You Gotta EAT EM to BEAT EM! Sailing Vessel Delos- Ep. 210

what [? a lot ?] of people say, we built this
originally from our homeland, like my old man say,
there’s nothing impossible. So we [INAUDIBLE] straight
from the crew out to the blue, we represent the voices of
my ancestors [INAUDIBLE].. Day five. Is it day five? I don’t know how many
days we’ve been diving. Maybe longer than that. And yesterday we kind
of explored these areas. Delos is anchored here. But what we really want
to do, is get out here to Little Tobago
and check out some of these places along here. It’s a little bit long
to go in the dinghy. So I think what
we’ll actually do is pick the anchor up
on Delos, and we’ll just take the whole boat around
and maybe through here and see what looks good. Cool. Sound good? Sounds good to me. Let’s do it. You excited for Little Tobago? I’m so excited. Woohoo. [CHAIN CRANKS] And then when you’re like
picking out a dive spot, do you have kind of like a
mini checklist in your mind of things you’re considering? Yeah. When you’re looking at a spot? I like drift dives,
so I’m looking for like cool
bottom contours that will lead current around an
island or steep drop offs. So when I look at the
chart, it’s 52 meters and then right here, these
lines get really close together. So you have quite a
big change in depth in a small area,
which means there’s a steeper drop off there,
which is always kind of cool. There’s always a
lot of fish life when the bottom contour changes. Like stuff for coral
to grow on instead of just a big flat sandy area. But also, I think what’s
really important, is currents. Because whenever there’s any
movement in water and currents, it brings nutrients in and fish
love to swim around in currents and eat. So anytime that there’s
water moving around, there’s going to be
some kind of life. So you have currents and
you have steep drop-offs, I think that’s a win for diving. And this is exactly what
we were looking for today. So we just pulled up
next to Little Tobago. And because it’s like
a protected reef area, we’re not going to
anchor, but we’re just going to kind of hover
around with Delos, and we’re going
to dive in teams. This is a site called
Blackjack Hold. And the dive site’s
actually quite long, but I think it’s made
for divers that are going to be taking a dive master. They don’t have five
cameras with them. We go pretty slow. We’ll start the
dive somewhere over here in like between
60 and 30 feet. First team is getting
suited up as we speak. It’s always slightly
hectic diving off Delos. I mean, if we didn’t
have like so many cameras and like the masks and so many
different batteries and lights and setups and all this stuff,
it would be a lot easier. But everyone always goes
in like a full-on kit, so getting them
like ready, like off the back, timed with when the
boat is like facing the swells the right direction
and everything, it’s always an
interesting procedure. [GURGLING WATER] Let’s go down to the
20 meter contour. And then we can just
follow that around. [MUSIC PLAYING] Barracuda. Barracuda. It’s definitely got a little bit
more fishy, and little chunks of brain coral. And it seems to be like a
tiny fish city down here now. [MUSIC PLAYING] [GURGLING WATER] [MUSIC PLAYING] So we just saw the
surface marker pop up, and they are so far away,
like the current has gotta be ripping down there. So Blue went out in the dinghy
a while ago and spotted them. And I just zoomed in super
far with this camera. And I could see at least one
other person on the dinghy with her. So they’re getting
picked up now, and they’re going to come back. And then me, Brady
and Blue are going to get ready for our
dive, and hopefully we can get some good intel from
these guys about what they saw and where the best
parts of the dives were. And hopefully, we can
have a great dive as well. You went a long way. Yeah, we looked over,
we’re like, it that them? Like, is that their
float way out there? I think we should
start you guys a lot further like at the point
or just past that point. Here. That’s where it really
starts to get nice anyway. Yeah, whenever you’re ready. We’re at 10 meters. OK. Dive, dive, dive. [SPLASH] [GURGLING WATER] So we just got dropped down. And we’re in about
40 feet of water. Big ray, Jordon,
big ray right here. We just came across
a massive stingray. I’m not sure what type it is. but it’s definitely one
of the biggest stingrays I think I’ve ever seen. [MUSIC PLAYING] The coral reef here
