YouTube Premieres

In this video, we’ll give you an overview
of YouTube Premieres, which is a feature that lets you and your viewers watch and experience
your new video together. Here’s how you can create a Premiere of
your own. You start by uploading a video, just as you
normally would. In the dropdown, select Scheduled. Now select the video you want to upload. While the video is processing, toggle on Premiere. Then, pick a date and time for your Premiere. This is when your fans will watch your video
for the first time. Next, fill out your title and description, and don’t forget to select a thumbnail. Once the video is done processing, hit Premiere. As soon as you do this, a shareable watch
page is created. This watch page is where the video will eventually
premiere. Until then, you can use this page to engage
with viewers and promote your Premiere. Keep in mind that the watch page is public
as soon as it’s created. We have a few tips for promoting your Premiere. To get your viewers excited, chat with them
before and during the Premiere. Don’t forget – the watch page is shareable. Make sure to tease the Premiere by sharing
the URL in the Community tab or across social media networks. Finally, remember to tell your viewers to
set a reminder for the Premiere! If they’re subscribed, your viewers will
also be able to discover the Premiere by checking their subscriptions feed and your channel. Your video will have a Premiere badge to indicate
that it’s an upcoming Premiere. Here’s another tip: tell your subscribers
to ring the bell to ensure they receive a notification. Okay, so let’s fast forward to when your Premiere
is almost about to start! For viewers who have opted in, a tune-in notification
is sent around 30 minutes before the start. This helps ensure that your viewers are in
their seats when the show is about to begin. At the Premiere’s scheduled time, a countdown
begins and a second notification is sent to viewers who have opted in. Your Premiere will also re-appear in your
subscribers’ feeds. As soon as the countdown is over, your video
starts playing and viewers will watch your new video together. This is an exciting launch moment for you
and your fans, so be present! Fans love it when the creator joins in on
chat during the Premiere. As the creator, your chat will be highlighted
at the top of the chat window for a few moments. If you’re eligible, you can also enable
Super Chat. Once the Premiere is over, your video remains
on your channel as a normal upload. You’ll see that the watch page URL and video
URL are the same. Note that chat replay will be automatically
enabled, but you can disable this at any time. And that’s it! Subscribe to our channel for more YouTube
tips and tricks.

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  4. I used once and i regret it! Because my viewers guess me in the live stream! Premier feature is very very new for my country! I saw my premiere chatlist a lot of "Woow are you streaming?" "Aaaaa he is open the live stream!" 😂😂😂😂

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  6. Wait does the video return to 4K after the premiere or does it stay at 1080p?

  7. saya akan melakukan itu, untuk memberi tahu pelanggan saya tentang video yang akan saya upload

  8. So a few questions.

    First, why does the red bar not appear across the bottom of the thumbnail like regular videos?

    Second, if we hide the premiere announcement from our Subscription feed, does it also hide the video proper when it actually shows up?

    Third, how do we prevent premiere announcements from appearing on our Subscription feed? Subscription feeds should only contain videos, not announcements of videos not actually available.

  9. Can somebody help me out I have an issue with youtube premiere feature ?
    Earlier I was able to set the premiere time but Now I am unable to set the premiere timing.
    There is only one option i.e. "Premiere Now"

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  13. This feature looked really promising and I tried it for the first time today. It made me embarass myself in front of my friends and followers by only displaying in 360p. Thankfully only 7 people attended, so the damage was minimal. Don't release features unless they work as intended, meaning at least 720 / 1080p upon release. Thank you, and I will never use this again until that has been fixed 🙂

  14. I got a great idea youtube…. Ok, so…… What if there was like a Private chat in live streams and I do not mean like those friend people to chat only with them private chat I mean like a VIP chat. And how it'll work is you need to have youtubers to invite you to a VIP chat or you need to join the youtubers for a month and then you get an access to the VIP chat, any of those 2 would work…. And then on the live stream chats you get 2 split live stream chats, public chat is on the left and private is on the right. Only VIP people can chat on the VIP private chat. And in the live stream screen, there would be like 2 chat boxes. Like how in live streams you could see their chats and I am talking about when you in full screen and the live stream set up. How awesome will it be? It be like sitting in a VIP seat all alone. But in chat.

  15. Why do you have to make it mandatory to have that horrible music in there? Why can't you have an option for SILENT COUNT DOWNS, or put OUR OWN Music choices in there?

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  17. Wow, jesus christ, all this over a man speaking?
    Also, thanks! It really helped!

  18. Kapan chanel saya di monetisasi oleh YouTube. Sudah 4 bulan menunggu kabar dari YouTube terkait monetisasi

  19. We live in a society in which you can tell someones 'sexuality' by the way they talk

  20. Why do videos premiere in 360p? the video i originally uploaded was 1080p

  21. Im going to do this when I have many subscribers so good luck for me 💗😂

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