YouTube vs Grey: A Ballad of Accidental Suspension

‘Twas a Sunday morning when I woke up, happy and ready for the day, when suddenly… [alarm sounding] (as YouTube bot)
Your access to YouTube has been suspended (as Grey)
Wha… why? (as YouTube bot)
because of a perceived violation of the terms of service (as Grey)
Really? What could I have possibly done? (as YouTube bot)
Irrelevant! “YouTube reserves the right to terminate your account at any time, for any reason.” Was this helpful? Yes / No (as Grey)
This messenger from Olympus had reminded me that we are all but homunculi at the whims of a capricious algorithmic god. Which is useful to keep in mind. So… yes? Technically? But I wasn’t happy with the gods. So, I did what any brave hero would do. Towards Olympus, I tweeted. [birds chirping] Alas, it was the weekend. And there was no one to hear my chirping. All was despair. Now, you’re able to watch this video because I did, when the work week started, eventually make it through the system to discover YouTube had suspended my account for impersonation — of me. Which was a bit… wut? Maybe the YouTube bots thought my verified channel was acting a bit too ‘bot-like.’ Which is ridiculous. So they shut it down. But I may never know. Anyway, I’m here reciting this’s hero’s ballad as a reminder to everyone who makes things on a platform: that the gods are arbitrary and their rules of who can speak from Olympus are but words of whimsy on the wind. And follow them or not, you may be knocked off at any time. For any reason. There is only one of the ancient, sleepy titans left from the pre-web days whose indifference to all allows all upon his mountain: Email. Though his son, Gmail sure is trying to dethrone him. But, the titan still holds on… for now at least. What I’m saying is if you’re a creator, I strongly suggest you get yourself an email list. And if you’re a viewer who likes the videos I make, consider signing up for my email list. There’s about a hundred thousand of you already there, which is amazing, but also far short of the millions of you here that YouTube says it very diligently and very reliably notifies about my videos. So before you watch the newest one, (which I’m sure you got notified for) please consider clicking here and joining my email list. While you’re doing that, I’m going to work on my next video. And also prepare a sacrifice to the gods to pray they don’t smite me again before it’s done. [music fading]

100 thoughts on “YouTube vs Grey: A Ballad of Accidental Suspension

  1. Cgp grey starts posting videos more than once a quarter. Bots suspect him of impersonation. To be fair to the bots, this probably would have been my conclusion too lol.

  2. Remember kids. Don't impersonate yourselves…


  3. So, it's a greylist then? Grand (clicks thing, enters address, clicks thing and double-opt thing).

  4. you are a big youtuber and what you do? show… nothing. Youtube fucked you and you accepted it and only mentioned your email-list. You are one of the few people that can do more and force the website (with help of your viewers to change). But no, you just took cover. I cant like that.

  5. Youtube has actually been shoving that latest video down my feed very adamantly.
    Anyway, I have very strong suspicions that yt engineers have been fiddling with the system a lot – features breaking down, algorithm being weird and the bots rioting.

  6. The problem is YouTube is NOT a platform. It is a publisher. The difference is critical, and needs to be understood and YouTube (and social media in general) needs to start being treated as a publisher.

  7. Just pointing this out:

    This kind behavior is why someone went on a shooting spree outside the YouTube office in San Bruno, CA.

    If you want YouTube to stop exploiting their own community, you must demand liberty or death.

  8. Grey has a source of income for his videos that isn't YouTube so he feels comfortable posting more. Hooray!

    The lesson is this: sign up for nebula at

  9. How ironic… You want me to prevent you being treated like a bot by YouTube and you want me to subscribe to your bot-mailing list for notification? Trading a pull notification to a push notification, it is a categoric no! I can anytime shutdown the pull notification myself but I cannot prevent a bot to flood my email and being at the mercy of a non-listening mailing list unscribing system. I lost control of too many email address due to un-shutdownable notification. I would prefer a RSS feed instead.

  10. email list is old
    telegram channel is cool and in

    I mean, to be honest, i want my emails to be clean. An email something of big relevance for me. Like a Bill, an email from the university or some secure authentification code. In any case, it's important. I filter my mails for junk. I never get to see that.
    For a new CGP Grey video, it is something im definetely interested in, but it is not that _relevant_. So i don't want it in my emails. I already joined some telegram channels from other youtubers that are having problems with "the algorithm", some are even banned frequently. I myselve like this organization.

