Zendaya on the Perks of Living with Her Parents

Congratulations on the Cover Girl thing. That’s really cool.>>Thank you, I’m very excited. It’s a very good family to be a part of.>>Yes it is,
it’s a fun family to be a part of. I didn’t see you at the Kid’s Choice,
but I know you were there and we kind of missed each other. I did see your acceptance speech,
and I thought it was really cool. Will you remind people,
tell people what you said? Well, basically what I said was, me I’ve been making children’s
programming for a long time. And for me, a lot of people ask me,
why are you still on Disney Channel, why do you still do that? And to me it’s because I still have a
responsibility as this young person that I still am to create positive
programming for these young people. I have little kids that look up to me,
and I think of that as a responsibility. And I know there’s so many parents that
come up to me, and just hearing them say, thank you for being that for my daughter,
or for my son, being an inspiration for them, that’s everything to me, so.>>That’s a big deal.>>I take that very, very seriously.>>Yeah, good for you, good for you.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>[APPLAUSE] Well, because you’re doing a lot of, we’ll talk about the next
thing that you’re taking on. But you know a lot of people wanna move on
once they have established themselves and I think it’s really cool. And I think it’s really cool that you
understand that there are a lot of kids that only watch the Disney Channel, and
it’s a really important thing to have role models, so I’m happy you’re doing that How
have you managed to stay out of the young child actor going bad thing, cause,
>>[LAUGH] Well, you know what, I gotta give it up to my parents. I’m really lucky to have parents that,
that I have in. They just have always and still the need,
those core values that I think I have to carry with me through everything,
do you know what I mean?>>Mm-hm.>>And so, I think, I give it up to them,
I give it up to my family. I have that barrier and that protection
around me which I am very appreciative of and thankful of, a lot people don’t
have that, so I’m thankful for it.>>Is that your mom right there?>>That is my mom.
>>Flexing her muscles?>>[LAUGH]
>>Yeah.>>Is she doing that cuz she’s working
out or what’s the reason for that?>>Actually yes. She’s a spin queen now. She’s all about spinning.>>Wow, that’s fantastic.>>As it spins every morning,
and it’s crazy. So she’s all into fitness now and
it’s really cool.>>And you’re still living at home, right?>>Yes.>>And is that to save money or
>>Well, I mean hey, that’s a perk.>>It is.>>But you know, for me there are a lot
more upsides than there are downsides. That’s because me and my parents,
I feel like we have, you know, we’ve set boundaries. You know, we have territories. You know, once I hit 18, I was like guys,
I need you to just give me a little space. Just so I can be, you know, I can be
a teenager, be grown a little bit. So, you know, they respect my space,
I respect their space, but at the end of the day
I’ll have to wake myself up, I’ve got a free ride,
you know what I mean, whenever I want. So I mean why would I
want to give that up? [LAUGH]
>>Yeah. When you say you don’t have to wake yourself up, someone comes,
you don’t have an alarm clock?>>My mom calls me.>>Your mother calls you to wake you up?>>My mom calls me because
she’s up spinning anyway, so she calls me after spin classes, like yo,
get up, and I’m ready to get up.>>Wow.
[LAUGH]>>It’s great, we have a system, we have a system.>>Yeah, it sounds like a good system.>>Well I
>>And so what I was talking about when I said
we’ll talk about what we have coming up. Your gonna be in the new spiderman.>>Yeah.>>Very cool.
[APPLAUSE] Can you say who your playing or no?>>I can’t say anything else
other than I’m gonna be in it.>>When do you start that?>>I have no idea. [LAUGH] l don’t even know
that to be completely honest. You know, it’s very exciting when
it comes to the acting space.>>Yeah.>>Basically unknown. I’ve never been in a real movie before or
anything like that. So I had to start from the bottom
like anyone else and audition, audition, audition and break down those
walls because a lot of people do have that preconceived notion of who I am
based off previous things I’ve done. So you’ve got to break that down and
really go hard and just put in the work, take all the meetings, take all
the auditions, start from the beginning.>>Yes.

100 thoughts on “Zendaya on the Perks of Living with Her Parents

  1. If you close your eyes and listen to her voice she sounds like Jennifer Lopez

  2. Starting from the beginning? Okay love you zendaya but everybody knows you had an advantage but you deserve it and I still love you v much

  3. My first time seeing her in an interview. She seemed very nervous, and I would have never guessed this seeing her confidence on a red carpet.

  4. I respect Zendaya sooooo much she is such a beautiful person inside and out. She has the kindest heart on this planet Earth. Ilysm Zendaya❤️

  5. And now she's in Euphoria haha. Gotta grow up at some point, I guess?

  6. I live in Australia, and last year I got to meet some American friends. That's when I realized it's a big thing in America for children to move out as soon as they finish their school and start working. The children usually wants to move out and parents also have that expectation on them. Which is not the same in Australia, or at least not in QLD. Some do move out, but it's not a big deal if they don't. In fact, including myself, most of my friends still live with their parents and that's pretty normal.

  7. her opinion kinda changed now but i still love her 😂she’s a queen

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  11. Mean while in the Philippines we still live with our parents even though we have kids.

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  13. Well her show on HBO is so not appropriate for kids.. but she’s amazing in it, plays an addict really well. I never really seen her on Disney, i watched that show on Disney where her an belle throne were in it, like 3 times maybe when babysitting my little cousins. She’s a good actress though. Seems like a good kid too.

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  15. In my country if you're an only child you're expected to keep living in a familiar environment taking care of them, on the second floor of your house or a near appartment…

  16. How did Zendaya deal with accepting her body and getting this confident, really answers could help a sis😫

  17. I lived at home until 24. The only reason I moved out was because I moved to london for 4 years.

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