'm you might see through my shirt I'm sorry guys I'm very unprofessional as you can tell I got this down so well I know everyone's words alright dokey masters what they call me dokie Mike hahaha hey there we go that's a good one so we based got everyone's character pictures or whatever like that and then once we do that then we can go basically in the game with your D and it's not gonna be I'm like really I'm really excited to see what this ending is gonna be about like I don't know it's like what's gonna change is Monica if you're gonna be good again kind of like the Monica after story I don't know these mods are really amazing like really cool it's cool because like there were voices so people can make all the mods they want and I love to see how the people's takes on I'm sure Dan the crater loves it too I swear every time I hear the music I expected they're like go all stupid and go here I feel like I'm on the movie click you know with Adam Sandler just comes lane-keeping sorry I still love you I mean I felt it was appropriate and I'm sorry I was not so against muscle loading no no I screwed it up no okay wait Thank You bigots I skipped you far thank you man I gotta read you everything well see you then then hey guys I'm back I've been waiting for a while but now we should be great yeah it's pretty easy to mess up especially if you're skipping as fast as I am I know something you guys also wonder why I skipped so much well if I didn't skip I'd be making a 40 billion episodes and it would not be as fun I figured this is a lot more fun for you guys so yeah so now we gotta wait I say hurry kill herself this is a normal episode I've seen her do it so many times that already okay if it is if the meters weren't enough right can you hear me I've never heard that one and that was new holy crabs there was laughing was that Monica oh god that wouldn't give me chills okay that was that was cool wait for it but stop oh oh no Yuri you should probably not stab yourself it's not good for your health again it's just like sorry I've seen these so many times now it's not even it's still creepy though I ain't gonna lie it's still actually really creepy and we all know this part of the Justice Monica part don't worry guys we will play some more of Monica after story there's still a lot of words and stuff I need to ask her and I'm pretty sure that's gonna be updated by the next time you play it but I off we're finally gonna get to the end that I've been looking for okay so now we just deletes little Monica here and we're good to go all right okay so I know that we get this is we have to get the true ending so but I don't I don't really quite remember this basically everything's fine saori's alive and we haven't told her which club we're gonna be joining yet that's all we've gotten to so I don't know if I'm in the Mon now or not so I'm not exactly sure when it starts that's the problem so now we're saying sorry I didn't mean to skip it because I again I don't know if this is new this is I used to ask myself why did I let myself get lectured by such a carefree girl but I started to realize it in a way when sigh every puts her mind to something she can accomplish great things so that's why I feel like I should do something special for her what are we gonna do for her the school day is ordinary as ever it is before I know it's after I pack up my things I stand up gathering my motivation let's see what is about to happen I recalled the room number of the club from a flyer I saw I watched the cross of school and upstairs a section of the school I rarely visit being generally used for the 3rd year classes and activities before long I find the room yeah this is definitely something different i timidly opened the door in front of me hello ah screw up fight what are you doing here well I just I glanced around the room huh so you're scrub by inside that ok no I this is I remember this now I just don't remember that whole dialogue in the beginning I did I read it before okay so we're just meeting all the girls again ok so I just maybe I just don't remember so a fuss she starts talking all crazy then that's how we know I'm just waiting on that closure I really need that closure ok I don't know what it's gonna be though I mean it's just really this I already hasn't gone crazy yet ok yeah alright confirmed its it's normal ok I hit I guess I'm glad to skip things before it's for kind of my fault but I I now I remembered that all this is happening I'm sorry I've wasted yeah I keep hyping it up I swear it's coming I think I know the mods working I just don't know when the months gonna start oh ok now it should start right now after this message from Dan salvo and the credits of course of course we gotta wait for the credits we gotta see it's ok well I can't be with you this is for you guys shout out to you all ok alright listen I don't remove the words I swear I love this game dot dot dots where are we I don't know where where are we have you is this some kind of mod so you have read my message is this your answer to that give me a moment I once you know what this mod is hmm apparently is a world mod it gave this world the ability to rewrite rewrite a lot rewrite itself based on the main characters rules this could work but we need to restart the game I'll install my current file in the game this way I'll be able to aid you who's talking do you really want to go back what a stupid question I'm asking ha ha of course you do you're scrub by after all ok then here we go I'll be at your side but you need to make the decisions out there I'll try to leave them as easy to see as I'm able to but I'll be careful anyway I don't even I have no idea what I'm about to expect you guys probably know by the title Monica has been installed oh oh so Monica's coming back ok Monica's back yay so do I at start the game um I am scrub pi once again uh we're just gonna keep skipping through til something different happens and I will be sure to let you guys know all I could think of now