(James) Why don’t you go ahead and tell- (Aleks) Welcome back everybody to another episode of the wrong side of YouTube (James) He got it right. (Aleks) I was thinking dark in my head for so long. (Aleks) Anyways we’ve been I mean we’ve been going off of off of (Aleks) Not what the point of this show was when we first started which was to type in random stuff (Aleks) we’ve just been kind of like using click bait. (James) It’s hard because you get (James) We explained this before but you — you eventually get in a perpetual loop of, um… (James) Syrian music videos if you type in like random stuff, (James) we’ve been in that — that end of the neighborhood time and time again (Aleks) I like it when little kids upload videos though (James) You trying to hit that Kevin Spacey relevancy right now? (Aleks) Whoa, dude (Aleks) That’s — that’s Hollywood’s worst kept secret (Aleks) The best one of course being Harvey Weinstein (James) Dude, God what the fuck? (James) Another incident happened too. Why don’t you talk about that? (Aleks) Are you talking about the the Texas pistol massacre? (James) You better watch what you say next dude (James) There’s people watching, thousands of people. (Aleks) Now that was pretty fucked up. Actually that’s pretty bad. (James) Why you cheesing? (James) I can see it in your face right now you’re cheesing. (James) That’s not even a morph. (Aleks) How am i even cheesing dude? This is — this is.. can we switch topics? (Aleks) Oh, you’re talking about the New York thing that happened (Aleks) There’s a few terrorist things going on in this country, but what else is new. (Aleks) Look, there’s a… I want, I wanna (Aleks) I want to see the new Fifty Shades of freed trailer. (James)) What the fuck is that? No, why… what — what? (James) Ugh, Jesus Christ… (Aleks) I have a fetish. Do you? (Aleks) I have like one fetish but (James) This is copyright. (Aleks) So I’ve been noticing this one thing actually cuz fuck this stupid movie (Aleks) But I’ve been seeing after watching this you will hate this person (James) So do you just — just search… just search after- (Aleks) Just fuckin’ search it (James) You’re being lazy. (Aleks) Dude yeah I’m being lazy (James) You want me to type out all that? (Aleks) Oh I see — I see you fuckin’… I see you trying out the new uh *pop* (James) This keyboard sucks, and it’s not marketable (Aleks) Red boards coming back, baby (James) Who do you want to hate? (Aleks) See look at this after watching this (Aleks) you will-
(James) Yeah, I know. (James) Who do you want to hate? (Aleks) haaAAAAte this person. (James) Rihanna, why would you hate her? (Aleks) Uh she can be a little… (James) How about this one about Bieber? (Aleks) Oh you will hate Justin Bieber! (guy in video): Hey man, huge fan! (guy in video): Oh my gosh, I need a photo with you. (guy in video): You don’t even understand how much of a fan I am. (James) He hugged her! He hugged her! (Aleks) Dude that guy is- (James) He fucking hugged her! (Aleks) I think that’s satire though. (James) That’s the dude from Game of Thrones though. (James) He’s just as famous as he is. (James) He voices the cube in the first Destiny. (Aleks) No, dude, this is — this is a prank dude. Just- Justin’s not falling for that (Aleks) You can’t make me hate my boy JB by showing me this fake shit. Are you kidding me, dude? (James) DUUUUUUUUUDE! (James) He fuckin’ gave that other guy a handshake (James) He’s coming back out to get pictures with everybody else. (Aleks) That guy’s a troll (Aleks) Well… (Aleks) Technically he’s a dwarf, but.. (James) You can’t deny that this is- (Aleks) Oh dude, that fucked me up. (James) This is quite messed up (Aleks) There’s a video where it’s like “14 million views” (Aleks) but then it’s like that’s the name of the channel (Aleks) and 6.4 million views under it’s the actual amount of views it had. That really messed me up (Aleks) See that? Oh my god, that fucked me up. (James) You got fuckin like ADD or something. (Aleks) Dude yeah I need to — I need to get on that adderall baby, hook me up. (James) Who else do you wanna hate? (Aleks) So give me somebody that nobody would hate. (James) I don’t even know any of these fucking people in the first place, dude (James) What about fuckin’ Tanner Fox? (Aleks) Dude, there’s no way you can make a video where you can hate on Tanner Fox (James) Who the fuck is Tanner Fox? (video): The majority of