C H O C O LA T E C A K E When I was a boy, I had a favorite boy It was when my mum made boy Oh, I love LOVEOEOELDOEFLOEVELOEDVED Boy my mom. She says to me LISTEN MICHAEL If there’s any left over at the end of the day You can take some to school tomorrow to have at play-time, or at lunch-time, at play-time or at plAy-luNCh, or- LOVELVEOLEOVELDEODLEOVEL So I used to go to school with a piece of chocolate boy in my little b o x and i’d be walking to school in mY LitTlE BOx- weEEE YEaH It’S IN- *unintelligible Chocolate Boy excitement* *you ok there michael* And I’d get to school and it will be playtime or lunchtime, and I’d open up the box *tongue click* and take it out *tongue click* (nice) *more unintelligable excitement* *the Chocolate Boy madness inside Michaels soul emerges* *dude i think you need some help* Open up the paper… *Michael Rosen gazes upon the Chocolate Boy intensely* look at it… *intensity intensifies* *Micheal Rosen explains the true meaning of the Chocolate Boy to forces we cannot understand* *no wait, nevermind* gonna GET IT *Michael cannot contain himself* *Michael starts in for a huge bite!* *wait* *ok i think the coast is clear* *hm, maybe not* *the purest form of greed* *k you can eat it now* *but the forces are watching* *i don’t think he knows how to eat food* *more noises of excitement for Chocolate Boy. Chocolate Boy is love. Chocolate Boy is life.* *finally* *nevermind* *I always feel like… SOMEBODY’S WATCHIN ME* *Michael Rosen.exe has stopped working. Reboot? Y/N* *SO HE DOES KNOW HOW TO EAT FOOD* mmmmmm *INTENSE TONGUE CLICKING OF SATISFACTION* *OW MY EARS* mmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm *b r e a t h i n g* I L O V E D My mum’s chocolate boy. Yes, and I went to bed And I was fast asleep *incredibly odd face* and then in the middle of the night, I woke up and I thought *snap* mmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm “Chocolate Boy!” *awkward laughing* Maybe I could go downstairs…. and *click* have a little *click* look *C L I C K* at it *click* *more awkward laughing* ((what the hek)) No one would know so I got up out of the bed S H H H H H H H H H H along the passage… S H H H H H H H H H H Careful not to tread on the creaky floorboard outside mum *MORE CLICKING* And dad’s bedroom because if THeY wAkE Up anD FiND mE, I’ll bE In bIg TrOUbLe So REALly quiet *i have no words for this part* * A N G R Y F L O O R B O A R D* *SILENT HEART ATTACK* *the pain has hit emotional level* Are they still asleep? :V o


  1. Holy crap. My video really just hit 5 million views. This is actually insane! Thank you all for watching my videos!

  2. 3:48 – 4:15….. when you find the stash of tidepods your parents have been hiding from you all these years…..

  3. 3:48 – 4:15….. when you find the stash of tidepods your parents have been hiding from you all these years…..

  4. I laughed so hard that he ate too much 4:05 and he done funny gibberish!

  5. 4:34 me when I forget my homework and the teacher asks why I didn't do it.

  6. Rare footage of a cannabale murder eating one of his victims 1980 (colorized) sad story

  7. I asked my mum for her chocolate boy recipie, to which she replied 'what'? I sent her this.

  8. I shoved a toothbrush up my…butt and my dad walks in and goes… What the fuck are you doing?!?!?!?!?

  9. Idk why there r mean comments those of u with mean comments bc of micheal rosen….色………….get a life

  10. The captions man! Turn it on!!!! NOW and watch the video all over again!!! You will be satisfied if you have a sense of humor and btw when we were learning about him in 5th grade, my teacher actually played this video!!!!!!!!! Whaaaaaaaat

  11. I remember when we were in class and my friend asked the teacher if we could put this on the projector so the class could see it- the teacher put it on and she had the subtitles on and at 3:16 and well… they had to skip it…

    After the video, she didnt say a word to my friend. Im surprised.

  12. Meanwhile in an alternate universe, Michael Rosen has been arrested for his actions.

  13. Before you proceed to watch the rest of this video or finished without using subtitles. I suggest you do enable subtitles, it makes everything more entertaining

  14. Lol my teacher accidentally played this in class when we was meant to watch the normal video

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