You’ve Been Making Fried Chicken Wrong This Whole Time

A lot of home cooks avoid making fried chicken
because the task can seem too daunting. But it’s not as hard as you think if you take
into account a few handy tips. Once you reach that home-cooked fried chicken
nirvana, you’ll never turn back. Here are some common mistakes blocking your
path to damn good DIY fried chicken. Cooking cold chicken Take chicken from the fridge, dredge, and
fry, right? Nope! Before you do anything to the chicken at all,
do yourself a favor and let it sit at room temperature for at least 30 minutes. When you fry cold chicken, the temp of the
oil drops drastically. As a result, the chicken cooks unevenly, and
you definitely don’t want that. Not drying the chicken well Patting your chicken dry with paper towels
seems like a small, inconsequential step, but it’s actually quite important to do before
you get to the dredging stage. By ensuring the surface of the chicken is
completely dry, you get an even coating of flour instead of ugly, irregular lumps. Not using all the chicken parts Sure, the fried chicken emoji on your iPhone
is a drumstick, but that doesn’t mean you should only fry up drumsticks! You should make use of all the chicken parts. For large breast pieces, be sure to cut them
into smaller chunks so they can cook evenly and at the same rate as the rest of the bird. Not using a brine If you don’t want to end up with dry, tasteless
chicken, use a well-seasoned brine. It’s a surefire way to make any meat cook
up tender and succulent. In addition to adding moisture, the brine
injects salt into the meat, essentially breaking down the proteins and tenderizing it. Don’t skip this crucial step! Flour fails In addition to seasoning your brine, be sure
to season the flour as well. While you can season the dredging flour with
whatever spices your heart desires, at the very least you ought to use a liberal amount
of good kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper. Fried chicken is best with a light coating
of flour. You’re going for that light, crispy, addictive
crust. Using too much flour for dredging results
in wet, soggy, greasy crust. Simply throw your seasoned flour into a large
resealable plastic bag, add the chicken pieces, and shake gently. Using a large pot While you may think you need to lug out your
biggest pot in order to fry the chicken in gallons of oil, you might be surprised that
a big pot isn’t necessary for small-batch frying. Unless you’re making enough fried chicken
to service a large crowd, a skillet will do just fine. This way you can easily flip the pieces without
scary oil splatters. “You gotta keep on your toes. Toes, that is!” Using the wrong oil Be sure to fry your chicken in refined oils
with high smoking points. The smoking point simply refers to the temp
at which the oil starts to break down and emit unpleasant fumes. Sesame, peanut, and canola oils are all great
for frying chicken. Extra virgin olive oil? Not so much. Frying at the wrong temp Invest in a cooking thermometer to make sure
you’re cooking fried chicken at the right temperature, which is between 300 and 325
degrees Fahrenheit. At this heat, the chicken gets a nice crisp
crust with no burning and the inside is delightfully cooked through. Overcrowding the pan One of the keys to even cooking is avoiding
an overcrowded pan. Work in batches in order to leave plenty of
space between chicken pieces. You want to have ample room for flipping the
chicken to ensure it’s an irresistible golden brown all over. Not letting the chicken rest Biting into hot fried chicken is tempting,
but you’re better served if you wait. You won’t burn your mouth eating piping hot
meat, plus the resting time gives the juices a chance to redistribute, rewarding you with
super juicy chicken. Draining on paper towels While many of us instinctively drain fried
foods on paper towels so they can absorb the excess oil, fried chicken should be drained
on wire cooling rack. Letting those crispy chicken pieces sit on
a wad of paper is one surefire way to create steam, resulting in soggy crust syndrome. After all that hard work? No thank you. “Wow. What a chicken!” Thanks for watching! Click the Mashed icon to subscribe to our
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100 thoughts on “You’ve Been Making Fried Chicken Wrong This Whole Time

  1. I have a question…please don't judge
    I'm struggling to fry this chicken NO MATTER WHAT I DO the inside wouldn't get cooked!
    I tried puncturing it (Is that the right word?) with little holes using a fork to try to get the hat inside but nope! It still is VERY RAW.
    Sure the outside looks yummy, crispy and indeed flavorful but when you get to the inside it's just no…just no like I said RAW!

  2. Entire time i been using Extra Virgin Oilve Oil and every time i finished eating the oil was always the first taste instead of the flavor and bread and of course the chicken. I want a chicken taste dammit!!!!

  3. Just listen to FOGHORN! He knows! I say-I say…he knows! 🤣😂

  4. Leaving your chicken out to get room temperature = salmonella! Smh

  5. Its not cook that is troublesome its the cleaning after. The whole kitchen feels like its cover with a layer of oil 🙁

  6. Grandma says never let a white person tell you how to fry chicken or how to season a cast iron skillet

  7. Ok ummmm what about vegetable oil do just fine..thank you ma'am…THE SOUTH ALWAYS DOES IT BEST HUNNY!👊👊✌

  8. This video confirms that I've been making Fried Chicken the RIGHT way this whole time. This is everything I do and so does my entire family.

  9. I made my fried chicken in sunflower oil it tasted great ? Ill try the different peanut oil next time to taste any difference!