Youtubers can’t sing, can’t rap. (Aleks) He’s like a… Youtuber. (James) Oh they’re all Youtubers. (video): If you don’t know Tanner Fox he’s famous for uhh (video): Click baiting, whoring out his girlfriend for views really. (video) One potato, two potato, three potato, four. (James): Oh my god. (video): Five potato, six potato (James) Wait what!? (Aleks) You like that? (James) What!? (Aleks) You like that? (James) Wait what!? (Aleks) You like- (James) What?! (James) Was that real? (Aleks) Yeah, dude (James) What the fuck is this dude? (James) I want to know how old he is dude. (James) This is fucking — this is fucking ridiculous. (Aleks) Why are you fucking, you’re hating on his swag, bro (Aleks) You all old and shit? (Aleks) Mad jealous. (James) I am getting up there in age dude and this is yeah (James) I’m starting to get a little bit jealous (Aleks) He’s 17 dude (James) What the fuck dude, are you kidding me? (James) I was sitting in my fucking bed watching the goddamn original xmen show (Aleks) You didn’t have like a fucking girlfriend or something when you were 17? (Aleks) She’s 21 by the way she’s four years older than him (James) Who are some of these people, man? (James) I don’t fuckin’– who’s… who’s this? (Aleks) Dude, you will hate Onision after watching this. (James) I already fucking do, dude! *both laughing* (James) What about this dude hold up. He’s reacting to a Bieber one (video): It’s pretty much a lot of you about doing a lot of reactions in some of this video too, but today (video): I’m gonna be reacting of why I hate Justin Bieber with so much. (James): More. A level beyond.
(video): – why everyone hates (video): Justin Bieber (Aleks): Wait what the fuck
(video): His racist past? I never knew he was racist *video sound playing in the background of the video* (Aleks) Do we get to see the video? Or it this like a 360 camera? Like what’s happening? (James) No, looks like scrolling through that he’s just discovering all these new things about bieber (video): Whoa! (video): Why is he saying the n-word? Oh my gosh, bruh! (video): He’s.. he’s.. he — he — he’s not black you can’t say that *James laughing* (Aleks) Alright. *sneeze sound effect* *awkward staring* (James) If you hate, you said? If you- (Aleks) Yes, if you hate this person. (James) if you hate yourself watch this. YES! Spiritual fucking growth (video playing in background)
Aleks: This guy is high as fuck right now James: No he’s not.
(video)Thank you James: High on life, dude
(video playing in background) Aleks: I would be high. If I smoked. Weed. (video): And what does it even really mean to hate ourselves? (video): And well this can be a seemingly… (video): Insurmountable problem (video): That we face. It’s hard to imagine when you were in these places (Aleks) Dude this is making me depressed (James) How the fuck do you think he feels dude? He got’s other videos that says I am depressed, my suicide story. Like… (Aleks) It must not be a good suicide story if he can tell it (video): As I’ve spoken about in my videos in going to jail.. (James) He also went to jail you got something to say about that? (Aleks) No, I’m not gonna fucking listen to somebody that went to jail Telling me how to run my life, dude. What is that? (James) That’s so fucked up. (Aleks) Actually speaking of which you should look up uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh What is it? uh Worst — America’s worst criminals compilation (James) Ok (Aleks) Look that up. Wait there’s one that says this video will make you forget your name. (James) dude OH! (Aleks) Oh my fucking God… Why do you have that over there? (James) It landed on the Charizard. (Aleks) Holy fuck. Dude I forgot my name already. Peter? (James) Shut the fuck up and focus on it with your ADD. Can you even do that? (Aleks) Holy shit, dude I see a whole bunch of fucking spinning. I see fidget spinners. (James) Oh fuck. It’s getting yo, it’s getting really weird Alright I broke free from them. Oh my god, Trevor! Whoa what the fuck dude? You look away and it’s like everything else is morphing. (Aleks) Trevor’s fucking forehead is moving dude. (James) I still remember my name though (Aleks) Did you see that? *Aleks Getting High Again* (Aleks) Yo i’m tripping out right now dog. It’s like the fucking windows 98 screensaver all over again. You all right? (James) You just touch my dick? (Aleks) Yeah, I did touch your