You need to read, to become a writer.

do you like reading books I love to read books have shaped my life my thoughts my outlook reading has made my senses more alive I feel lucky to have the bliss of reading sometimes as writers we want to express the thought or a feeling in a specific way but we lack the exact words or expressions which can portray it in the right way this happened to me aloud when I began writing as I went on reading more books my mind found a natural flow of words the floodgates opened and there was a current of freely flowing expressions I'm improving every day and in this process I have become more natural honest read read read read whatever you find fiction nonfiction classics contemporary bestsellers or not so best-selling popular or unconventional you will know how to write don't be afraid if you're writing and suddenly you find that your style of writing is influenced by an author you were reading this time that will help you grow even truly you'll find your own voice no matter where you are in which situation you are if you're aspiring to be writer I must send you a long hug keep your lights on keep going you

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