is that this closure is gonna be about obviously Sai or e because she's the only one that really dies before things get really weird so maybe she's maybe she's not gonna die this time ah so I'm gonna guess so we're gonna go for your bird first I or Ethan alright so you know I don't remember if there's this was an option but fer for that helping with the club activities were picky sigh Yuri I mean Rory neighbors is dusty I don't know if this is new or not but Monica said Monica said the society was helping her jeez do you really hate us that much nope yeah I never picked up a board oh never mind it's gonna make us pick someone else anyway we're almost there ok so now what I want to know is if she's gonna still tell us that she's depressed because that's what she's supposed to tell us here ok it kind of seems like it's going that direction yeah she's depressed I love you Sayuri this feels like deja vu whoa something's happening ok what time to act ok so what ended with I'll do whatever it takes to make her happy in the future so if we remember that time to act I don't know which one I'm supposed to scream I don't want to pick scream so are we like are we re controlling her so she would scream before but so now no don't scream now are we saving her is this is this what it means it's the day of the festival ok so sorry I raised three it still isn't answering her phone at least I hope wait a minute I hope we didn't screw something up I don't want to go through the game again did I do something wrong please please just love a guy tell me I did not mess this up because I stand what it meant that's what I meant right because she screamed before oh so now we're a couple so that's what's changing so far I didn't really plan on bringing it up with anyone geez you don't know the full story at all don't worry I probably know a lot more than you think okay that's the same no not again did I screw up please give me another chance Oh No how can i frickin screw this up it was so it's probably so obvious to more people to other people just yesterday I told Sayer I'd be there for her I told her I know what's best and what everything will be okay then why why would she do this how could I be so helpless what'd I do wrong confessing her I shouldn't have to confess to her that's not what she needed okay how how did I manage to screw it up I am literally on the third Albert of recording Here I am after messing up many more times scream stop stop skipping stop skipping I stop skipping what did I just miss oh I think I think that was just the game sorry yeah oh I'm sorry yeah that's right so we're trying to save her from from from you know hanging herself and all that you know we're trying to save her from the mean this is what really trying to do why did I scream I really don't know someone something something pushed me but what I well I don't even know what to say what should I tell her to apologize forced her to come sleep over okay will you sleep in my home today uh why it's obvious because I want you to you will come because I want you to come I well you act grab her head Oh Dave so it's like we're intervening with the game yeah so where Monica now right just beat you not just Monica no no no no Monica I grabbed her hand before she to react and pulled her into my house I continued to pull until we'd reached my room whoo-hoo what's going on I can't isn't it obvious yesmy isn't obvious the answer to everything were you were seeking how could you just forget she's setting right she was being selfish this show her show her what happens when you becomes the oh so we're becoming selfish okay when you stop everything everyone when you put this world into a halts just so you can save one life show her the true meaning of self selfishness I want to spend the night with my childhood friend and I won't accept a no for an answer but shut up sorry startled I'm not surprised even I scared myself for that scream but either way if I was led by someone I continue talking you call yourself selfish you don't even scratch the surface what have you done followed what your heart told you no don't speak oh I keep thinking we're skipping it but we're not because she try to say something don't speak sorry it's my turn now you don't even know how much I wanted to see you happy to make things go the right way but no matter how much I tried how hard I worked every time I got to see you go away to lose you not once not twice thousands of times exactly you know because I've seen her do this you'll never have to dab again it's the only the dokey minsters know about that one do you know what it feels like to see that you don't have power here that this cruel world is made out just to see her suffering there's no happiness here that's how the world was made and now and that's what I won't accept what are you talking about I don't understand a thing oh we changed this world we did it so we could save you even even when we hadn't a way to be together we created it and that will make me break this all or even worse then this ending isn't perfect but this ending I made isn't perfect it'll take some one thing or another but I won't make everyone happy or it will make everyone happy oh okay yeah so yeah obviously the other girls can't be happy what Monica can't be happy really but that's okay because I could save you all and what about that is not selfish wait you don't have to I don't know what she's saying it's skipping over leave this to us okay wait what will you allow me to make her happy scrup I I don't wanna die yes for sure help her yeah don't die I didn't go this far to die I can't the voices in my head out there in there she must die oh so that's motive good she's worthless you you have me me me me holy crap no you need me what is happening I've promoted MCMC promoted temporarily for the first time in a while I feel myself being able to move again as if whatever it was controlling me decided to leave so like oh okay so this mod is as if we you know cuz Monica has been controlling