dick. (James) What the fuck dude. (Aleks) What’s your name? (James) You do that shit with everybody else but you never fucking did it with me. You fuckin’ just touched my dick. You just slapped my dick, like you got a whole handful of my dick. You broke me from my trance. (Aleks) Relax, I’d say that was like a finger full of your dick. (James) Damn, dude that’s all I got (Aleks) I’m over this bro… (laughing) America’s worst criminals *James is disgusted* (Aleks) No, not that dude, I don’t want to see actual criminals *keyboard sounds* (laughing) He’s like tryin’ to punch him. (James) What the fuck? (old man in video): [Inaudible] Is there a way an honest man can make a buck? (old man in video): and he says well- (cop in video): What’d he say? (cop in video): There’s an honest way a man can make a buck? (cop in video): You were soliciting money from them. (cop in video): You can’t do that, I explained to you that’s against the law. James: Hey that’s my friend, man! Dude, it’s the meme! (cop in video): First of all, stop flexin’ on me. (cop in video): Hold on, there’s no need, no no no no. (meme guy?): Bruh, I’m gonna tell you, big bruh. (cop in video): Stay right here. (meme guy?): Would you look at this? (meme guy?): Would you look at this first? (cop in video): Do me a favor. (meme guy?): Would you look at this? (cop in video): Were you just resisting the police? Now you’re gonna go to jail for resisting arrest! (meme guy?): No, no, no. (cop in video): Why would you do that? (meme guy?): This is a problem that just got out of hand, that’s all. (meme guy?) I want Arnold Schwarzenegger. I was looking for Mike Tyson. I want to fight him too. (cop in video): Listen to me, turn around. You’re gonna relax for a second? (meme guy?): I’m gonna relax, I’m gonna relax, I’m gonna relax. (James) Was that the same guy from the meme? That… that- (Aleks) I think that was a different black guy, I think that guy was actually taller (James) No (cop in video): What happened? (woman in video): I don’t know, it slipped there. (cop in video): It just slipped off the road? (woman in video): Yeah. (cop in video): But you weren’t turning from there? (woman in video): No no no no, only straight (cop in video): Okay (woman in video): Yeah, only straight. (cop in video): 10-4 there’s no bicycle involved. There’s no injuries cancel FD (cop in video): Is this the one that got hit? (cop in video): I don’t know, there’s some guy that just came up out of the woods. (other cop): What happened? (guy that came up out of the woods): I don’t know. (cop in video): You know how you got hurt? (guy that came up out of the woods): No, I don’t remember nothin’. (cop in video): You don’t remember anything? (guy that came up out of the woods): No. James: What the fuck is this, dude?
(cop in video): What’d you have for lunch today? (guy that came up out of the woods): I don’t know. (Aleks): [laughing] She fucking hit him with a car. (cop in video): She hit somethin’. (random guy): I don’t know if you see that — that person on the bicycle, and just went and hit him, and that person just flew up in the air. (James): Oh my god! (cop in video): – from behind? (random guy): Yeah. Right behind him. (cop in video): And it flipped him up? (random guy): Way up. (James): Is he high too? What the fuck?
(random guy): Like, more than 10 feet up. (cop in video) Really? (random guy): Yeah. (James): Yeah, more than ten feet up. (video): A male dressed as a female in a wheelchair and a shirtless male (James): What the fuck, dude? (video): You fell down? (Aleks): Wait, dude. (James): I’m not watching any more. (Aleks): You gotta see this play out. This is unscripted content. (video): I am somebody you do not want to mess with, I will hurt you. (James): I have to pee. I don’t even have my makeup on yet Trevor… (Trevor) Well, I can put in black and white. Put it in black and white and can you Photoshop like you know big mess big eyelashes? No, I don’t have the time. Sorry… Me neither. Hey, thanks for watching this video uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Was this Amazon? (Trevor) Youtube. Youtube? (Trevor) Yep. Brett says it’s a great video, so thanks for watching this great video subscribe like, leave a comment. Box for box buy our merch, and Check out our patreon! (Trevor) Woo yeah. Thank you. Thanks guys! (Trevor) Thanks, see ya.


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