Your UGC NET English Notes are Incomplete Without These 7 Facts

35 thoughts on “Your UGC NET English Notes are Incomplete Without These 7 Facts

  1. Madam your videos are very effective than all other videos …please teach only in English if possible .. 😣😣😣 we are unable to understand hindhi

  2. Mam, my humble request to you please give a link of last year's English literature questions & their solutions( paper 1& 2 )urgent please

  3. Great video Mam once again…Love your teaching Mam..U always clear vry imp point..Big fan of yours…Thanks a lot.

  4. Love you. Help a lot. U have worked a lot to make easy for us. May I know the pay for online course

  5. Just one thing guys i would like to add that if you feel these writers as if they are still a part of this era it makes the retention of the facts easier. The mind will not treat them as unconventional or uncanny. I have tried it out n its working wonders for me. Rest we have a superb catalyst in the form of Arpita "Phenomenal" Karwa.

  6. Mars se nhi aayenge ha ha😄 thank you mem, love you inspiring us

  7. Very very helpful mam , please upload on coming net exam's paper Demo , because net exam will come with new style, please help me

  8. good coherence in explaining the steps.. Keep up the good work.. God Bless u gal!!

  9. Best one existing in the NET market is Arpita Karwa videos.

  10. Thank you for the video. I want to ask one thing how to study minor works of Ben Johnson, Tennyson?

  11. Mam..I was really worried but after watching this m feeling good..Love u mam..God bless u

  12. Thanku so much Arpita. I am in love with your videos and strategy. They are really helping. Genuinely I didn't find something that much helpful for my preparation, on Internet. Now I am very much clear about my preparation. You are upcoming star in English literature field. Your passion about literature and must say your hardwork is really inspiring. 👌👌👍👍

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