  10. Super Suggestions. Now here is mine. Just go down to your local Auntie M's, ours is located in a Circle 'K' Quick Shop. Bring it home and fix the sides. YUMMMMMMMMM….

  11. I seen the Hot sauce and that's the only thing I seen. I know how to fry chicken… Only thing she did ALL the way WRONG… SHE DIDN'T WASH THAT CHICKEN!!!

  12. This video is for whites and it’s still wrong 😂 . Anyone black doesn’t need all that extra stuff and you don’t have to brine your chicken (although you can). There is a misconception that Africans got fried chicken from the Scots. No…fried chicken was in America BEFORE THE SCOTS came along. it was simply a commonality of the two cultures. Scotland’s fried chicken is unseasoned meat dumped in hot oil with no batter. African chicken was commonly fried in palm oil. They already knew about frying chicken, when we came to America it wasn’t nothing new, we added a batter/flour and seasoning, like we would usually do when frying chicken in palm oil in Africa. And You use vegetable oil!

    The Scots were the prob the LAST to know about frying chicken and the FIRST EUROS to fry chicken probably, but frying chicken has been in existence in Africa and in Asia long before euros got their hands on it. Black people did not get fried chicken from white folks. White people love to credit themselves for a technique and/or food staple that had already existed in African cuisine.

  13. Bitch shut up just eat the chicken all you gonna do is poop it out

  14. Who still shakes their chicken in a brown paper bag?? Best way to evenly coat …shake off excess flour , dip it in the pot..

  15. Seasame oil? maybe for tampura, but it'll burn long before bone-in chicken is done.

  16. Every question answered and with the lady's beautiful accent. So smooth.😉

  17. Someone flunked Culinary Arts class frying cold chicken. You have to thaw it with lukewarm or cold water.

  18. that chicken look so damn good ugh i want some mail me some please lol

  19. The best fried chicken i ever had did not have any flour or batter.

  20. Fried chicken is the easiest thing to make and the recipes you spoke about are terrible 😂

  21. Who's been frying chicken wrong all this time …not brown people thats for sure🤷🏾‍♀️

  22. Why white people always telling people they doing something wrong . Do they remember where they was living before they stole n kill. We taught them how to live.

  23. I brined mine over night with cayun pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, chicken seasoning, salt, lemon juice, and hot sauce. Now it is sitting in a butter milk bath for a couple hours to tenderize. The chicken should have absorbed all the flavors really well but I am going to season my flour, cornmeal, corn starch mix just for added flavour not too much seasoning just a little since it sat in the brine. Then boom cover the chicken in the mix and fry them boys up and salt just a pinch after the chicken comes fresh from the grease.

  24. lol wtf what a stupid video' are you running out of ideas or some shit???
    whats next………..your taking a dump wrong!!!


  26. That chicken did not come out of that frying pan. It was from KFC most likely.

  27. I didnt hear one thing I didnt already know. Well except sesame oil. Lol

  28. No I’m pretty sure I have been making fried chicken right this whole time .-.

  29. I was gonna give this video a thumbs down, but I noticed I already did in the past. So I type a thumbs down!👎👎👎

  30. Don’t tell me I’m cooking wrong till you’ve tasted my fried chicken.

  31. This video must be for white folks lol, knew all these thing since i was a child

  32. Maybe its handy to give temperatutes also in celcius for the rest of the world if you like more subscribers that is

  33. You dont need to follow the tips that they upload.Cooking fried chicken isnt about the tips.Its about the tricks the flavours you decision is your spice

  34. Does anyone notice that they have used Gordan Ramsay's Butter milk fried chicken video

  35. 1 you really should use a large pot for frying chicken because no matter the oil used and its smoking point, after the first batch of chicken is cooked the flour that comes off the chicken will remain in the oil and eventually begin to burn, contaminating the oil and progressively burning the oil and the flavor of the chicken with every batch, A large pot of oil allows less contamination due to the increased amount of oil. 2. Whats the best oil to use? Peanut Oil is great but also expensive, canola is common, the absolute best option is a mixture of canola oil and Lard. Lard which is pigs fat contains tons of flavor GREATLY enhancing the flavor of fried chicken. Lard does have a very potent and odd smell when used to cook chicken, but trust that the end results will be beyond restaurant quality. In the past, 1980's and prior, Lard was heavily used for frying , but health scientist mis-diagnosed lard as being dangerous to ones health, and it quickly fell out of favor in peoples homes. Today doctors say that lard is just the opposite of those early analysts, because Lard although pig fat has an extremely low melting point, as such our body very easily removes lard from our digestive system unlike most oils used for cooking. It became clear that those early scientist were in fact working for the major cooking oil brands to sway buyers towards their products instead of traditional cheaper lard brands used in most homes. 3. Adding Potato or Corn startch to your flour. First things to know, not all flours are equal. Think about the type of breading and crust you like about your favorite chicken. A flat crust, similar to Churches chicken or Kfc original recipe is made with a dry all purpose flour. Its crust remains low and close to the skin of the chicken, a mixture of potato or corn starch to the flour greatly enhances the quality of the crust. A self rising flour blooms the crust, And a batter mix, not only blooms the crust but also leaves a soft juicy texture attached to the skin of the chicken, commonly seen with popeyes chicken. 4. Marination. Ok Big misnomer about marinating meats.. 99% of the time your simply wasting your time, because most of the time marinating does not work!. why? because due to the size of the atoms of the ingredients your using the meat will not absorb your ingredients unless you have something acidic aka salt which has only two atoms and can cut a pathway into the meat allowing your ingredients to permintate the meat fibers. In other words buttermilk works because its acidic, brine's for chicken works best and its brine's that most restaurants used to preflavour the chicken. its why their chicken the meat itself has flavor, unlike what most people cook at home, as such salt is very important in regards to making great tasting chicken because it allows flavors to enter the meat, otherwise your simply adding a rub to the exterior of the chicken. here is a video regarding marinating meats

