Zombie Apocalypse – Poem *Warning Explicit Language*

zombie apocalypse it's a zombie apocalypse um I don't know as we know what and the only car left the document is this so-called pork I woke up in the morning I thought the bug was just fresca she was white and tears so I where she did while he's an MSD not asking Jim Lee satisfied and covered in Schlabach I think they're not gonna come that I promised we'd be together forever first thought he did the offer you stock up on booze only one went on that's what I'm talkin I was I hope to kill the winner although I was like Naveed but I stood this fucking he done me some frozen gowing breed you see that said you tell them destroying the brain make sure you get to although let not gonna mean I hate back to the hood stitch all my buildings only woman but the treeless dope then heads up left means I hear a zombie what coming never mistakes is roomed on my mind and come on your tracks whenever you can so they a hundred Hitler zombies listen to this I best move somewhere new to carry mouth all abuse on timers only button PR : on neck and leadeth their new pan to be a quick security check apart for the bomb that's a zombie fetus and I finally get passed on my freakin soldiers best be careful don't know he get too drunk don't wanna die thanks there Bob FASS monk it so lonely what I'm that's been left the lean I never thought I'd be desperate to heal the bug morning as again she to get the heat still doing and so I plan it survive I'll let the bug listen get gone the life zombie apocalypse

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