You’ll Do For Me Lass – A Yorkshire Love Poem

It’s no disgrace that I miss your face every time I’ve spent time at your place when I’m with you things seem exciting though sometimes yeah they can be frightening. If I sit and think let my mind wander self-doubt creeps in and drags me under. When the weekend’s over and I’m feeling flat that’s when I most crave to hear your laugh work and home life seem mundane when my i-phone beeps I hope it’s your name. I’m not being soppy and I’m not loved up I just like the way you drag me up when I’m feeling down and life’s on top you have the gift to make it stop. You’re the one that made me feel again you’re the one that showed me who I am the one who listens when I chunter on but has the strength to tell me when I’m wrong you’re the one that makes me make you smile put simply girl you’ve got some style.

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