15 thoughts on “Zdenek Fibich, Poem

  1. la nostalgie que dégage cette merveille est telle que son écoute est presque douloureuse

  2. Une musique envoûtante qui donne le frisson.Reprise en Francais par Tino Rossi sous le titre (POÈME).a ecouter absolument pour en découvrir toute la chaleure.

  3. To me, this beautiful music is the voice of the loving forgiving God !

  4. Why is it in such a hurry? I like Fibich's poem little slower…

  5. ,Such a Captivating mood created by the beautiful "Poeme" and lovely scenery!

  6. Wonderful orchestral version! Can anyone tell me which orchestra is playing in the clip?
    Thanks, peace love & music

  7. Zum Abschluss des heutigen 2. Pfingstfeiertages,
    Zdenék Fibich – Poéme op. 41.6
    Viel Spass!

  8. This is a sort of musical intuition that the composer received from the Cosmos !

  9. There are some pieces of music that cause an emtional response in me that I can't explain. This is one of those. It makes me weep. Very beautiful.

  10. He is one of person talking tru his heart – his music touch my feelings- thank you for the coments and watching video!

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