  36. Who is the world is frying cold chicken? That's a thing? Secondly why is the guy patting the chicken with a paper towel AFTER it's seasoned. I've only watched one minute of this video and I'm confused.

  37. My KFC. the C stands for Cats.. in South East Asia we are poor and eat any meat which is also protein.. right?

  38. This video was right i was doing it wrong….

    I forgot the chicken….

  39. She says to dry off meat with paper towels and then you see them pulling sopping wet chicken outta the brine and buttermilk and straight into the flour! 😅🥴🐓🍗🍗🦴🦴😋

  40. How black people make chicken:
    More seasoning

  41. Once you dredge in flour, let it sit for 20 minutes, there will be some moisture from chicken go into the flour. Take this a reflour it again…then cook it.

  42. When i cooked in our commercial deepfryer 250F around 5mins they so hard the breading. How about 300F.. and how many minutes to cooked in deep fryer for

  43. I'm from the south and if a woman can't make good fried chicken she's drummed out of the corps. I'm pretty sure they're asked to move up north. LOL

  44. I was just talking to my mom about frying chicken and this pops up on my YouTube recommendation. Wow YouTube.

  45. Want great fried boneless chicken? Buttermilk brine.
    2 cups butter milk
    2 tbl sp. Frank's red hot sauce
    1 tsp garlic powder
    1/4 tsp.salt
    1/4 tsp. Fresh Ground blk pepper.
    2 tbl sp dill pickle juice.
    Mix well add boneless chicken pieces. Refrigerate min. 3 hrs
    In a zip lock bag
    1 cup flour
    1 tsp smoked paprika
    Pinch of salt
    Fresh ground blk pepper.
    1/2 tsp. Garlic powd
    After 3 hrs take chicken pieces out of buttermilk brine 1 at a time shake in flour mixture set on a rack.we are going to double fry the chicken. This will make it extra crispy.
    Heat canola oil to 325°F gently place chicken pieces in hot oil 1 at a time don't over crowd the pan. Fry 4 to 6 min remove from oil place on a cooling rack. Bring oil temp up to 375°F return chicken to oil about another 5 min or until chicken is a nice golden brown. There is some perfect crispy boneless fried chicken.
    Sauce ideas?
    Equal parts buttermilk mayo sour cream worcestershire 1 clove minced garlic 1/2 tsp. lem juice add finely chopped dill, pursley,green onion.
    Mix well. Nice ranch dipping sauce. MAKE THIS YOU WILL LOVE IT. You can put it on a fried chicken sandwich too.
    Toasted sour dough bun add the sauce u made chicken provolone cheese lettuce tomato mayo on top bun its fing delicious. Oh I forgot you can add bacon to this as well cook bacon to your desired doneness. Place on top

  46. You can use any oil to fry chicken and the last time I used olive oil and this is my opinion it taste way better than corn oil.

  47. I mean… what idiot doesn’t know all these things already? If you don’t know all these things already, you probably don’t cook often and frying chicken just might burn your house down. And sesame oil? Really?

  48. If you want bad fried chicken, by all means, do what this wannabe "Brit" says. I've been making chicken professionally and at home for decades, and 90% of what she's saying is balloon juice.

  49. Chile, White people JUST started seasoning their chicken with more than salt and pepper, so you can't tell a Black person how to fry chicken.

  50. I knew my people was gonna get offended. We dont need to listen to this hell we invented it. Im not giving u my tricks. So u can make a profit. No thanks. Dont listen to this stupid bitch. Sesame and olive oil is not designed for high temp. They release toxins.

  51. I just need to put this out there:
    Saying you have the best fried chicken because you're a southern black american is like saying only Indians have the best curry or the Italians have the best noodles. There are so many cultures that share similar foods and food techniques with each other than no one is ever definitively better as a group. Not gonna lie, southern fried chicken done right has actually brought tears to my eyes because of how good it is. And yet, Korean Fried Chicken is moorish, light, and highly addictive, as is Japanese Karaage. Ill make this claim about most, if not all foods. I challenge any asian to try Naija Jollof rice or Spanish Paella, or an italian to try ramen, soba, udon, biang biang noodles or namyeon. Food is subjective and contextual. At the end of the day, if it's good it's good.

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