Young Author’s Stories

come on guys we're going high it's Tuesday you guys only have to do this one more time and I don't mean one more day I mean one more Tuesday all right get out I'm sorry enjoy it then I love you have a good day Jordan made a project for the talent show you guys and Jackson just came up and said can I borrow your phone mom I want to make a project oh hey I can get the king you're gonna make the rest of your video later all right let's go Jordan how's school okay yeah that backpack looks awfully big for you now Jordan thought you were getting bigger not smaller yeah yeah uh good day yeah where's Jackson let's get track practice yeah okay we'll go pick up Jackson in a little while okay okay hang up your backpack Jordan what time is it now time to go so goes track good okay we've got dad on the pitcher's mound Jordans up bases are loaded yeah home run do you know why that counts as a home run because you're running and this is home all right daddy's got the windup and me is over here all of that that's not how you hold it Hey coaching coming in all right now she's got it ready oh all right we got Jordan on the pitcher's mound ready I got me up to bat she looks a little scared all right here we go oh okay we've got to change positions here we've got Jackson throwing the ball no all right you guys ready when you're ready okay we've got Mia on the pitcher's mound it's Jordan up to bat whenever you're ready pitcher all right let's try that again try that again strike stee-rike nope that was a strike all right thanks run run run run run run wait ding-dong you can't run to third and he's out so guys who thinks we had a pretty good day today me yeah me too I finished my eagle did you guys all see it let me see what do you guys think how'd it turn out do you like the Eagle different colors there's like five different colors of stain on that yeah you mean like colors yeah like colorful stains I don't know I've not looked maybe more like a painting yeah you know I could just paint it with paint if I wanted to do that I kind of thought it was cool to keep it would colors yeah cuz that's from from it being driftwood we found it on the beach little critters and things that live on the beach burrow into the wood so that's what I did today and then Mia got to bring something home from school today is that what you're holding your hand Mia your young authors store you guys finally got to bring home your stories from young authors day sweet I guess we're gonna listen a couple of books then Hey all right Mele I read us your story okay what's the story called crystal and April wanted to go first one down to the water I love the seagull it's awesome the two girls and the two turtles became best friends and happily ever after the end very good story my princess I loved it very good very good yay okay now it's Jordan's turn to read his young authors story your teacher did things a little bit differently though didn't she she told you guys you had to write a specific story and she told you the parameters at which to write it right so tell us how you did it and we all got different biomes at the desert space Aikens Arctica the ocean the jungle I got the ocean so I chose the three little squid in the big bad tuna the story is dedicated to my mom once upon a time there were three little squids in a big bad team their names are Sophie's onions at the tune his name was Tina one day that the squids went to their mom's funeral because she was eaten by the big bad tuna and momma squid will she put that all the squid she found their own shelters yeah those folders are difficult just give it to Malia she'll keep them in order okay so he found a shell but there was a crab thing so he asked the crab they have that shell to build a house crabs like yes you may so have you select you another Sonia was swimming and found a rock she tried to get in it but a lobster was under it she has the lobster – Theresa has that rock lobster sent up a liar yes you may live in shock I'm moving out have them happily she moved in Seth was rushing to find a shelter do it for ten days and finally he found it a cruise ship we love to see if there's anyone living there sure enough there was an octopus pretending to drive the ship Seth asked the octopus excuse me kind sir they live in the ship the other person yes siree boyo you can hang out anywhere in here but sleeping room 318 one day is a big bag – no what – soapy seashell and said I'm tuna tuna I'm Tina tuna Let Me In or I'll push your house in and then Sophie said Tina pushed and pushed and broke that seashell in half Sonia swam and swam Patino's faster after aiding Tina watches so Sonja's wrong she said I'm Tina tune that I'm hungry let me eat you but but Sonia said no I don't want to be so Tina pushed me flip that rock over Sonia swam and swam Bettina was faster Seth decided to build a trap you try to loosen that and attach to the exhaust pipe in the fool so in danger came you and pull the net eventually Tina came in she said I'm Tina tonight your family so I will eat YouTube Seth swim to the exhaust pipe and tug the net with all his might he tugged in time again finally he trapped Tina she said I will eat you little squid suddenly a pair of scuba divers came and took Tina way now to plan two funerals the end very good story Jordan Bravo Bravo good story good story yay I'm playing baseball in the yard so after we played a little practice round in the driveway we actually decided to take all of our baseball stuff and go play in the field was that more fun or was it more fun in the driveway you won oh man I the kid team beat the mom and dad team you guys yeah that's it we're gonna take you down uh but for now I think it's probably time to put all these smartypants asses tobot playing baseball

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