us the entire time that doesn't answer the question of like I always wonder like how come our character never reacts DNA this stuff so it's like we're in control now yeah so in a way we're getting revenge against Monica I see I took a good look at I or II she's trembling looking at every place in my room I need to take her back saori's I already looked at me she wasn't waiting for anything more there like if she just found the answer she was waiting for in that scream I don't know what happened but I do know that she needs to rest so now Monica's not gonna be in the picture I guess to make her depressed so offering my bed I invited her to sleep over would you like to sleep yes still shocked still shocked sigh you were slowly laid on the bed it wasn't you long until I heard her breath go slower our breath go slower breathing the breath breathing breathing yes the creator of this mod doesn't speak like the best English but it's still freaking cool assuming she slept I closed my eyes and found my sleep fast felt fell asleep fast is a better better way to put that it's the day of the festival of all days I expect this to be the one where I'd be walking to school with Sai already but saiary left before I woke up I considered to go to her house but just to check if she went back to for something but I turned down that I did decided to aid the rest of the club with the preparations I managed to carry all the cupcakes myself by carefully stacking two trays now skis already texting up a storm but I can't respond thanks to my hands being full it's hurtin isn't hurt cupcakes funnily enough I probably feel the same as not ski about the event I'm more excited for it to be over so I could spend time with Sayuri and not ski but knowing Monica I'm sure the event will go great too so yeah Monica is actually alive I guess this is gonna be awkward if she I I'm a little confused screw up I you're the first one here thanks for being early that's funny I thought at least you or he would be here by now Monica is placing a little booklets on each of the desks okay so now we're gonna read her poem at this time she saya is not gonna write a crazy poem this time Wow in the end I found a random poem online that I thought Monica would like and submitted it so that's not what I'll be performing I'm surprised you didn't bring Sayuri with you yeah disappeared she disappeared without saying anything that dummy you think that on days this important she try a little harder I saved that but I suddenly remember that sigh what sigh you already told me yesterday and I suddenly feel awful knowing it's not nearly that simple fer I only said it because it's the way I'm used to thinking but maybe I should have gone to search for after all Monica said you prot you kind of left her hanging this morning you know what though that's that's so funny Monica oh yeah she's she's not gonna die this time right we spent the night together at my home you know oh of course I do I'm the club president after you did white she's like that wasn't in the script I stammered embarrassed why did I just say that I mean we're a couple now but I sure didn't want to wait a little more to bring that up geez you don't know the whole story excuse me for interrupting but did you just say you two slept together Monaco is this friendlies usual moment ago but now I feel like I've opened Pandora's box oh my god now that I think about it Monica's not gonna like that Monica is about to go for young Jerry honest if you don't mind I will leave early do not follow me I'm fine sure Monica stormed out of the classroom I knew revealing this early was a mistake but this is big oh yes I saw Monica leave a piece of paper fell into the floor upon picking you up I felt that chill it's I Ortiz the piece of paper had something labeled a senior's poem written it might be hers but not a single letter here was hers it felt like somehow someone has written this for her I guess the entire paper once more oh I'm so like ma okay so Monica did this and that's I or II oh this can't be her yet the one handwriting I know the most was all over this what's going on I waited no longer as I rushed out of the classroom I was the risk Owen again we're gonna go try to you know find her again just like the road game she better not be handy you better have a hanging around this time say re wake up dummy there's no response okay okay okay okay I gently opened the door those are the the the lines the bad lines Saori oh thank god she's here she isn't here where's she gone completely ignoring the fact i trespassed into her home I quickly left Oh what the heck this isn't you isn't it I screw up I I mean it is the after all Monica was just entering the home as I almost hit her with the door that startled me oh you mean she came into Tucson URIs house you almost hit me with the door sorry Monica but I really don't have time to lose have you said hi already actually yes she was looking for you but I don't know where you were she was lying I mean you don't casually go to someone's home to search for the other someone do you or the other person to you to be honest with you I still don't want to do this yet you're still going to force me to do it right because of that happy ending you're searching for ha ha ha Monica started to laugh sadly as if someone would realize that any any work that they've done was for nothing and just gave up she's just right there by your house I'm pretty sure she was waiting for you seriously after all you I've done I just can't be happy can I is what she seemed to say while walking away I ran towards the house so we're foiling her plans I see and I reached it and I reached it in about no time there was a lone figure was standing there was a lone figure standing she was looking distant as if nothing or no one could bring her back now but she was still there right she has not left my side right my beloved friends I Yuri Sayuri eleven so I already got scared about my sudden embrace of course we're going to hug our