is just astounding. So much health, so
much biodiversity. It feels like I’m swimming
in an aquarium right now. Check this out, you guys. [MUSIC PLAYING] I’m really enjoying this dive. Not much current and just
the ability to get up close and personal with
a lot of the coral and hang out with
their many inhabitants, like all the banded
shrimp and arrow crabs and it’s so fun to kind of
watch them and see what they do. Instead of just come in and
take a picture and leave. But really hang out
with them for a while. Really entertaining. [MUSIC PLAYING] You can’t really tell
when you first look at it, but there’s all these tiny
little holes along this coral, and in each hole, are these like
little, ittt-bitty, teeny, tiny blennies. Just poking their heads
out and they are so cute. [MUSIC PLAYING] That is so crazy. When you look up there is just
like a layer of fish above you and as the depth
changes, it’s just like a cloud that
hovers above you, just raining fish down on you. It’s just so cool. We’re getting low
on air, so it’s time for us to start going up. But I definitely would
not mind paying this part of the reef another visit. [MUSIC PLAYING] Good diving. Yeah. It’s a good day. It’s a good day. Mm-hmm. [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s not a bad
bounty for the day. Not a bad catch. I love hunting lionfish. I find it to be,
I don’t normally do spearfishing or fishing
of any kind or hunting, but something about,
killing something that you know is invasive, that’s
not supposed to be here, something is OK about it to me. Lionfish I’m originally from
in the Indo-Pacific and the Red Sea. Over there, sharks, cornetfish,
groupers, large eels and other scorpion fish
are known to eat them. But here in the Caribbean. These guys don’t have
any natural predators. And because of that, they
just have rule of the reef and they go around and they
eat all the juvenile babies of all of the reef
fish that are endemic, that are supposed to be here. They have a ferocious appetite. A female lionfish produces
two million eggs a year. The adults are
mostly fish eaters, and have very few predators
outside their home range. Research has been done showing
that a single lionfish can reduce marine creatures by
80% to 90% in its home range within five weeks. They’ve only been here in
the Caribbean for the ’80s. They believe that
somebody from an aquarium dumped a pair of
lionfish, and that’s all it took for them to spread
throughout the Caribbean. I read some different theories,
apart from the one Nate just said, to why the lionfish
spread in the first place. One being that a big hurricane
destroyed aquariums, releasing the lionfish into the wild. Regardless, it’s pretty safe
to say that the whole invasion started in South Florida,
and have now spread through the whole Caribbean. The saying is, eat
’em to beat ’em. So the diving community
is calling on all divers to do their part to
start hunting lionfish. This pops up with a
lionfish on his spear. Yeah. Nice. So lionfish is part of
the scorpion fish family, so they are venomous. And what’s venomous about them
is these spines right up here, OK? And what’s going to happen is,
your hand’s going to go numb, the body parts are
going to go numb. You can get sick. Have you been hit before? I have, I have. Not underwater, but
while cleaning these, I have been hit, and
it is not a pleasant. My hand was numb for
about eight hours and then it just
finally came back. So we’re going to cut these
guys’ bellies open to see what kind of free fish we can find. I’m not a master at
filleting fish by any means, but let’s see what
we find in here, OK? How’d that go? It went pretty good. I got as many as I could. There’s a bunch of
these little ones, I just couldn’t really get to. So out of this lot, we got a
dozen plus little reef fish. So that’s why it’s important. That’s what they’re
doing, devastating the reef by eating
all the endemics, so eat ’em to beat ’em. [MUSIC PLAYING] I wanted to share this beautiful
sunrise with everybody, because it is gorgeous. [MUSIC PLAYING] I also wanted to mention for
a moment about how awesome I think it’s been to have Nate
and Jordan be crewing with us. It’s so interesting when
you’re on a boat how each person that’s living
on the boat with you dramatically changes the energy
and the vibe on the boat, because it is such a small space
and you are doing everything together. You know, you’re
working together, you’re living together, and
