Young Chicago Authors: Giving Public School Students a Voice: The Daily Show

the chicago public school system is having a tough time but there are some people out there who say the students are to blame in Chicago there's no incentive for kids to go to school they would rather make money selling drugs and guns okay angry news lady but you know what let's hear from a recent graduate I am donating 1 million dollars so why is this guy giving his hard-earned candy money to a public school system well according to writer and sociologist Eve Ewing the problem is that many people have abandoned that system all together even though Chicago as a city is about 1/3 white white residents in the city are by and large opting out of the public school system well you know strong black women weak to figure this out well that's part of the problem though right is that like when people like chance step up and say I'm gonna give all this money to try to fix the schools that's awesome but at the same time he shouldn't have to do that as a private citizen right public schools are supposed to be for everybody this wasn't supported by the public yeah America don't work that way I know it's a bummer that's one way to put it and chance and Eve would know they both went to Chicago Public Schools but they share something else in common as students they had some outside help from young Chicago authors a non-profit after-school writing program so I sat down with poet and artistic director Kevin Koval to find out more about why we believe that young people are the best documentaries and the best experts of their own experience and that as a civic society we should probably be paying attention more closely to what young people are saying oh that sounds exhausting yeah but they're great though but I mean they're so smart and they're so talented ya know it really is and young people are actually very hip very savvy they constantly make these brilliant acute political insights into into the way our society should be and you know some ways that becomes the adult bureaucracies that we create that become the problem yeah you're definitely a poet you just said a lot of work I don't they sounded so good okay that's good I don't know what all of the men I'm not sure my celebrant okay okay the place where kids learn how to find their own voices cool NYC eighth annual youth poetry competition louder than the bonds and largest we run the longest-running youth open mic in the world open mics open mics those things or people get on stage and speak a bunch of bull hey white man come out of your shell hey white man don't kiss your cousin and tell check my privilege and then it's been three hours and I've heard the same pun so often like super dildo I guarantee if you are here you will have a good time Kevin really had me with his big words and beautiful eyes but these open mics man I don't know I guess it was time for me to meet one of these little YCA kids so I headed down to Chicago's South Side where I met 17 year old Trey Trey Queens YCA has helped him develop as a poet I'll be the judge of that have you written any like love poems for like you know somebody you like I have I wrote my first love for him as a sophomore I read it – where did you do it were like Romeo and Juliet stand on this balcony in our review situation um if the balcony was a stage you perform it already zone performed it guys the balls on this young man this dude they're willing to text me back the seventeen-year-old is out here getting you in these streets step her game up gentlemen on top of everything else why see a thought this kid how to play the game of love Jam I think why serious really helped me kind of realize Who I am not just as an artist but as a person in general it just gives you a chance to speak your truth okay so I mean are you going in this overnight tonight yes I am at fact I'll be performing and you know will make my day what I would love if you came oh this babyface poets really gonna have me going to the one thing I can't stand all right I'll make you a deal I what comes it open mic you gotta win there's not really a listen there's always where the strikers you're gonna open like you seen losers before thank thank you okay look I gotta go I'm gonna go okay no it is I'll see you yeah I got you I got you oh they're no winners wait that night I showed up looking amazing as usual but I gotta say when Trey went up on stage I was nervous as hell the following is letter to poetry to her my spot at the table they put you baby girl you were fine I've been thinking if we plan it right and put spacing between our stances we could be stars but what do you know about a man who has been macking reverses back from occur she chatted with first relaxed up in church the magic of church to trap news the gospel of rap the hostile Akash the back pew the covers never developed the fellas to ask you like what is your castle like who are you attracted to I didn't need to be nervous Trey on the other performance killed it and instead of treating these kids like a bunch of hoodlums they don't care about school maybe we should be helping them develop their voice just like YCA does oh and I guess I was wrong about open nights too there's at least one of them that doesn't sir [Applause]

40 thoughts on “Young Chicago Authors: Giving Public School Students a Voice: The Daily Show

  1. Funny Cool Awesome good comedy girl Kevin oval Deep poet powerful

  2. This is all lame ass BS.
    Literally hiring any black dude off the street to act poorly.
    So much for representing the truth of shit.

    And seriously, tell the fat one to lay off the pills.

  3. Dulce Sloan is probably my favorite current correspondent right now

  4. I really hope Chicago public schools can make a come back. We donโ€™t need another city like New York where you have to pay for private school for a decent education

  5. Where's Trevor?

  6. is anyone else having problems playing Daily Show videos?

  7. Education should not be for the wealthy. This is not a black or white issue. This is a green issue.

  8. Power to these students of Chicago's public schools! These teens give me a lot of hope.

  9. wait.. So you have a white guy directing a black program.. hmm! could be, black directors in Chicago are jus not interested in these types of programs, or Chicago does not have, qualified black artistic directors to run these types of programs! Or maybe, he's the best man for the task at hand, he jus so happen to be white( and Jewish). Either which way, these types of programs, albeit, very necessary programs! end up not feeding the plant the right nutrients!
    there's not a black soul, whether in spirit or in life, DIRECTING a Jewish, and or a predominately white community program in the United States of America!

  10. Great video, but I'm really not a fan of the applause track.

  11. LOL! This woman reminds me of Ester Rolle (Florida Evans of Good Times).

  12. Shout out to TDS for being that platform for me to "speak my truth"
    All love to you #DulceSLoan!

  13. Good story, terrible presenter. Why do I feel that every 'reporter' of the daily show now has to be a typical racial minority who indulges in their stereotypes. This coming from an African who grew up in Canada and lives in the Caribbean, one who has seen and experienced many ethnic groups.

  14. How is a show on Comedy Central some if the best television ever produced?


  16. They run Louder than a Bomb? My distinctly non-Chicago school participated in that.

  17. click hate respectively country weather supply regulation.

  18. Airline bedroom take bzotyc official abuse meanwhile main onto.

  19. this sucks. Education is the most powerful tool in solving most of the global issues we face and the govt is so hellbent on taking it away. Remember people, education is your human right! Keep fighting people! ๐Ÿ’ช

  20. You know who has more privilege than me? Anyone with more money regardless of race. Bill Cosby got away with quite a lot of stuff. Must have been that black privilege..except that doesn't exist. It's wealth privilege

  21. Dulce Sloan is the bomb. Love the attitude and her freshness. Great bit.


  23. โ€œCheck my privilegeโ€ LOL what are you talking about man?

  24. WTF is wrong with youtube??? Everytime I click on a daily show vid, it's blacked out… All i get is sound…

  25. her sassiness is so disturbing, i cannot watch this shit. its made for an audience with a attention span of a trump

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