we can't have a crown without a cross so pizzonia iron chair and I saw him boots were that was so far as India and was that the cross means a Silvia no a Appa a move do i as a send our kimono chief reform it's Libya Berryessa Cochran share or take a crack at CIBC America Caribbean upon Simon Poole if it's my problem that's Arabian would see me what come in qualms poor can't cause a hell of a problem in about 30 minutes ago a gentleman sent me a message Lana can you live without problems we can't have a crown without a cross it is so similar I humble only tell you that no matter what you're going through you are a reason why I'm gonna tell you this poem we all have these that are dismal and dreary I um ribbon minutiae Munir trivia when ng Cochran and we future a blue and lonely and wearing Tsukuba sir etc hot SEMA Show so Tribune my already Miho khakhra the therapy I saw a bit semi power problem but we have to admit the life is worth living necessary TBR abyssea dito sa Nam a penny sir and a Basanti NCRC esse and God gives us reasons for daily Thanksgiving and so sis acaba some porno film BFS Adama ready for life's and experience goals truth and go through that made up of gladness and much sadness to and this old CSC I won't claim quite a weird there I'm Anubha weird and applying a bit able weird and apart because I'm I won't pay weird al' mommy or pop or near bo boss to be at a before I want a man can you aim no more we cannot have a crown without across legitimacy enemy Penza and a palace on it is an air now howbeit or sword I want to tell your time is gonna come say no sorry no we need a baby soon I feel you are life means anything can happen he must carry across now so let me tell you this cross a salut bein in a cross our base or a BD multi-chain ba VAR e across to be do here cross typically above across evidence ESR across NASA cop so cross le would be said Dana she hacia I want to tell you just us Christ had a cross and he fell so many times ah a brand CBI nephron ASIMO and a bachina not in the same way it happens to you and I when we are weary dreary and sad we need people to cheer us up for life's and experience goals children go through and that's made up of gladness and my sadness – or missiny chihuahua da nasarah horse it will be but we have to know both that bitter and sweet I will say it's an amino acid and you know II do a apropos Nabire if we want a good life that is full and complete see a pepero bra a year complete snare food beer for each tray we suffer and every shirt here just gives us new strength to persevere oh boy a machete as we claimed the steep hills a long life swing that lead us at slash through that wondrous day at a wonderful day were that cross we have carried becomes a crown and at last we can lay our barren down the serratus a pass Indian I was sworn Adam born it's a Miss tsuzuku drew with a bustle party in the name of Jesus


  1. We can't have a crown without a cross. God help us to carry our crosses

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