you’re traveling together. And yeah, I definitely
think that they are adding something really
special and unique to Delos. And their vigor for filming
and their fresh look on stuff, I think once you’re on Delos
for a while, the things that you feel inclined
to film change. Just because things
begin to feel more and more normal to you. So having someone
new aboard that’s kind of filming and
being like, what’s this? What’s this? What’s that? I think it’s cool. It’s definitely like
a fresh perspective. And I don’t know, I
just feel like the vibe is super, super good
on board right now. And just a lot of
creative juices flowing. And that’s definitely my
favorite space to be in and my favorite type
of people to be around. Yeah, it’s fun, it’s fun to
form new friendships with people under these conditions. And I’m definitely enjoying
having them around for sure. [MUSIC PLAYING] We just arrived on Little
Tobago Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s a pretty quick dinghy ride. It’s only three of us. We’ve all got our sunhats on. And we’re going to walk up the
hill and see what we can find. [MUSIC PLAYING] And this place is cool. I had no idea that
there’d be so many trails. And they’re all like really
well kept up and nice. There’s no noise out here,
except for the birds and me. [BIRD CALLS] Well, we’ve come
up quite a ways. Wow, that’s cool. You can see Delos
way over there. [MUSIC PLAYING] So we just made it to
this little outpost. Brian says there’s
bats in there, so we’re going to
go check it out. I’m going in. You’re not going to
see them in there. Oh, there they are. Crazy creatures, huh? They’re so chill though. Oh, shit. There they go. Ahhhh. It’s pretty batty in here. Getting the shot. Oh, shit. I’m getting the shot. Everyone’s kind of
spread out a little bit. Brian’s doing like
a time lapse video and he’s recording some audio. I’m not exactly
sure where Nate is. But I think this is his
first time in the two weeks since we’ve been on Delos
that I’ve been by myself, which is pretty crazy. But it’s really nice. Like I never really thought of
myself as like a bird person or like a birder. I know this is a
really popular place for bird watchers come here. Like they travel from all around
the world come to this place. And I wasn’t sure if I
ever really understood the appeal of birding. But, man, it was just
magical out here. [MUSIC PLAYING] You’re just completely immersed
in the sounds of the birds and little twigs breaking
underneath your feet as you walk around. And you can hear
the ocean waves kind of crashing in the background
on these rocks over there. This is a very, very cool spot. [MUSIC PLAYING] OK, now you can
really hear the birds. They’re going nuts. I made a little
call to one earlier, and there was one
that was, every time I would call, it and call back. Let’s see if I can
get him to go again. [BIRD CALL] That one’s like, [BIRD CALL]. Either that’s Brian
or there’s a bird that I’m really
connecting with right now. This is so cool. You have this feeling that we’re
the only people on the island, I think it’s pretty safe to say. And it’s just close. It’s just across the
bay, There’s big sails and it’s a very cool spot to
chill and just explore, yeah. What’d you find, Brian? There’s a chicken. We found a bird of
paradise, Jordan. A chicken. Yeah. The chicken wants to come
back on the dinghy with us. It’s stranded here all
these other crazy birds. Brian. Are you ready? Yes [INAUDIBLE]. Good mission? Yeah, that was really cool. [MUSIC PLAYING] Up next, we do one more
crazy dive in Speyside and have a great
overnight sail to Grenada. Good morning. Doesn’t get much
better than this. [MUSIC PLAYING] This could be of 1,000
ways to die or something. Strap weights to your
ankles and go down. Yeah. Try and drink beer underwater. First thing you’re
going to want to do is get rid of these spines,
because while you’re cleaning it, you definitely
don’t want to get hit by these. So, sharp pair of scissors. Oh, gosh. Protective eyewear. I’ll know if we have a
vegetarian filming this, so not probably loving what I’m doing. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. First week was in
bit dirty conditions. And tell me, are there
many other dolphin trainers from Jamaica? No, I’m the only one. No, yeah, born and bred, baby. [INAUDIBLE] Go get those dolphins. [SPLASH] Business in the front,
party in the back. Look at that. Like it? I like it a lot.

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