“You’re Not Alone” – A Mental Health Awareness Spoken Word Poem

I’ve always said that the most powerful words
in the English language are, “You are not alone.” This one is for those that don’t know,
or have forgotten. Somewhere right now there is a young girl sitting at a dinner table,
trying to think of an excuse to get up and go to the bathroom so she can make herself
throw up the meal she’s just finished eating. Somewhere else, there’s a young boy sitting
in a bathroom stall, bawling his eyes out while he tries to keep the razor blade steady.
Halfway around the world, there’s a woman sitting in the corner of her bedroom, trying
to block out the voices long enough so she can take a shower. There’s a man jumping from
strange bed to strange bed, each morning greeted by a different face, hoping that the next
one will be the one to break through and make him feel something. To that boy in class trying
to hide his wrists from his teachers, and the girl huddled on the bathroom floor, crying
because she can’t stop herself from vomiting, to the woman who can’t grip anything because
her fingernails are chewed to the point of bleeding, and the man who wishes that for
just a moment he could genuinely cry, or smile, or feel ANYTHING. To the kids who stay up
at night crying because they can’t figure out why they’re not like everyone else, and
to those who feel like they’re slowly drowning because they’re too busy hiding that secret
part of them from their loved ones, I see you, and you are not alone. I know that doesn’t
make everything alright, and I know it doesn’t bring your mother, father, husband, or wife
home at night, and I know it doesn’t stop the voices in the back of your mind telling
you that it’s all your fault. I know that these words are not a cure-all, and they’re
not going to change the world, but you need to know that you are not alone. You are special
BECAUSE you are not like them. You are a superhero. You belong to a select group of individuals
who are forced to hide their secret identity behind a mask, and THAT is nothing to be ashamed
of. They will never understand the kind of superpower that it takes for some people to
just get out of bed in the morning. They will never know the daily struggle that it takes
for some to simply function. And that’s okay, because not everyone is meant to understand
what that means, but what it means is that you are beautiful. You are worth it. You are
stronger than you think, and you are stronger than they could possibly know. I know that
when they tell you that “everyone struggles,” or that you just “just get over it,” all you
want to do is punch them in the throat. But just remember that just because THEY don’t
know, does not mean that you are all alone. It may not get easier, but I promise that
it gets better. So keep on putting on your cape every morning and saving your world one
heroic act at a time. And don’t ever let them make you feel like forcing yourself to get
out of bed, or take a shower, or eat, is not a heroic deed. Because for some, there’s no
such thing as a simple task. And that is unfair, I know. But when you’re at your lowest, just
remember:You are not alone.

48 thoughts on ““You’re Not Alone” – A Mental Health Awareness Spoken Word Poem

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  2. I love your poetry. When I listen to your voice it very relaxing to me (to have just one moment of peace is always welcomed) and your passion gives me hope that I am not alone. I am so glad I found you or… did you find me…(?)

  3. Such a powerful piece that everyone should take the time to listen to.

  4. dear a.s.minor I thank you for this great amazing helpful video I feel encouraged I can do things without pain and thanks for making me not feel alone your the best ever this is my mom's account but my name is Jarrod and I am one of thoughs special kids thank you you inspired me to be a real special kid a real super hero and I thank you for that everyone who's watching this video I'm a special superhero and I have autism and it's ok to be different some stuff will change but you'll change as well

  5. that should have said make MORE videos someday as I know you'll be helping more people. ; )

  6. Mom here….you just made his whole week by replying. Thank you again. I knew he'd be inspired. Thank you for your kind words.

  7. the content is highly relevant, his point is well articulated, the video is entertaining while forcing one to engage & think
    ……. An awesome rant
    Guy Hemphill, creator of "I hate poetry-the musings of a madman"

  8. Excellent! For those who are religious or not. Just beautiful and good to hear.

  9. Palpable! Your words can help to heal. TRUTH is beautiful. And this is a
    beautiful piece! Keep using your VOICE! #SpokenWordPoetryHeals

  10. Just Thank you… this is so well said I'm literally crying right now. It fits 100%. People who havn't experienced what we have, just don't understand. I struggle every single morning, having no reason to get up out of bed. No reason to eat. No reason to drink. No reason to shower. The crushing lonelynes. The crushing anxiety. The crushing depression. The loss of the will to live. The immense psychological pain. This video is like a tiny light at the end of the dark tunnel. It gives me strength to know, there are people like me. Fellow superheroes. It's giving me hope. Hope that one day, just for a moment. I might actually be able to be… happy. Thank you again A.S. Minor ~Crossie

  11. this made me cry so much… thank you for everything… xx πŸ’“

  12. Just when I needed something like this the most, I see a video posted on a facebook page and I end up here, and I burst into tears because I feel so alone! Realistically I know I'm not, so many friends tell me I'm not alone, that I am worth it, etc but I still feel alone.. Thank you for this. Really thank you! <3

  13. Wow… Thank you for believing in me. Even though we don't know each other, thank you.

  14. this absolutely fantastic and it means so much to me. Thank you so much. I was wondering if you could post just an audio of this so I could possibly use it this in my presentation on mental illnesses. Would that be alright?

  15. Not a lot speaks to me, my heart, and my struggle, and has me feeling accepted in the end. I felt accepted by this message. Is there a version without music. There is part of me that thinks the music is cheesy. But the majority of me knows that I can overlook the music I think is cheesy because the message is powerful and profound. And exactly what I need to hear.

  16. I am in tears, but not in a bad way. Thank you. This is incredible. I am going to be watching anytime I feel suicidal. This poem is a life saver. I just subscribed to your channel. You are a amazing person. I have Bipolar disorder, and PTSD. I have spent most of my life in and out of hospitals. I've been abused, and shamed my whole life. I have attempted suicide 50+ times, and I'm still here fighting. You are right, we are superheros.

  17. I was diagnosed with insomnia, severe Depression, and severe anxiety for two years. I'm 13 years old, I have done many things I regret, but, it still hurts. I feel better. And thanks to you, you are helping me accept my past. My family life is amazing it's my school….

  18. I'm dealing with the fallout of an abusive relationship, parents divorcing, a broken heart from a girl I'm hopelessly in love with but said to my face "we will never ever be together", an abusive home, losing friends, and failing high school. I try every day to just live. I found this and put it on repeat. It made this 17 year old put down a bottle of liquor that he stole from his father because he can't get the help he needs. Thank you so very much. You'll never know what this video did for me tonight.

  19. This is so beautiful! Thank you so much for your strong words and your support!

  20. Wow! Omg you said it all. I m in love with this perfect work πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’™

  21. The thing I need most to feel better from being diagnosed with cancer and I survived

  22. Thank you for this. I was already going through a hard time and then the dog I’ve had for 11/12 years of my life died two days ago.

  23. I’m now 15, and I just had surgery a year ago. I had somehow lacerated my ovary and it crystallized. I spent a year in constant pain going in and out of hospitals. My friends weren’t there for me. They broke many promises and we are not friends now. My family supported me. The doctors didn’t know what it was, until one day I was rushed to the ER at 4 AM, and I had surgery 8 hrs later. After that I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and now am suffering a stomach condition from what we think was from the pain meds. My dad promised me it would all be over after the surgery and he was wrong, the ovary wasn’t the issue. (Well part of it). My previous conditions have healed tho my anxiety is still meh. I’m so much happier, and I cannot thank u enough for poetry. Even tho I feel like I’m dying physically, my family and I are so much closer. I lost over 3 pounds in two months from lack of food and I’m already tiny as is XD Plz continue your poetry bc u don’t know how much it helps people through there everyday lives

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