Zendaya’s Lip Sync Battle Impersonation Caught Bruno Mars’ Attention

-I love you.
I was talking to you backstage. You made me laugh
’cause I was saying, this is a giant movie that
you’re in. It’s “Spider-Man” and now this just got nominated
for three Golden Globes, and — Yeah, exactly. Give it up.
[ Cheers and applause ] “The Greatest Showman.” I said, you are a movie star
and you go, “Yeah, I just don’t —
sometimes I don’t — sometimes I don’t feel like”
that you walk like a movie star. And I go,
“What are you talking about?” -Yeah. Well, I have — -Well, you just came out
tonight. That was perfect. That’s how a movie star
walks out. -See, I know how to walk. I have — It’s like
a different persona, you know, that comes on when I’m on stage. Like I know how to walk in
heels, and you know, I know how to do that, but in my day-to-day life,
me and my dad walk the same. [ Laughter ]
-Okay. -Which is not necessarily
a great thing. -No.
-We call it the Coleman trudge. And it’s kind of — I mean,
I can’t really do it in heels ’cause it’s not as ugly. But my day-to-day walk
is more like this. [ Laughter ] -That’s your day-to-day walk?
-This is my day-to-day walk. -Yeah, and how is it
on the red carpet? -And then this is
my red carpet walk. [ Cheers and applause ] -The trudge, is it?
-Yeah. -You’re just kind of
trudging through. Oh, see now I get it.
I understand. I want to talk about this. How did you end up
in a Bruno Mars video? -[ Laughs ] Okay, well, if anybody
saw the lip sync battle, so, I impersonated Bruno
for my lip sync battle. And it was fun. And I feel I did a pretty good
job at taking on his, you know, his swag and whatnot. And apparently he saw that,
and I guess that in his mind, like, apparently he thought
“sexy girl in video” from that. I don’t know
the correlation there. -Well, yeah. Maybe that, but
either way, he called you up. -But he called me.
I got a text. And it was like, “Hey, this is
Bruno. Can I call you?” And I was like, “Sure, yeah.
Absolutely.” And so he called,
and he was like, “Hey, you know,
I’m doing this video, and I really want you
part of it. I was like, “Man, like —
Why? Why me?” From that video, like, how does
that strike gracefully to you?” But it was awesome.
It was really cool. He was so fun.
And it was a good day. -He’s a talented guy.
-So talented. -Well, I have a picture of
you two cut side-by-side, one from —
one is you and one is Bruno. See if you can tell
the difference. I don’t even know
if you can tell the difference. It’s just fantastic.
[ Cheers and applause ] That’s not bad.
That’s not bad. And here you are, also not only
are you in music videos, but you are also doing
“The Greatest Showman.” Hugh Jackman is one of
the best, nicest dudes ever, and a great, great actor.
-Ever. -You knocked it out of the park
in this one, pal. -Thank you, man.
I appreciate it. -You’re fantastic.
-Thanks. -Tell everyone who you play. -I play this character —
her name is Anne Wheeler. She’s a trapeze artist, right? And she’s a part of the circus. And I think, you know,
at the time — obviously this is late 1800s, so we’re dealing with
a lot more issues, especially being a woman of
color, black woman at the time. And so she ends up falling in
love with Zac Efron’s character, and it’s a forbidden love. It’s not supposed to happen.
It’s not allowed. It’s frowned upon. And I think that there’s something very beautiful
about that, because it’s, to me,
a silent love story because they’re not supposed to
be seen, touched, or anything like that. So any moment when they’re
looking at each other or they just get to — they just touch a little bit,
you know, and have a moment alone, I think it becomes more special for the audience
and for the characters. And it was really — it was
really nice for me to play because I feel like there’s
so many relevant themes in the movie, and I think for
me, you know, when it came down to these
characters, we’re still dealing with
those issues, you know? We’re still dealing in a time where people want to tell people
who they can love, you know. And so to me,
it was a nice thing to share, and I’m lucky
to be part of it, yeah. -You did a great job.
[ Cheers and applause ]

100 thoughts on “Zendaya’s Lip Sync Battle Impersonation Caught Bruno Mars’ Attention

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