Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara Farhan Akhtar Poem | by Best 10

Before we start don’t forget to subscribe to our channel BEST 10 This moment flows by like liquid sapphire Silence like the blueness of the sea No Earth below,No Sky above. The rustling of the branches and leaves Whispering that only you are here Only me, My breath, and my heartbeat Depth like this, Loneliness like this And me only me And now I believe… I exist The truth that almost come to my lips Is clear from my eyes Sometimes from you, sometimes from me
It asks for words To give it structure and come to my lips To dance in the embrace of my voice But this truth Is a feeling, just a feeling… Like a fragrance it floats in air, A mute fragrance, That you know is there, That I know is there, And is not hidden from this world,
What kind of secret is this? Whenever the cloud of pain loomed Whenever the shadow of suffering threatened Whenever tears filled my eyes Whenever this lonely heart was afraid I consoled my heart
Why do you cry for my heart? This happens everywhere in this world These dark lonely moments. Time has distributed them to all. Some sadness is a part of everyone’s story, Some sunshine a part of everyone’s life You cry for an unworthy reason, Every moment is a new season Why do you lose your precious moments? Why do you cry for my heart? make time for those things from which you actually feel happy like cooking ya well that’s the plan I mean, after 40 I’ll retire and – DUDE how can you say that you say that you’ll live till 40? Seize the day my friend first live in this moment then think about retirement If you carry the sparkle of dreams in your eyes then you are alive Learn to live like the gust of wind Learn to flow like the stream among the waves Receive every moment in life with open arms See every moment as a new beginning If you carry surprise in your eyes then you are alive If you carry impatience in your heart then you are alive ALSO IF YOU WANT US TO GIVE YOU BEST INFORMATION RELATED TO UPCOMING TRENDING TOPICS MAKE SURE YOU LIKE SHARE OUR VIDEO AND SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL BEST 10 AND HIT THE BELL ICON TO GET NOTIFIED FIRST

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