girlfriends so weird she's our girlfriend now Sayuri can't breathe realizing that I holes are so strong towards me she couldn't breathe oh we're hot heater again but this time it's on better conditions this is the second day in a row we've embraced each other but I will welcome each day each day welcome Lee I don't know the English is kind of bad so I'm kind of just rying to get my own translation about it what is it she's I have the feeling that my childhood friend is back the one I've grown up with she's back from from where I don't know I'm glad I found you I really am it's here started for me forming in my eye I can't understand why I'm feeling this agitated or this strange or this strange for that matter but I can't stop myself for thinking someone about this about not taking say your do wait and where would I go yeah thank me player it's all me okay it's not like you've let me go right because that's what boyfriend's do right so I do find this mind interesting that like he doesn't know why he feels the way he is but we have intervened okay and it's really cool it goes with the story a lot because we can intervene with the files so you know dan salvato you could have also made it to where we could fix things I mean he could have but then you know the whole second game wouldn't make any sense because you know if you guys didn't know there is gonna be a second game that's what boyfriend's do rights they forced you to come to sleepover they scream whatever selfish thing they want to I don't think that's what they're supposed to do but in this case it works other cases it's you know you go straight to prison they won't even let you I'm sorry I shouldn't cry now not when you're in need this time sigh area watch out her tears and looked at my eyes directly listen well I wanted to disappear because I had so many things in my minds the voices they didn't stop no matter what I did yesterday when he came to my home I barely could stand it as if your voice was drowning in between all that noise that's why when you shouted everything sudden the group quiet no that's not it I just didn't care about all the noise at all because I really said no matter how much noise or was you still be a part of it more or less I know it's kind of corny and stuff and honestly I don't understand it myself but well thing is I decided not to give up and when I woke up this morning I went for a walk to feel what to feel what my new resolve was going to bring me and that's when I met Monica you know skrelp I I never thought Monica could cry but she did she repeatedly said sorry to me I didn't always so she like had a change of heart oh that's so cool I didn't understand anything of what she was saying and I don't even know if it was really a good time to talk about games but after she said that to me I realized that my head was cleared oh so Monica was talking her about games or something like that whoa so so trippy none of the voices were there and something was telling me that you have something to do with that yeah so the voices were obviously Monica so I came to her home so I came to your house I wanted to thank you and I will have to thank Monica – I don't know if she's I don't know if she did something but I'm guessing she has SIA I didn't stop talking you a while and then she held me tighter than yesterday but you can be sure that I won't leave this place nor will I live your side hearing those words make me feel really happy remembering the poem she wrote she really did give her a jar full of Dreams out to everyone oh okay I remember the poem now I was like what are you talking about now read the poem so the last I can do or the least I could do is give back what I used from that oh wait I closed my eyes and I felt a soft touch of my lips yeah we did it she does deserve this after all she's been through she has always loved you you know I don't know why but people are kind of bizarre when it comes to love I'm happy that she could at least release her feelings here but this is not over yet in fact it's about to get harder to make a change so please break the weak points well you know it's I you already deleted why would why why did it get why she can't delete it I gotta do some research to see if I did this right Oh so I think there's actually more acts I I still don't run it really understand how she got deleted baby perhaps I'm gonna have to like look at the editing or look at the video again but this is really and this is really cool it's basically like more episodes of Doki Doki but it is at the different rounds I love it okay guys for now I'm gonna go to end this but that was super interesting that's like what ifs I already never hung herself and we kind of like messed up Monica's plans so like technically like Monica didn't reveal herself but she's like kind of fits I don't know it's a little confusing again the English is not that the the best but the crater did say that they're having people help them to you know translate it a little better so this is just really really cool guys if you want to see more of this make sure to drop a like down below because you guys know I'm a banana okay I just have to clarify because I read that there's more ass to it so I I think we're just not done with it but I need to clarify that I did everything right but for sure next episode it's gonna be different I've already I got spoiled a little bit but I can't wait to show you guys more really awesome stuff with this mine I just can't believe people like their the communities come up with such amazing things and that's what I love about these games and this generation just to be able to follow games and have this community make it even better and just that I'm excited okay I better get off I can't even do scrub of the day because I probably gonna run out of memory really soon so anyway guys view if you like it again leave a like down below subscribe for more Doki Doki and I'll see you scrubs in the next one bye guys

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