YSN Flow “Want Beef?” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

YSN means, “Young Successful Navigation”. I had to change it for school because I was
selling the merch in school. It used to be, “Young Successful Niggas”. And then, Flow… I used to spell it F-L-O-H and my rap name
used to be K-Floh. K dash Floh, but then, I just changed it to
regular flow ’cause I got the flow. I just wanted to for real talk my shit, and
let niggas know like what it really is, and how I feel. I know I’ma be one of the greatest
artists in the world one day so I was just letting niggas know the real. What made the beat stick out to me is…I
like beats that like got a nice melody and then the bass hits super hard. Like that’s raw to me. The beat was dumb hard. I had to freestyle it. And I called my dude, Trill. I was like, “Bruh, I got this raw song on
Granny.” I was like, “I think I’m about to get BaeBae
Savo on it.” He was like big in Cleveland. He had a big name in Cleveland. So, I was like, “Oh yeah, I definitely need
him on this because I knew it was going to make it like a bigger buzz.” And so we went up to this dude like three
days later and I got him on it. And I was just holding it until it was the
right time to drop. That was just a mood I was in. I forget. I swear I remember something had happened
that day and I was sawdy. I was turnt. I was so sawdy. I came up with the little melody and then
I kept saying, “nigga”. I was like it is repetitive, but it lowkey
sound nice. If I go look at my comments, it’s because
I want to go show some love to my supporters for real. So I go in there and read. Comment to them, but like sometimes on my
livestream people be commenting some stupid shit. Like I might say something, but niggas know
it’s on the floor. I don’t even got my chain on today, but she
love the ice homie. So then you know skiing on ice. And then, “I don’t want to cuff, just come
sleep with a nigga”. I ain’t cuffing no hoe. I just wanna fuck and I’m done. You can hit me up already. You already know what it is. What’s the addy? Uber? I can’t even drive, so I just be Uber. Stuff I seen in my household and just shit
I seen growing up, that definitely made me mature faster than any average nigga. I used to pray like… I still be praying every night, but I usually
pray every night like I pray I make it everyday. When I started flexing it’s like, you don’t
even need to flex, like you got that shit now. But I still be flexing. I don’t…make niggas salty. I don’t care. Cleveland different. It’s everybody out there hating on everybody. Like you can’t stack on your own because somebody
going to try take it from you. It’s going to be a couple real niggas you
meet in Cleveland, but a lot of them just trying to get some bread. Niggas who used to hate on me everyday want
to be my friend or my best friend, trying to get in my pockets. It’s a little…they’re not getting. One show I had with Choppa. It was these niggas at the show who shot at
my one nigga house. And that nigga was there like trying to say
we was cool. Like, nah. We ain’t cool, bro. You ever seen the monkey nuts on a drum? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. There’s like the stick and then the two monkey
nuts that’s balls. “That slime was my trigger,” that mean… All right. So, slime that’s pretty much like your closest
nigga. And so, I was pretty much saying like, my
slime is that trigger. Like that is the only thing I put my trust
in. Man, bitches really be doing the most though. On God, you probably don’t know because you
ain’t in high school, but the people who watching this probably going to know what I’m talking
about. You ever open your Instagram and hit the stories
and then you see, you see the little high schooler talking about, “Go like my baby
posts.” Shut the fuck up. Go get your own likes up. Lil Kee, that’s my brother. That’s my blood brother, he’s 19. A ’Bama is like little phones you get from
Section 8, yeah. On of them phones. The government issued phones. We call it Obama. “Guap” mean money, if y’all ain’t
know. So, “stacking on my guap” mean I stacked
on my money. “Went from a little bit to a lot, and now
she want to be my little rock,” because I ain’t putting no names out there, but there’s
this one hoe, I was flexing money on the snap. I was been trying to get with her. She would swipe up on my shit with heart eyes. She caught the block, on God. On everything. I remember one time I had like 100 streams
bro. It was like 60 dislikes. Once I started singing, like I used to be
on my Lil Pump shit. Like corny. So once I started singing, that’s when people really started messing with me. Whole bunch of niggas saying I switched up,
like it’s a difference. Like I don’t think people understand, it’s a difference
between distancing yourself from people, like fuck niggas who don’t want to do nothing with
they life. Like I don’t want to be around that, I’d rather
hang out with people who I know can help me get to the bag. ’Cause that’s what it really comes down to
at the end of the day. Alright so when I first started I used to
look up to Lil Pump. ’Cause like he had, he had everybody turnt. You know, he had the hard bass. Who gonna not get turnt to a song with some
hard bass and some basic lyrics? Like it was lowkey hard. But then when you really listen to it, it’s
not, but in your head it’s hard though. Yeah.

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