    But i can fully understand if you don't want to get just another messaging service ontop of email, whatsapp, facebook, twitter, …….. whatever

  11. I'm using the undocumented RSS Feeds of YouTube Channels becuase of that for 3 years now

  12. You posted too many videos grey. You scared youtube grey. You are a source of money grey. they were protecting their money grey… are not a person grey. Youtube channels get hacked grey.

  13. Users: hey YouTube can you stop censoring,delisting,demonetising and deleting us? YouTube: do you guys not have corporate backing?

  14. Any chance to get an RSS feed, too? Isn't that pretty much what "feeds" are for? Or is there a company/god behind them, too?

  15. Soon to come Big Tech goes 'minority report'. Your autonomous car will drive you to jail. Or a car crusher. If not driving, a Waymo will be dispatched

  16. I can’t because join the E Mail thing because I’m a kid and my parents won’t let me but I still support CGP Grey. Go CGP Grey!!!

  17. And while this happens, actual stolen content that is uploaded or re-uploaded against the original creators consent gets left up while Youtube makes the process of removing actually fake accounts that steal content very very hard.

  18. YouTube's algorithm is so good at notifying me, that I just got this video in my feed only 3 DAYS after it was posted….

  19. No…. Another youtuber had similar problem and he found out that YouTube is checking all accounts on a regular basis now. And a real person is doing that. So it weren't the bots doing that.

    but i will join your emailing list

  21. As someone who is an active notification squad member, I definitely only found out about this video 3 days later on the home page.

  22. It's almost like people shouldn't have been okay with Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook all simultaneously deleting Alex Jones. It's almost like there were people back then saying this isn't about the rules, it's about the whims of tech company overlords.

  23. I had felt the wrath of the YouTube gods, they had knocked my old channel down because my 10 year old brother, the co-founder of my old channel. I had no choice but to make a new one.

  24. Would it make you happy if you heard that YouTube actually recommended this video to me ?


  26. After betrayal from the god of youtube, you changed your belief and started to pray to the god of Twitter.

  27. Here is a thing I do to not miss any one of the videos from the creators I follow. Everytime I go into youtube I go to the subs tab, there I can see every video uploaded by a a channel im subed to. Then I go about every video that calls my attention based on topic/image/itttle and add them to watch later until reach the videos from the last time I checked the list.

    So basically I have a "to watch list" I can simply open and enjoy in order… or not.

  28. All of the YouTube Ad-pocalypse chattering, I wasn't at all surprised at 0:20. Any outsider to YouTube would be very, very surprised.

  29. After that Coppa BS our safety went to Zilch. We shouldn’t be penalized be a use parents don’t watch their kids

  30. Huh, it's almost as if we shouldn't turn over the keys to the 1st Amendment kingdom to a massive, multinational corporation and should fight to protect the virtual public spaces.

  31. Is there an alternative god for creative content producers to pray and subjugate themselves to? One more benevolent and open than the malignant and arbitrary YouTube? Platform competition. That's what is needed. Let's make it happen.

  32. Why do you put all your eggs in one basket? You should look into other video platform services. Hopefully a distributed one.

  33. Hate email lists and hate corporate bullying but I do love your channel, keep up the good fight

  34. Email isn't the only solution! There's also RSS feeds! Which Grey wisely uses as well.

  35. I hope more people move away from YouTube and YouTube either dies because they abused their power or they finally stop fucking over creators on their platform

  36. I would joke about "who are you and what have you done with the real Grey" after seeing how much youve uploaded this past week… but it might be in bad taste.

  37. Easter eggs:
    0:00 Greys recharging station behind pillow
    0:01 Bee outside
    0:07 Sad sun
    0:35 lord of the rings sword
    0:45 IPhone 11 pro
    0:49 reference to lord of the rings gate (I think)
    0:56 Violation letter
    1:04 CGP Grey as a bot
    2:18 A pile of iPads

  38. Google 2009:  ''Do no evil.''

    Google in 2019:   ''We who control the net will tell you what 'evil' means… It means whatever we say it means!  Now, how many fingers am I holding up?''

  39. Algorithmic? If only. They know exactly what they are doing and they couldn't care less about you.

    And no, I'm not going to join your fucking email list. How about really criticising youtube instead of just covering your ass? If you actually took a stance then maybe id consider it.

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